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Resolving Healthcare Problems with Our Innovative
Cloud Telephony Solutions

In the healthcare industry, you definitely can’t afford to waste a minute on anything other than your patients. With our cloud communication solutions, we make sure to automatise your everyday tasks and ease up your patient handling process.

How is Servetel Solving HealthCare Industry Problems?

Eliminate Administrative Tasks with IVR

Servetel IVR automatically attends all your incoming calls with its auto-receptionist feature and reduces the load of the routine task from your staff. It also maximises your operational efficiency by eliminating the additional expenditure spent on administrative task and smoothens your inter-department communication with quick call transfers.

Send Prescription & Appointment Reminders with Bulk SMS

Our bulk SMS feature allows you to send appointment and prescription reminders to your patients.
Record a personalised message and broadcast it your patients as announcements. Our software calls at the customer’s number and plays the recorded message. These messages can be further personalised as per customer’s requirement by adding their names, medication, and other details.

Maintain Patient’s History by Integrating to CRM

Integrate our IVR with CRM and collect your patients’ data by keeping a record of their appointments, prescriptions, follow-up visits, number of rescheduled appointments, and call recordings. This analysis will further help you to understand your patients and treat them in better ways.

On the Call Emergency Assistance with Toll-Free Number

Remain available enhanced customer support to your customers with our Toll-Free number. In case of any health emergency, give quick on the call health assistance to your patients. Send voice broadcasts to your staff in a single attempt in case of any unexpected hazard such as natural disaster or terror attacks. Keep your hospital staff informed in advanced of any arriving causalities.

Remain within Budget by Availing Economical Plans

Toll-free numbers, auto-receptionist feature, real-time dashboards or automated reminder messages, everything will enhance your business productivity and eliminate unnecessary spending done on process management. Moreover, Servetel gives you economically customisable plans where you pay as per your usage.


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