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IVR Helps to Deliver Best Customer Service

How IVR Can Help You Deliver the Best Customer Service

Businesses nowadays understand that providing better customer service to customers can drastically impact their growth. Due to which they have started incorporating advanced technologies in their organisation. One such advanced

Guide to IVR

Beginner’s Guide to IVR

Irrespective of your organisations size and the industry, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) caters to every type of business perfectly. Besides providing a communication platform, it has proved to be a

IVR testing

10 Points to Add in Your Checklist While Testing IVR – Part 1

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is getting widely adopted by businesses irrespective of their size. And the reason behind the wide acceptance of IVR has been the acceleration in efficiency it


Cloud Telephony: For Efficient Logistics

Thanks to cloud telephony solutions, third party logistics companies worldwide have experienced an impressive increase in operational efficiency and at the same time have been able to drive down operational

ivr solutions

9 Reasons: Why Modern Businesses Should Adopt IVR Solutions

As an automated telephony system, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facilitates interaction between computers and humans through voice calls, speech recognition, or telephone keypad. The new age call centre solutions are

Auto attendant

Auto Attendant or IVR: Which Option to Choose and Why?

Having the right telephony phone system is imperative for running a successful business. With the advent of new technology, it has become important to select the most advanced tools to