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Streamlining Education Industry with
Cloud Telephony Solutions

Education sector has now adopted a communication-oriented approach to improve the education quality. Our cloud telephony services ensure to strongarm your communication processes by giving you a platform to communicate with your students and parents seamlessly.

How is Servetel Solving Education Industry Problems?

Promote Admission Details with SMS/Voice Broadcast

Run different admission campaigns with Toll-Free/Virtual Numbers and widen your accessibility in the audience. Promote your admissions with automated promotional SMS/Voice Broadcast. Assign different virtual numbers for every marketing campaign and easily track results of all the campaigns.

Connect with Parents through IVR

Connect parents with the right department through an intelligently structured IVR. Assign a different extension to every department and streamline your call flow. Auto-receptionist attends every incoming call promptly and ensures efficient query resolution by automatically directing it to the concerned department.

Monitor Processes with Analytics Dashboards

Monitor your process quality with comprehensive call analytics dashboards. Get detailed information on essentials such as call duration, call time and other required information to understand the process in-depth. Record your calls and utilise this information to understand parents’ expectations.

Keep Parents Updated with SMS Reminders

Send PTA meetings reminders to all the parents with call/SMS broadcast. Drop automated fee payment reminder, confirmation or late payment messages with the bulk SMS feature. Keep parents and students updated on extra classes/upcoming simportant events through pre-scheduled SMS.

Run Social Welfare Campaigns with Virtual Numbers

To remain available in an emergency, release a toll-free or virtual number and reroute all the incoming calls to your number. Assign a different virtual number to every social campaign such as anti-ragging, women safety cell, and others. In case of a medical emergency such as blood donor requirement, send bulk SMS to your staff and students in one go.


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