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All-in-One Communication Solution for Your Business

Host your business phone system on the cloud and deliver best-in-class cloud telephony services. Deploying cloud-hosted services not only maximises the efficiency of the communication system but also saves a massive amount of infrastructure expenditure.

No hardware, no installation charges, all you need is an internet connection to get started with your telephony system. Affordable pricing structure following “pay-as-you-use” model optimises the overall cost efficiency of the system.

On-demand scalable plans make the expansion process easier for the business. Companies can simply request their service providers to add or remove calling channels as per the business requirement. Saving a huge amount of cost spent on scaling the system.
call center software
User-friendly dashboards and mobile apps make accessibility easier for the business. No technical or special skills are needed to operate these platforms. Decision makers can easily access the information on-the-go without any added hassle.

Constantly review your agent and call centre activities by accessing all the information on a comprehensive dashboard. Metrics such as live call, dropped calls, active and on-hold agents and more can be analysed using these dashboards.

Widen your scope of solutions by integrating your telephony system with CRM or other-party applications. Improve your processes by understanding and analysing customer patterns with CRM data. Also, ensure your system experiences no downtime with a 99.99% SLA guarantee.


Handle All Your Business Calls Remotely

quick and easy telephony setup

Quick & Instant Telephony Setup

Setup your call centre in minutes. Create call flow, agent logins and start using your hosted phone system in no time.


Call Management Solution

Call recording, forwarding, recording and more. Use all-in-one call management solution to handle your customer calls seamlessly.

customise agent panel

Agent Management Portal

Remain updated of the call centre’s quality by extracting push reports with up-to-date agents and call information.

text to speech integration

Text-to-Speech Integration

Convert text into audio and generate humanlike voice messages to improve the accessibility and connect with callers.

servetel android and ios app

IOS/Android App

Broaden your reach and boost your accessibility with one touch. Download our android/IOS apps to remain informed of all activities.

call analytics dashboard

Intelligent Call Analytics

Optimise your sales and customer service strategies by tracking and analysing all your customer calls on the analytics dashboard.

Our Happy Clients

Car 24
Feather Sleep

"The quality of Servetel's voice broadcasting service was really impressive. We are now looking forward to having a long-term partnership with them."

Ravindra Fegade
Digital Marketing- Manager


"Servetel powered our voice broadcasting campaign and they were thoroughly impressive. Delivered us quality solutions, well in time. I am sure we have found a long-term partner in Servetel."

Arshad Zaidi
Asst. Manager


" Very first business principle is 'never miss an opportunity'. Servetel is an absolutely perfect solution to follow that principle - at least for the opportunity that comes over phone calls. Its Toll-Free number and IVR service has delivered some amazing results for me. "

Jatin Gupta

Feather Sleep International

"Servetel toll-free number has streamlined my business to a larger extent. It's 24*7 customer support makes it the best service provider in their industry. Till now, we haven't faced any issue with the service and we are hopeful for the future as well"

Ratash Kartikh



Spend Less and Deliver More

zero capital expenditure

No Capital Expenditure

Moving your phone system to cloud and using pay-as-you-use model largely eliminates the capital expenditure of your telephony system.
auto updated system

Automatic System Updates

Your communication systems are automatically updated without investing a huge amount of money and efforts.
quick scalability

On-demand Scalability

Handle rise in the volume of calls by quickly scaling your telephony resources on request without paying any hefty charges.
enhance business productivity with remote connectivity

Remote Connectivity

Boost your business productivity by communicating with your callers and agents remotely with the help of cloud.
options for business continuity

Business Continuity

Eliminate any possibility of a business shutdown with redundant cloud resources and constant data backup.
process monitoring

Efficient Process Monitoring

Track and analyse all your calls and processes by examining the insights of your customer communication.
Why Choose Servetel

Best-in-Market Pricing

Get high-quality cloud telephony suite with minimal effort and cost investment.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Servetel offers 99.99% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure.

End-to-End Customer Service

From research to post-purchase assistance, we ensure hassle-free customer service at every step.

Enhanced Customer Support

Get enhanced live assistance from our product experts over email, chat and call.

API Integrations

Innovate your business solutions with CRM and other third-party application integration.

Cloud Telephony Suite

Get access to fully functional cloud telephony suite along with free SMS & call credits.


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We thought you'd never ask.

A hosted PBX system is a phone system that runs on cloud technology and is handled entirely by the service provider. It needs no infrastructure to facilitate internal calling, only a stable Internet connection.

As the name suggests, a hosted PBX is a system that runs entirely on cloud technology and is managed by the service provider. A traditional PBX, on the other hand, is installed on-premise with bulky hardware and needs a separate in-house IT team to keep up to date.

They also differ in costs, infrastructural requirements and maintenance expenses with hosted PBX being the more economical option.

Yes, definitely. Hosted PBX has several benefits, irrespective of the size and scale of your business:

  • Adds to the credibility of your business
  • Provides easy scalability during peak season
  • Gives employees the flexibility to be available for your customers from anywhere
  • is cost-effective and more efficient as compared to traditional PBX systems

It depends on your business needs; the size of your business and your budget.
It’s so easy: get in touch with our experts, sign in to your dashboard and pick a plan. Depending on the number of channels and minutes you need, you can even pick a monthly subscription plan.
With hybrid work culture becoming more popular, hosted PBX is a solution that is here to stay. We can certainly leverage the latest technologies like AI and IoT to make the most of it.

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