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Resolving E-Commerce Problems with
Our Innovative Cloud Telephony Solutions

E-commerce sector constantly remains flooded with a high number of inbound and outbound calls. Servetel cloud telephony solutions here guarantees to give a smooth communication channel to your customers and business by services such as IVR, Voice Broadcast, call analysis and many others.

How is Servetel Solving E-Commerce Industry Problems?

Efficient Call Management Platform through IVR

Address your customers promptly by eliminating their call waiting time and redirect their requests to the product experts for quick query resolution. Give your callers a delightful calling experience by answering their call with the auto-receptionist feature.

Market Promotional Offers with Bulk SMS

Along with your online audience, reach out to the offline audience as well with SMS Marketing. Send bulk SMS to offline customers and broaden your reach. Market your upcoming products, discount, store updates and other promotional details through SMS marketing.

Gain Customer Trust with Constant SMS Updates

Send timely notifications to customers to keep them assured of their online order. Build trust with your customers by keeping them informed of different transactional and operational processes with timely SMS updates.

OTP SMS Verification for Online Orders

Protect your business as well as customers from any kind of forgery by sending an automated call verification/ missed call verification or OTP confirmation over their phones. Send an automated order confirmation message once customer successfully places the order.

Take Postcall Feedback with Call & SMS Broadcast

Send an automated call for feedback collection after successful delivery of the order. Ask quick feedback in the form of SMS replies, give them an option to send speedy responses in the form of “Y” or “N.


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