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use cases of ivr

6 IVR Use Cases That Can Drive Leads for Your Business

Do you have to communicate with customers and answer the same set of questions regularly? If yes, then (Interactive voice response) IVR is what your business needs. Interactive Voice Response

will chatbots replace IVR

Will Chatbots Replace IVR ?

Customers these days are greatly inclined towards self-service options. A customer experience study conducted shows that 71% of customers want to solve customer service issues on their own. These statistics indicate that


Cloud Telephony: For Efficient Logistics

Thanks to cloud telephony solutions, third party logistics companies worldwide have experienced an impressive increase in operational efficiency and at the same time have been able to drive down operational


Bulk SMS Services For Restaurants & Takeaways

Do you know 84% of consumers are likely to look at more than one restaurant before choosing where to dine? Now the big question that concerns every restaurateur’s mind is, “How


How an Effective Call Management Gives Your Business Success

A virtual platform is where the customers and the agents speak with each other. To make this communication more efficient and result oriented, it is necessary to keep your call


Introduce the Benefits of IVR to Your Business

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a self-help telephony tool which allows businesses to connect with customers for all kinds of business queries and communication. To ensure a user-friendly experience, IVR