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Get the Most Out Of Voice Broadcasting With A/B Testing

AB Testing in Voice Broadcasting Campaign

Businesses today are exploring various promotional channels to reach out to their potential customers. And the latest addition in this list is voice broadcasting service. Understanding its large reach, businesses have started using this service to instantly connect with customers and get across their message with the least human interaction.

Eliminating the need to hire dedicated staff for informational and promotional calls, this service helps to save a large amount of business cost. But with the advancement in technology, approach to voice broadcasting has also evolved.

And one such evolution is the introduction of A/B testing. This unique feature helps you to test, analyse and finalise the ideal approach to engage with the customers.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a technique where you find the most efficient path out of two or more options. It helps to eliminate the dilemma of deciding the better path amongst multiple alternatives.

While building voice broadcasting campaign successfully, multiple recorded voices are broadcasted over call and analysed through A/B testing. When good quality and engaging voice recording is found, less proficient ones are discarded. These finalised voice recordings are further used for broadcasting information to all the customers.

The broadcasted voice might seem working efficiently from your point of view, but this doesn’t mean it works the same for your customers as well. Taking additional measures ensures that your application gives a quality experience and improves your client retention rate.

As per a recent survey, the response rates of customers increased by 32% after running multiple A/B testing.

How Does It work?

You can run various campaigns to perform A/B testing and figure out which form of recorded voice works best for you. The variations in the A/B testing voice samples may differ due to voice type such as male/female, the texture of the voice or pronunciation used.

A/B testing is executed for a sample calls of 5-10% of a specific period instead of the total number of calls, and the result is determined accordingly. Also, calls are sent using a round-robin approach, and only the received calls are considered for analysing better and effective version of voice broadcasting.

Several other parameters like call duration, DTMF response, and feedback from the customers are also used while performing A/B test for voice broadcasting. The average time for which a customer stays on a call while the information is being broadcasted serves as a significant factor to determine which form of voice is better and more efficient.

Let’s understand this with the help of a few examples.

Example 1

You are running an advertisement campaign and want to promote your services through voice broadcasting. There are a various voice recording clips available which can be used in the advertisement campaign.
But, it gets a tedious task to decide which form of voice is more influential and persuasive for the customers. Although your focus is on improving your product’s quality, yet you cannot compromise on the promotional aspect.
In such a case, you can set up A/B testing campaign for voice broadcasting and figure out which voice is more influential. This voice can be further broadcasted to obtain fruitful results.

Example 2

You are running a business and want to broadcast some crucial information to your customers, you can not ignore voice broadcasting solution for your business. It comes with various options for male and female voices. These voices can be human recorded or generated with text to speech feature. To eliminate the dilemma of choosing the better version of voice, A/B testing comes out to be a perfect solution.
You can run campaigns to find out which form of voice is working the best for your business and fulfilling your needs. It helps you find out the most influential form of voice suitable for voice broadcasting.

Benefits of A/B Testing

1. Increased Conversion Rates

A/B testing comes out to be an effective way to convert leads into customers by creating suitable content to be broadcasted. When you run two campaigns, it becomes relatively easy to determine which form of voice works best for you and your potential customers.

2. Simple Analysis

It is easy to analyse the results with A/B testing. You can run two voice broadcasting campaigns with different promotional offers, the one who gets a maximum number of favourable responses through DTMF keypad is clearly the better version.

3. Reduced Risks

A/B testing allows you to target your resources and helps you avoid wasting capital on less effective forms of voice broadcasting. Only the effective and persuasive version is broadcasted. Hence, it prevents the unnecessary risks of losing your capital on worthless campaigns.

4. Improved Quality

With A/B testing feature, you can choose the best content for your broadcasting campaign. Depending upon the response received on both A & B samples of the content, you can tweak the text to suit the exact customer’s need. It continuously improves your message quality and uplifts the customer engagement in minimal time.

5. Increased ROI

By putting minimal efforts and money, you get an optimised and productive result through A/B testing. This increases the overall ROI of the broadcasting process and successfully attracts a large number of potential leads.

Analyse Your Reports

The reports are generated and analysed after the successful run of any campaign. You can easily view these reports in the A/B testing reports section provided in the portal. This report helps you take necessary business decisions on customer data and improve efficiency.

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