Why Choose us?

At Servetel we provide award-winning, cloud telephony services and excel in catering to businesses of all sizes. Our blog is a bank of information and latest updates; a brainchild of our years-long experience filled with everything you need to know about the industry and our products. For our reader section, we are looking for experts and C-level professionals in the industry. By contributing to the Setvetel Blog, you not only contribute to but also get the attention of the other experts in the industry. Here are some benefits:

  • Your idea is shared with more than thousands of readers
  • You connect with other leaders in the industry
  • Get brand recognition and amp up your business

What Kind of Content should You Submit?

Professionals from all industries read our blog, whether they own big businesses or small. They enjoy reading content on cloud technologies and business call management practices that help them grow. We look for content that is unique (all our blogs need to be completely plagiarism free). We encourage long-form articles, infographics and listicles.

What Kind of Topics can You Write on?

Here are some topics that you can look at. We encourage you to take a look at our blog for better insight.

  • Cloud telephony systems
  • PBX phone systems
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Latest cloud telephony technologies
  • Business call management system
  • IVR
  • Call monitoring
  • Click to call
  • Servetel Features
  • Servetel Products

Who should Write for us?

Our writers need to be industry experts who have experience with writing content for the web. If you’ve got insights that can help entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses, you can contribute to our website. We would love to have you as a contributor to our blog.

Here are Some Content Guidelines that You can Follow:

  • All blogs need to have relevant links for final approval.
  • All blogs must have at least one image. You should either have the rights to use that image or give proper copyright credit.
  • Your blog should be quirky, informative and conversational. Details about the products and services mentioned are a must.
  • All content needs to be original and exclusive ie. not published anywhere else.
  • We will approve the topic before you start writing it. We will also send you approval so that you can start writing the blog.
  • The blog should be at least 1200-1500 words.
  • All relevant data like quotes, statistics and studies need to be hyperlinked and stated clearly.
  • All submitted blogs are subject to editing. Our editorial team will add and remove the content at the discretion of the editor.

How do You Submit an Approved Blog?

You can send us your topic ideas, briefs and complete articles at marketing[at]servetel.co.in with:

  • Link to any of your content that has been published
  • Your author bio in 150 words or less.
  • Links to your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter)
  • Your professional headshot.

You’ve Sent Your Blog Idea. What Now?

If we like your idea, we will get back to you in five working days. We receive a sizeable volume of requests and may not respond to unsuccessful requests. Please feel free to submit your blog post elsewhere, if we don’t respond in five days.