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Safeguard Your Business Transactions with OTP Service

OTP service adds a layer of authentication into your everyday important business processes and reduces the chances of online frauds. These are randomly generated string of numeric or alphanumeric characters whenever an OTP request is triggered.

OTP services are the most entrusted method to verify user information, accounts and online payments. You can easily & quickly implement every check with OTP service by sending codes via SMS, e-mail or voice without any added complexity.

Our fast and secure SMS API ensures to send your OTP SMS in less than 10 seconds, guaranteeing quick and reliable message delivery. OTP services override the DND filter to make sure you do not miss sending any critical information to your users.
Servetel Services
Servetel Services
OTP sms service
OTP service in India
Integrate SMS API into your website, app, or any other application to utilise the OTP solution for various purposes. Widen the utility of OTP service by using it for user reactivation, password resets, account deletions and other important business purposes. Track the progress of SMS with instant delivery receipts and detailed analytics reports.

Easily integrate your business database system with our OTP SMS API to send OTP to a large number of users in one go. If undelivered, OTP can also be delivered through calls to handle any kind of failovers. OTP two-factor authentication helps you verify every login attempt by sending OTPs to the user’s registered phone number.


Secure & Fast OTP SMS Gateway

Message Templates
Pre-defined SMS templates

Message Templates

Choose the best-suited OTP SMS layout from our range of pre-defined SMS templates to save time and boost process efficiency.

Developer friendly API
Easy integration of OTP

Developer-friendly API

Easily integrate our OTP SMS API with your website, apps or any 3rd party application and customise the SMS solution to suit your business need.

Fast OTP service
Instant OTP delivery

10-second OTP Delivery

Our fast & secure OTP service delivers messages in less than 10 seconds to your users and provides maximum efficiency in the process.

Database Integration
Integration of OTP with Database

Database Integration

Send OTP texts to all your contacts by seamlessly integrating your database or CRM system with our OTP service.

Analytics and Reporting
Automated analytics report

Analytics and Reporting

Track status of failed, successful and re-attempted OTPs on an automated analytics report by scheduling it over your email IDs.


OTP via SMS/Voice

Let your users fetch OTP on both SMS & Voice platforms for verification and set resend attempts to handle OTP failover.

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"The quality of Servetel's voice broadcasting service was really impressive. We are now looking forward to having a long-term partnership with them."

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"Servetel powered our voice broadcasting campaign and they were thoroughly impressive. Delivered us quality solutions, well in time. I am sure we have found a long-term partner in Servetel."

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" Very first business principle is 'never miss an opportunity'. Servetel is an absolutely perfect solution to follow that principle - at least for the opportunity that comes over phone calls. Its Toll-Free number and IVR service has delivered some amazing results for me. "

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"Servetel toll-free number has streamlined my business to a larger extent. It's 24*7 customer support makes it the best service provider in their industry. Till now, we haven't faced any issue with the service and we are hopeful for the future as well"

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Spend Less and Deliver More

Account & data security

Account & Data Security

Protect users from any data theft or account hacks by validating user’s credibility at all crucial point of contacts.
Delivery to DND numbers

Delivery to DND Numbers

Send OTP texts to numbers with active DND service and ensure no customer/number is left unvalidated.
Number Verification

Number Verification

Secure your platform from any unwanted users and spammers by verifying their phone numbers with OTP service.
Transaction Authentication

Transaction Authentication

Enhance the security of user's online purchase by sending highly secure OTPs at the time of payment checkout.
Prompt Delivery

Prompt Delivery

Prevents any delay in the verification process by immediately sending an OTP to the provided phone number.
Two-factor authorization

Two-factor Authorization

Cross check the authenticity of every login attempt by sending One Time Passwords to the user’s registered phone number.
Why Choose Servetel

Best-in-Market Pricing

Get high-quality cloud telephony suite with minimal effort and cost investment.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Servetel offers 99.99% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure.

End-to-End Customer Service

From research to post-purchase assistance, we ensure hassle-free customer service at every step.

Enhanced Customer Support

Get enhanced live assistance from our product experts over email, chat and call.

API Integrations

Innovate your business solutions with CRM and other third-party application integration.

Cloud Telephony Suite

Get access to fully functional cloud telephony suite along with free SMS & call credits.


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We thought you'd never ask.

Simply put, a one-time password is an alphanumeric code (usually a six-digit number) that is sent to someone over SMS or call (always in real-time). This is generally entered online for either cash-on-delivery (CoD) or identity verification.
A website/app asks for your phone number (while you’re, say, logging in or placing a CoD order) and then uses an API to generate an OTP code that you receive via text or call. This is entered online and—based on whether it is correct or incorrect—verified.
If you’re an e-commerce platform with cash-on-delivery as an option, then your company definitely requires OTP verification. Even if you’re a portal that has users register and sign in, you should send out OTPs. Remember, wherever an extra layer of verification is required, OTP verification comes to the rescue.
In the case of CoD, it helps ensure that it isn’t a bogus request. This obviously saves a lot of money and manpower. Similarly, it adds an extra layer of security to your business, which helps create a stable customer base due to them trusting you more.
Simple: Just get in touch with our sales team for transactional SMS plans @1800-120-3100. They’ll help you out right away.
It depends on your requirement. Once again, get in touch with our sales team @1800-120-3100.

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