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Why Should You Choose Voice Broadcasting Solution for Customer Surveys

Voice Broadcasting solution for Customer Survey

Cold calls have been a popular method of targeting customers for many years. They are direct, personal and can generate sales leads. However, there are certain inherent problems in the system. One, cold calls require a lot of time and effort on the agents part. Two, several agents are required to connect to thousands of potential customers. Three, customers may not appreciate the direct nature of the call and in turn, be put off by your brand. So, what is a better way to connect with your clients at a low cost?

The solution is voice broadcasting services. Voice broadcasting refers to the system of sending a pre-recorded call to thousands of your customers and enabling them to provide feedback through numeric inputs using IVR. The message can reach your customer base instantly and requires no additional management.

Let’s understand the most important application of voice broadcasting solution among the following:

Applications of Voice Broadcasting Solution

The most important use case of voice broadcasting solution is conducting surveys for your business. Business surveys are an integral catalyst for the growth of an organisation. To deliver the best service to your customers, you need to understand what they like and dislike about your business. Surveys allow you to question your consumers’ preferences and allow them to inject their suggestions. These suggestions can ultimately be used to modify your products or services. You can also analyse the data and target strong sales leads.

Now, the question arises, why should you use voice broadcasting for consumer surveys? Here’s why:


What does your representative go through while trying to individually connect to a consumer? First, they initiate the call and wait for a response, then they introduce themselves and attempt to provide information while dodging the customers’ resistance if any. The entire process is very complicated due to two-way communication. It is also rather time-consuming.

Voice broadcasting, however, has simplified the entire process. Record and send. There is no need to tend to the personal inputs of the consumers. It gets the job done without the unnecessary back and forth.

Minimal setup

If you attempt to connect customers on a one-on-one basis with your agents, the process may go on for a ridiculous amount of time. Additionally, it would cost you a significant chunk to hire several recruits. However, voice broadcasting solutions keep it simple. Simply log into your web platform, upload your recorded message, select your format and other preferable settings, and send. No unnecessary hardware is involved in the procedure.

Wider reach

Surveys are often sent to people through emails. But what about those who do not have access to the internet, or cannot read, or are visually impaired? An email loses the opportunity of connecting to these demographics.

Everyone now has a mobile device and voice broadcasting can reach all these people in an instant. Thousands of calls will immediately connect to your consumers who most likely will respond to verbal communication over a written message.

Live analysis

The most crucial part of a survey or feedback system is the analysis. Voice broadcasting systems will provide you with real-time statistics of the call. You can monitor when the call was made, when a consumer answers, how long the call lasted, and of course, how they responded to the message. Using this data, you can build your consumer analysis and rework your business goals and products.

If you notice an interested customer, you can immediately get your agent to follow up on the lead. The chances of success while approaching a keen customer are higher than randomly cold calling people.

Lack of human error

At the end of the day, when your representatives have gone through call after call for hours, it is understandable that their enthusiasm might deplete. Additionally, if there is incompetence involved, there could be miscommunication or confusion on their part. With voice broadcasting solution, however, there is no possible scenario of error in communication. Since the message is recorded beforehand, you can ensure that the tone and semantics of the information are accurate and preferable. You can recruit a voice actor for high-quality results.

Each consumer will receive a consistent and approved greeting with no chance of any blunders.

Personalisation and amendments

Surely, there is diversity in any company’s consumer base. In India, especially, consumers may be hailing from different regions and speak distinct languages. Voice broadcasting service allows you to appease the multitude of people. You can record your message in any language and even use different languages to target particular customers. That extra personal touch will be the mark of distinction for your organisation.

In case you wish to change any of the subject matter in your recorded message, amending it is a rather easy task too. You can record a new message instead or make slight changes to it if required. Overall, convenience is the essence of the system.

Employee productivity

Your consumer service agents are limited to your budget. Essentially, they must work efficiently to produce favourable results. Unfortunately, the same is not possible if they are stuck for hours trying to chase down fluky leads.

When you broadcast a message, there is rapid communication with thousands of customers. While this plays out, your employees can focus on targeting hot leads that you can pinpoint based on the statistics provided. It saves them time and effort and also motivates them to focus on prioritised activities.

Easy for consumers

It has been established that voice broadcasting solution is a simple tool for a businessperson. However, it must also be acknowledged that it is the ideal communication technology for your consumers. When interrupted with a call, they may not be willing to talk to anybody. And in this scenario, they don’t need to. If they wish to provide feedback or answer questions on a survey, all they have to do is press a certain number. Their numeric input will then be registered on your system.

All the instructions must be included in the message. There is no need for them to understand any of the mechanics of voice broadcasting service. They might even be delighted to provide you with information in exchange for better service in the future.

Better communication

Several methods can be used for the purpose of conducting surveys. Companies use emails or SMS or website pages. However, there are certain benefits of verbal communication over the written word. You can create a more informal atmosphere with the tone and words of the recorded message. You can also elaborate on details without boring the customer who would have to read a long paragraph in other situations.

Moreover, the same can be used to reinforce your brand image in your consumers’ minds. When they hear your brand’s name on a phone call, it might register easier than having read it. Voice broadcasting solution, thus, allows you to cater to your clients better and build a stronger bond between company and customer.


The bottom line is that voice broadcasting service is a far superior method of conducting business surveys as compared to its alternatives. It is uncomplicated to set up and use. You can record whatever is the ‘perfect’ message for your customers as per your preference. This message will reach thousands of people instantly and allow a wide consumer base to communicate with your business conveniently. Ultimately, the analysis of this data will guide you to potentially successful sales leads, and also give you feedback on your businesses’ products and services. There is much that can be accomplished with this rather simple system of communication and the time to exploit the opportunity is now. Call us at 1800-120-4132 and get started today.