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Your Phone Has Moved to the Cloud. Why Not Your Business?

Your Phone Has Moved to Cloud. Why Not Your Business?

(Update: This blog was originally published on 16th May 2017 and was last updated on 8th May 2020 for comprehensiveness and accuracy.)

Communication is the backbone of every business, and the technology you choose for your business communication decides the overall well-being of your business operations. The communication between customers and agents or the business owner has to be uninterrupted and result oriented.

Businesses today face more competition than ever before. MSME sector and startup culture have witnessed a significant rise in the past years. In order to sustain and flourish, businesses need to ensure that their services or products reach the correct demographic and that they remain in touch with their customers through reliable and convenient modes of communication.

In the current information age of the 21st century, with rampant developments in technology and advent of multi-modal means of communication and interaction be it via telephone calls, websites or social media,  businesses need to adopt new technology and facilitate employees to work on the go, anywhere in the world.

The cloud solutions offer universal accessibility along with on demand computing power, data storage, work suites and much more allowing customers to get in touch with businesses any time. Success calls for loyal customers, and therefore, quality customer engagement is the new backbone of every business. There is a need for a result-oriented communication system, which allows for uninterrupted interaction and seamless customization.

The potential of could telephony systems in India to revolutionize communications and increase brand recall value have made them a sought after solution. Let us understand the reasons why you should switch your business to the cloud:

  • 24*7 Universal Access

According to recent research, the number of mobile users has increased exponentially in the past few years, with about 471 million active smartphone users in India alone. The trend is indicative of the fact that customers and businesses today engage with each other remotely and while on the move. Thus, for quality customer service businesses must use a sustainable model that enables their employees to work effectively through portable devices.

Cloud telephony system enables universal access of customer data along with availability of business files and ready to use applications without the need for bulky infrastructure.

  • Economical Solutions

Cloud telephony systems in contrast with on premise solutions do not call for tremendous expenditure. Businesses can reduce expenses by not spending on infrastructure, landlines, servers and office space.

Simultaneously, cloud telephony service providers offer pay as you use models, allowing companies to easily scale their operations on the basis of customer demand and traffic. Such flexibility in scaling operations helps businesses in optimizing their finances and improving the efficiency of their employees and live-agents.

  • Data Security

One of the most prominent features of cloud telephony system is its robust anti-breach measures. In case of on premise solutions, businesses themselves need to ensure the safety of consumer and business data and therefore need to employ a dedicated team of software engineers resulting in added expenditure.

In case of cloud telephony system, the onus of data security is with the service providers, who not only have a dedicated team but also implement frequent updates for countering both offline and online security measures. In addition, the data is backed-up at remote servers to ensure seamless data recovery.

Considering the importance and sensitivity of user data, it is vital to protect the same from any breach. In addition, the cloud enables employees to access the data despite being on the move while giving one the option to give or restrict access of data for any business requirements.

  • Seamless Integration

A successful business model stems through efficient intra-employee communication. Effective collaboration and initiatives lead to good business as well as customer satisfaction. Cloud telephony facilitates the same and with implementation of cloud PBX, employees can virtually be connected via the same platform resulting in a productive interaction.

This feature also eliminates the need for complicated cables and phone setup while allowing regular updates without any interruption. The cloud telephony solution effectively fulfills the need for fruitful conversations for accelerated growth.

  • Future is Here!

Developments in the field of cloud telephony, artificial intelligence and more are taking place every day. Businesses today need a model that can readily adapt to these changes and cater to contemporary business scenarios. In addition, the cloud offers a ready-to-go customization option that easily integrates with your existing model and ensures that the switch is without disruption.

Final Words

Businesses must adapt to the changes in the market and ensure that a robust telecommunications system is in place to handle the increase in customer calls while providing easy flexibility. In order to carve a special identity for themselves and flourish, businesses need to strive for loyalty and thus emphasize on customer service.

Cloud communication business in India allow telephony systems to be hosted on the cloud (hosted by data-centers via the internet). Be it intra business communication or interacting with customers, all the normal day-to-day tasks can be done via cloud communication. Hence, cloud telephony system is capable of revolutionizing the entire business model, taking one to greater heights.

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