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Why Voice Broadcasting is The Perfect Tool for Political Campaigns During COVID-19

Cloud telephony solution, voice broadcasting is the perfect tool for political campaigns during Covid-19

It has become incredibly difficult for people as well as businesses to function smoothly during this pandemic. As man has gone from being a social animal to a ‘social distancing’ animal, a ‘work from home’ world has emerged. Traditional working systems are being replaced by high-tech, automated technology to encourage effortless communication among team members. 

A survey conducted by UiPath (a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company) in collaboration with The Economist Intelligence Unit, found that over 90 per cent of organisations already use technology to automate business processes

It comes as no surprise when we say that automation is the future!

Automated cloud telephony solutions are ruling the markets. Their wide range of products and services have raised the standards of customer communication and experience worldwide. Different service sectors rely on these products to manage their workflow. Health sector, IT sector, commercial business, etc., are adopting cloud telephony products for better productivity.

While commerce and services continue to find digital platforms, the situation gets tricky with processes like governance and elections. These are essential to the existence of civil society, but at the same time, political rallies and full-fledged campaigns are impossible to execute during a pandemic. 

Well, as it turns out, the solution—at least a part of it—lies in cloud telephony and automation here as well. Or, to be specific, in voice broadcasting.

Before you question, “How exactly voice broadcasting is the answer?”, let’s understand what the solution actually is. 

What is Voice Broadcasting?

  • Voice broadcasting or automated calls let you broadcast a message to large groups of people. 
  • You record a message. You pick a list of people to call. You select a time. You let the software do the rest. 


What is voice broadcasting and how does it work?

Effortless and hassle-free, voice broadcasting is an economical tool to disseminate information. It saves you manpower and time. All you need is to add the required details in the portal: The number of people or groups, contact information, recorded message, time slots, etc. A list is prepared according to the data, the message is uploaded, and a campaign is scheduled for a specified time.

You can even schedule campaigns for a later date or time.

Pandemic Politics and the Power of Digital Media

Every political party has planned agendas to connect with the masses. Gaining the favour of the citizens is already a win, but communication with the target audience is the key to a successful campaign. 

Like all other sectors, political parties are also looking for innovative ways to communicate with people during this pandemic. Digital communication is the buzzword, with most parties launching initiatives in the virtual realm. For instance, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is organising two-way virtual rallies for its audience.

BJP’s General Secretary, Bhupendar Yadav, said in an interview with Economic Times,

“Digital communication is not a one-way process. Leaders talk to people through digital platforms, but they also get to listen through it. We are already listening to people offering suggestions and criticism on our policies and functioning. It happens all the time on Twitter and Facebook. Time and again we invite feedback from people on our programmes and policies. Deeper penetration of digital communication will provide fresh impetus to two-way communication.”

A political leader has to be apt and persuasive with his words. Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal had taken a step towards a new form of communication, back in 2014. The party released an audio message on the radio for one of its campaigns that garnered a lot of attention. 

Directing a campaign in the form of an audio message was a smart and cost-effective move. Feedback stated that people were bored with the same methods. An organised solution like voice broadcasting is what our society needs right now. 

The most fundamental strategy is to find a way to connect with the masses effectively. 

A good voice broadcasting strategy will not only help parties compete against popular political competitors, but also support their goals. This tool’s features can contribute to the overall productivity and result of the campaign. 

How to Win Elections: Voice Broadcasting Edition

Track Performance 

It is possible for campaign managers to launch a voice broadcasting campaign and track it. The agent monitors the outreach and effectiveness of the message. Top service providers display advanced analytics and essential data in a well-organised dashboard. advanced 


The process doesn’t cost a fortune like most people think it will. Voice broadcasting does not require a separate physical set-up and is entirely hosted on the cloud. The service itself won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Survey/Customer Feedback 

It is essential to analyse customer feedback. Voice broadcasting is made possible by using IVR (interactive voice response) capabilities. In other words, a recorded message can end with a calling menu, which a customer can use to provide feedback.  It’s also a substantial way of tracking the number of potential voters, which simply fills the gap between the campaign and the audience. 

Personalised Call or Messages 

Voice broadcast lets you customise the message according to your strategy. Tender and heartfelt words, when mixed with the objective of the campaign, will create a bigger impact among the audience. This also urges people to vote for the party. 


A specific time for broadcasting can be scheduled, as per discretion of the political party. Insights and surveys can help determine the time when people are most likely to be active. This will result in a better response.

Users have the flexibility to run multiple campaigns at the same time in order to target a varied set of audiences. Furthermore, this can be used as an opportunity to evaluate campaigns based on their respective performance levels.

Hassle-free Communication

This product does not need a physical set-up. It even eliminates the possibility of human error. With automated technology taking the reins, the customer won’t have to worry about any loss of data. Voice broadcasting is safely hosted on a server and can be easily accessed. This tool also requires a smaller workforce, which implies less investment on human resources.

Servetel dashboard - live data call


The most recent example of voice broadcasting used in political campaigns is of the General Elections 2020 in Singapore

The decision to hold e-rallies has won the praise of Singapore’s citizens. As per the government, political parties can broadcast their agendas on the internet or social media to gain traction from their potential voters. An online ballot system will be structured and organised for people to vote. This is an excellent sample of organised productivity that voice broadcasting brings in the field of politics. 

Ace Your Campaign with Voice Broadcasting 

Voice broadcasting’s features set you up for a fruitful political campaign. This one-time investment is undeniably a tool you need.

A top-notch voice broadcasting service helps:

  • Political parties establish long-lasting relationships with potential voters
  • Organise clear and structural communication 
  • Achieve optimal results for the campaign 

If you’re looking for an effective voice broadcasting service to start your political campaign, then look no further! Servetel is a top-grade service provider that manages your political campaigns effectively.  

To know more, contact our customer service at 1800-120-4132.