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Transform Your Business with IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system which responds to the human voice and keyboard inputs with pre-recorded voice messages. IVR systems automatically take the incoming calls. And depending upon the customer inputs, it routes the calls to the best-suited agent.

By integrating IVR number into your telephony system, you can handle a large volume of calls. The identification, segmentation, and routing processes of all the incoming calls are also enhanced making business call process flawless.

IVR number helps customers quickly find the answers to their queries without any human assistance and thus saves agents from answering mundane questions. It frees up, agent’s time and improves their productivity.

Intelligent call forwarding improves the system by routing the calls to the best-suited agent. With cloud technology, you can also easily scale your IVR system on-demand without having to worry about the added infrastructure or cost.
IVR system
IVR number
Sticky agent feature of IVR lets callers speak with the same agent they had spoken to the previous time, letting the conversation start right from where it ended. It eliminates the need of communicating the same information again thereby saving the time of both the parties.

Call barging is yet another remarkable feature of IVR, which helps you assist your agents on call without the caller knowing about it. Furthermore, the integration of CRM with the IVR solution facilitates an error-free and smooth customer experience.

Servetel’s real-time IVR dashboard makes the tracking and monitoring of live calls seamless. We promise 100% data security and 99.99% uptime. And with our pocket friendly plans, you are ensured to yield maximum return on investment.


Delivering Best-in-class IVR Solution

application integration

Add-on Application Integration

Maximise business productivity by integrating your telephony system with CRM, Google Sheets and other important applications.

multi level IVR

Programmable Multi-level IVR

Design your multi level IVR with multiple levels and configure each level with a highly-customised menu and call flow structure.

professional voice overs

Profesional Voice Over Artists

Our dedicated voice over professionals ensures your brand gets high-quality IVR recordings for every business need.

live call monitoring

Live Call Monitoring Dashboard

Review your call centre’s performance by keeping a check on the live status of active, on-hold and disconnected calls. .


Built-in Text-to-Speech

Dynamically convert written texts into audio messages to align your message scripts with customer needs.

call barging

Call Barging/Whispering

Barge or whisper into an active call and ensure error-free customer service by assisting agents in customer handling.

Our Happy Clients

Car 24
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"The quality of Servetel's voice broadcasting service was really impressive. We are now looking forward to having a long-term partnership with them."

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"Servetel powered our voice broadcasting campaign and they were thoroughly impressive. Delivered us quality solutions, well in time. I am sure we have found a long-term partner in Servetel."

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"The quality of IVR services offered by Servetel has been fantastic, their quick support and after sales has proved to be highly beneficial. I wish all the success to Servetel and I'm sure we have found a long term partner in Servetel!"

Nikhil Thapar
Marketing Specialist


" Very first business principle is 'never miss an opportunity'. Servetel is an absolutely perfect solution to follow that principle - at least for the opportunity that comes over phone calls. Its Toll-Free number and IVR service has delivered some amazing results for me. "

Jatin Gupta

Feather Sleep International

"I have always had positive experience working with Servetel! Servetel has always provided positive recommendations and the best price for the services. I'm especially impressed with the support provided after sales. I would highly recommend Servetel as your cloud telephony service providers."

Varsha Bansal
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Vivaan Solar


Spend Less and Deliver More

auto attendant

Auto-attend Incoming Calls

Automatically answer all the incoming calls and provide customers with a detailed menu structure for self-help navigation.
proffessional brand image

Build Professional Brand Image

Greet callers with a warm voice message and reflect a professional brand image in every customer conversation.
boost agent productivity

Boost Agent Productivity

Maximise agent’s productivity by eliminating everyday mundane tasks and shift focus on high-value customer interactions.
high call volume

Handle High Call Volumes

With self-help and auto-receptionist options, businesses can handle rising call volumes effortlessly.
customer experience

Deliver Rich Customer Experience

Deliver a rich customer experience by identifying, segmenting and routing the calls to the most qualified agents.
first call resolution

Maximise First Call Resolution

Redirect calls to the best-suited agent and ensure a successful query resolution in the first call itself.
Why Choose Servetel

Best-in-Market Pricing

Get high-quality cloud telephony suite with minimal effort and cost investment.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Servetel offers 99.99% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure.

End-to-End Customer Service

From research to post-purchase assistance, we ensure hassle-free customer service at every step.

Enhanced Customer Support

Get enhanced live assistance from our product experts over email, chat and call.

API Integrations

Innovate your business solutions with CRM and other third-party application integration.

Cloud Telephony Suite

Get access to fully functional cloud telephony suite along with free SMS & call credits.


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We thought you'd never ask.

An IVR is a pre-recorded voice menu communicated to a caller as soon as they call (or right after a pre-recorded greeting) that responds to key inputs (usually numbers 0 to 9 on the keypad) or voice commands. It is interactive in the sense that it can be over multiple levels—much like a flow chart—and it prompts responses from the caller. It efficiently gathers basic data for the live agent to help a caller better, or even to eliminate the need of an agent for simpler queries and information requests.
It takes advantage of DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency), which are essentially sounds corresponding to each key that are recognised on the other end as the intended input. The IVR is set-up using Servetel’s easy-to-use portal, where various options, recordings, and their flow can be easily designated. These days, it’s also about artificial intelligence (AI) and voice inputs, which are used to improve the IVR experience.
There are three types of IVRs that Servetel provides. Single-level IVR, as the name suggests, requires a single input before routing/disconnecting. Multi-level IVRs function across levels. And custom dial-plan IVRs allow for more functionality as per your requirements.
Yes, the IVR can be tweaked as per the customer’s need. This includes multi-input digit tracking, and using APIs to interact with the database, among other requirements. Different dial-plans can be implemented according to the set-up.
You can, and in two different ways. The first one has Servetel provide a virtual phone number to which you forward calls from your existing number. This number is then used for IVR services. Or, the second way has the customer port their number to Servetel. This resolves all forwarding issues that might occur in case the existing number is from a different telephony circle.
In case you are opting for a robotic IVR, it can be implemented within four working hours. For human recording IVR, expect it to take 24-48 hours.

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