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Resolving Travel & Hospitality Industry Problems with
Our Innovative Cloud Telephony Solutions

To handle a booming and ever-changing dynamic base of customers in hospitality industry, you definitely need a strong communication channel. Cloud telephony communication here makes sure your half the communication gets automatised through services like IVR, Reminder SMS and many more.

How is Servetel Solving Travel & Hospitality Industry Problems?


Unified Platform for All Customer Communication

Respond to every incoming call automatically with our auto-respondent IVR feature. Give your customers the flexibility to enquire, book or cancel their reservations on the call. Provide your customers with a single platform to connect and reroute their calls to different department/branches effortlessly with our intelligently built fast IVRs.


Send Travel & Hotel Booking Reminders

Send automated reminders to your customers according to their travel itinerary. Update your customers by sending timely SMS for booking confirmation, check-in, check-out and other essential details. You can even customise and personalise your reminder SMS easily and add useful information such as an easy-to-navigate map links of your hotel.


Run Promotional Campaigns

Promote your seasonal offers or any new update with voice or SMS broadcast. Assign separate virtual numbers to every campaign and easily track the ROI of these campaigns. Provide a click-to-call option while promoting your offers onto the website and redirect your prospects to your call centre.


Organise Quick Customer Surveys

Broadcast your surveys to all the customers in one go over voice or text messages. Quick keypad responses allow your customers to respond to these surveys without much time investment. Automatically schedule post-call surveys and get instant feedback from your agents and services.


Dedicated Admin Portal to Monitor Your Calls

Monitor all your inbound and outbound calls with a dedicated admin portal. Utilise admin portal to quickly analyse every day’s business calling status on a comprehensive predesigned dashboard along with few more built-in reports. With call-barging and call-whispering feature assist your agents over the call.


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