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Servetel’s blog is a wealth of information

Servetel provides award-winning cloud telephony services to businesses of all sizes. Our blog operates as a bank of knowledge, offering the latest updates, trends and relevant articles about the cloud industry. By contributing to the Servetel Blog, you garner the attention of all the other experts in the industry.

What Kind of Content should You Submit?

Professionals from all industries read our blog, whether they own big businesses or small. They enjoy reading content on cloud technologies and business call management practices that help them grow. We look for content that is unique (all our blogs need to be completely plagiarism free). We encourage long-form articles, infographics and listicles.

Our audience

Our audience wishes to know more about or is looking for effective cloud telephony solutions. They want insights on modern-day communication needs, providing excellent customer service or how trends are affecting the cloud industry. More often than not, these are individuals who wish to set up a customer service helpline or PBX system for their company. Our articles, thus, are informative, easy to understand and relevant to their needs.

What can you write about?

Before you start writing or narrowing down your topic, we encourage you to go through our blog. Additionally, you must follow all our guidelines:

  • Your article needs to be 100% unique—something that hasn’t been published elsewhere and on our blog before.
  • You may talk about any of our products or services. Popular verticals include cloud communications, customer service and business management.
  • You can write about any research or analysis that you’ve done and is relevant to our products. Your article, then, will be backed by hard data, statistics and yield proper conclusions.
  • Your topic can also be an explainer or a listicle. Here, you can describe, in detail, everything pertaining to a product or a solution, a concept or any other latest development in the industry. These pieces need to be well-rounded with plenty of examples to support your explanation.
  • You can also choose to work on infographics. These are visual pieces with quick bites of information and therefore, they need to be comprehensive and easy to understand.

Content guidelines

  • The blog must be original and web-friendly. Please note that we will run your article through a plagiarism-checking tool and approve it accordingly.
  • It should be between 1,200-1,500 words with a Grammarly reading score of 80+.
  • Use a conversational tone and keep your text simple, readable, and conversational.
  • Please do not indulge in keyword stuffing (stick to a keyword density of 1-2% for primary keywords). There are sections where keywords are important like H1, introductory paragraph, sub-heads, etc. In other places, it’s best to only include keywords when needed.
  • Modify your content according to real-world trends and tips. All facts and figures must be backed by research and source links. Please ensure that these statistics are not borrowed from Servetel’s competitor websites. (A simple way would be to quote directly from research websites and news articles.)
  • Keep paragraphs short, crisp and to the point—avoid unnecessary filler words.
  • The links to your company/product/service must be present in the author bio. Content should be valuable and compelling to the reader—not self-serving.

How to submit

Send us a complete, plagiarism-free blog at marketing[at] with:

  • Your author bio in 150 words or less
  • Links to your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter)
  • Your professional headshot
  • A comprehensive image and reference list to your piece. Don’t forget to cite the image source as: "Image source" and hyperlink it with the page you found the image on.

Please note: We do not accept pitches and/or topic ideas. We expect you to send your complete piece on a topic that hasn’t been published on our blog or anywhere else before.

You’ve sent your blog. What now?

If we like your blog, we will get back to you in fifteen working days. We receive a sizeable amount of requests and may not respond to those that don’t meet our requirements. Please feel free to submit your blog post elsewhere, if we don’t respond in fifteen days.