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The Holy Grail of Enterprise Communications: Cloud Telephony

cloud solutions for enterprise

Business communication, like all others, is in a transitional phase with the pandemic on its head. However, this also means that there are new opportunities for organisations looking to enhance their offerings and adopt new technologies. 

Cloud solutions have already transformed the infrastructure of some of India’s most successful organisations. Basically, cloud telephony refers to telecommunications being run and hosted over the Internet. It offers the same type of reliability and services as traditional telephony, but with better functionality and superior back-up options.

Furthermore, the cloud has something to offer for every type of organisation, including:

  1. Companies having distributed workforce or employees working from remote locations
  2. Companies with a fleet of workers on the field needing access to a centralised number for better tracking
  3. Call centre companies requiring customer verifications and detailed call recordings
  4. Supplier firms requiring off-hours call support

Cloud solutions also improve networking abilities, allow access to business facilities from remote locations and refine the outsourcing process. This is in addition to the savings in cost and space from bulky hardware and equipment. 

There is no reason for enterprises to still be considering the cloud, while others are already sailing through with its benefits. Cloud is everywhere—under our feet, inside large buildings, and in data centres across remote locations.

Why Join the Revolutionary Cloud?

Let’s run you through this decision-making process. Why should you make the switch? 

Beyond simply abstracting the hassles of hardware requirements, cloud telephony offers tremendous benefits for enterprise cloud communications.

1. Added Geographical Flexibility

Talking about this day and age, the world is more connected across distances. Remote work is on the rise. Teams are no longer required to be physically present at the workplace. However, all this doesn’t have to drop productivity or call quality levels. 

Enable employees to always stay in the loop. They can take important calls even when they’re away from the office with just an Internet connection and a compatible device. With cloud services, you can choose to either work from home, hire full-time remote employees or travel while you work without fretting over call management.

In addition to this, cloud service providers give you the choice of virtual numbers with any area code to maintain and enhance your local presence.

2. Reliable Source of Services 

Cloud solutions offer an unparalleled level of reliability. This is possible since the components or data of these services are stored not only on one local server, but on multiple back-up cloud servers. This means that you are less likely to experience any downtime or interruptions while on calls. 

Additionally, these services are more secure—and generally better equipped for the digital age. For example, if an earthquake hits, your telephony systems are likely to be affected. Since cloud telephony solutions are hosted virtually, all your data is safe and secure. You can go back to this data from any device at any point in time.

3. Scalable as per Your Operations

While scalability is natural to all cloud services, it applies exceptionally well to the communication services. Needless to say, scalability is needed while expanding your operations. Cloud telephony offers the opportunity to easily scale up or down based on your requirements.

Plans like pay-as-you-go allow you to pay only for what you use and save you the cost of advance payments. On the other hand, scaling down does not leave you with redundant hardware to maintain. Cloud telephony offers dynamism and eases the burden on enterprises.

4. Better Data Analysis

The cloud doesn’t just provide an infrastructure that can be accessed over the Internet. It offers insights, which when used intelligently, can prove to be empowering for businesses. This data can be helpful while assessing individual quality scores for agent and department wise reports. 

An important part of improving call centre performance is the evaluation. It is important to constantly measure how your company has been performing and accordingly make changes to business plans.

Detailed statistics and easy-to-interpret graphics are integral to a firm’s evaluation process. However, doing just that is never enough—managers need to gain insights from this data and graphics to make informed decisions. Cloud telephony solutions automatically generate these reports and insights for you, thereby saving manual effort.

These solutions also offer voicemail features, auto-notification SMSes, call routing, post-call surveys, and many more features to promote automation in your business. Turn to artificial intelligence to make your workflow smoother. 

5. Easily Accessible

With extensive use of smartphones, tablets and other computing devices, users can add this equipment to the cloud telephony system, allowing multi-device access from anywhere.

6. It Comes with a Myriad of Features

Other useful features like IVR, auto-notification SMSes, etc. just add to the benefits of cloud telephony. These services are mostly available on a subscription basis. You essentially get the best of both worlds—the cloud and the technology. 

7. Integrated Business Communication Systems 

Cloud telephony solutions can be integrated into your daily business operations. This not only optimises a company’s individual pipelines of work but also takes care of seamless business operations holistically. 

With these streamlined workflows, you can access all data from a single platform. Thus making it easier to deliver prompt results. Moreover, highly customisable CRM integrations allow you to consolidate your workflows better.

8. Cost Efficiency 

Cloud telephony solutions cut down your business costs significantly since businesses no longer have to spend on bulky hardware and storage. Neither do they have to pay for installation and maintenance costs. All your employees would need is a laptop or a smartphone—and they’re set.

With so many expenses taken out of the picture, your company can save up on all that revenue and take care of those month-end bills.

9. Highly Efficient Sales and Support Teams

With automation handling routine tasks and note-taking made so much easier with call notes features, there is a rapid efficiency and productivity boost in your sales and support teams. 

An effective IVR routes calls to the best-suited agent swiftly, and the reps can keep their focus on high-level queries by delegating FAQ answers to the auto-attendant.  

10. Reduced Carbon Footprint

This aspect is possibly the most overlooked. The environment is in crisis. An increasing number of companies are doing their part to go green.

Cloud-based services do not require energy-draining infrastructures since they are hosted on servers. Adopting cloud telephony solutions can be your contribution for the world’s climate and a step towards sustainability. 

Cloud telephony benefits for enterprise

Parting Words:

Leading organisations have taken the majority of their tasks to the cloud. If you haven’t already planned the switch, now is the time. You save on money, time and peace of mind by outsourcing your call management to cloud-hosted services. 

According to Forbes, by 2020, 83% of enterprise operations are expected to be outsourced to the cloud. If you are still not including your business in that number, you’re at risk of losing out to cloud-empowered competitors. 

It’s about time we welcome a new era of flexible and scalable workplaces.

Switching to cloud telephony is not difficult and you won’t regret the plunge. From gaining a competitive edge to developing strong relationships via excellent customer service, there’s really nothing to lose. 

To simplify your workflows and optimise operations, connect with cloud telephony companies or our experts at 1800-120-4132.