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How Cloud Telephony- CRM Integration Benefits Your Business?

cloud telephony and crm integration

Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Cloud Telephony – are two buzz words which have vastly reshaped today’s customer service industry. Replacing profit making with customer service – created an era where being aware of customers’ expectations plays a critical role in structuring the quality of your product and services.

In fact, going by the growth statistics – cloud telephony market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of +17% in the forecasted period of 2018-2023. So, adding value to the cloud telephony processes with CRM integration becomes all the way more important.

Many organisations have already adopted this integration while others are still in the process of exploring its various dimensions and benefits.

Let’s try to understand how this pair of powerful technological solutions can be harnessed by various businesses to climb up the ladder of success as well as profits:


1. Promptly Handle All Your Customers

Agents are always drowned in the pool of customer calls every day. Being aware of the customers’ data such as name, geography, age, and requirements in advance make it less challenging for the agent to handle the customer during the call. This understanding between the customer and the company also fosters trust between both the parties.

Integrating phone system with CRM eases up the call handling process largely by providing full-fledged information of all the incoming calls including their call history, call recording and a full trail of the interaction done with the company. One can also store all the call recordings of every customer interaction in the CRM and refer to it when needed.

2. Make Smart Business Decisions with Customer Analytics

CRM collects all the data ranging from customer information – name, address, company name, email, phone, to detailed call recordings. Keeping these details in the database is of great importance if the business decides to utilise the data in the best possible way.

A business can leverage such a detailed customer log to analyse trending customer patterns and habits. This essential data can then be exploited by your business departments such as sales, marketing or logistics. Moreover, it further supports the business in crafting marketing strategies for the different set of customers.

3. Increase Agent’s Efficiency

As soon as the call arrives at the agent, the dialer screen automatically pops the detailed caller information including name, last interaction, service and other necessary details.

This increases the agent’s efficiency as they no more have to put the caller on hold after every few minutes to search for their past logs in the massive customer database. With everything present on the tips of a click, an agent wastes no time on less relevant things other than customer handling which notably increases the overall efficiency of the processes.

4. High ROI

Unifying both Software-as-a-Service model in a single system is undoubtedly going to save much infrastructural setup cost. This integration of services multiplies the customer experience and delivers an ROI whose effect can be easily seen in the sales conversion.

Remaining abreast of the customer’s expectations through CRM analysis and discussing these expectations with the think-tanks of your organisation largely helps in the development of business strategies.

5. Monitor Your Agent’s Performance

Apart from keeping a keen eye on the customers, Cloud telephony integration is also helpful with your internal business management. With admin login, call centre managers can look into any agent’s ongoing status, i.e. no. of ongoing calls, active agents, and much more.

It also helps you to keep a check of every agent’s performance by looking into their average handle time or lead conversion rate. The admin can also monitor and assist their agents by keeping a check on their activities with the admin portal.

CRM Integration- A boon for Cloud Telephony Industry

In a time when predictive analysis is overtaking every industry with data-driven technologies, keeping yourself updated becomes a necessity. Cloud telephony integration facilitates the data-driven approach into cloud telephony solutions such as toll-free numbers, contact centers, cloud phone systems, IVR, etc. These cloud crm integration solutions help smoothen daily business operations. It also infuses a strong decision-making capability in the organisations.

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