Guarantee Quick Query Resolution with Multi-level IVR

Provide your customers with rich customer experience by integrating your telephony system with IVR. An IVR answers all the incoming calls with its auto-receptionist feature. You can personalise customers’ calling experience by playing a pre-recorded welcome message to greet your callers.

By using IVR in your business, you can attend to your customers 24*7. Self-service option let your callers resolve their query without any assistance. This automation reduces the workload of your agents and gives callers a speedy way to resolve queries.

Skill-based routing eases the calling process by intelligently forwarding the call to the best-suited agent. You can also quickly scale your telephony system on-demand without having to worry about the added infrastructure or price.

With sticky agent feature, callers can connect to the same agent they earlier had a conversation with. This feature provides quick and quality query resolution to customers. Integrating your telephony system with CRM facilitates an error-free and smooth customer experience.

On Servetel’s comprehensive real-time dashboard you can track and monitor all your live calls and agents. You can even whisper or barge in the ongoing call to assist your agents. And with our affordable plans, you are ensured to yield maximum return on investment.



Providing Hassle Free Campaign Management

Add multiple levels into your IVR seamlessly and customise every level with different recordings and menu options.
Answer every customer call automatically by greeting the caller with a warm welcome message.
Skill-Based Routing
Route the caller to the most-skilled agent for the query and ensure a quick and efficient resolution.
Call Recording
Keep a check on customer service quality by automatically recording every customer conversation.
Sticky Agent
Connect with the same agent every time your customer contact customer service and ease up their calling process.
Call Barging
Train and help your agents by silently listening to all customer conversations without letting the customers know.

Our Happy Clients

Car 24
Feather Sleep

"The quality of Servetel's voice broadcasting service was really impressive. We are now looking forward to having a long-term partnership with them."

Ravindra Fegade
Digital Marketing- Manager



"Servetel powered our voice broadcasting campaign and they were thoroughly impressive. Delivered us quality solutions, well in time. I am sure we have found a long-term partner in Servetel."

Arshad Zaidi
Asst. Manager


Feather Sleep

" Very first business principle is 'never miss an opportunity'. Servetel is an absolutely perfect solution to follow that principle - at least for the opportunity that comes over phone calls. Its Toll-Free number and IVR service has delivered some amazing results for me. "

Jatin Gupta

Feather Sleep International


"Servetel toll-free number has streamlined my business to a larger extent. It's 24*7 customer support makes it the best service provider in their industry. Till now, we haven't faced any issue with the service and we are hopeful for the future as well"

Ratash Kartikh



Delivering Value for Money

24x7 Connectivity

Easy Scalability

Instantly add or remove calling channels on request without worrying about the infrastructure or other costs.
Different Number, Same Phone

User-friendly Web Portal

Smoothly navigate through the web portal and easily configure your IVR structure with easy-to-understand menu options.
Productivity on the Move

Live Call Monitoring Dashboard

View the live status of your active, on-hold and hung-up calls on a comprehensive real-time dashboard.
Personalised Greetings

Round the Clock Support

Contact our support team any time of the day over email, chat or call and get instant support from our expert agents.
Maximize Cost Savings

No Setup Required

Get started with your services by using our web portal and eliminate the need for hardware installation.
Increase Sales

CRM Integrations

Integrate your telephony system with CRM to synchronise data across channels and perform in-depth analysis of collected data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts? Feel free to browse through our FAQs

After the recorded message is played the customer is prompted to press 1 (or multiple options depending on the service) if they like to continue. Only then the call is forwarded to a live agent.

There is no additional hardware required, we provide you with a full functioning admin portal which can be availed via your personal device.

We provide free account set up, free list support, and free tech support. You are charged only for outbound calling minutes.

You pay only for what you use. We do not charge you for calls that are not answered.

Yes, scheduling can be done for a voice message in advance by using our easy-to-use dashboard.

You are free to chat, call, or email our support team as per your convenience. We are happy to resolve all your queries and problems.

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