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Top 10 Benefits of Voice Broadcasting for a Business [Infographic]

10 benefits of voice broadcasting for businesses

Voice broadcasting is a technique that enables businesses automate their calling process. This technique of reaching potential and existing customers through recorded voice messages is also known as call blasting.

The infographic below explains the top 10 benefits of using voice broadcasting for businesses in India.

Top 10 benefits of voice broadcasting service for businesses

Let’s understand the benefits in detail.

1) Wider target reach:

In today’s digit age voice broadcasting makes reaching thousands of customers easier and simpler. With over 580 million phone users alone in India, call blasting offers huge potential for business owners.

2) No infrastructure required:

With prominent advances in cloud technology the need for bulk and large equipment is fast vanishing. All the data of voice broadcasting campaigns can be easily stored in the cloud and used as per the requirement.

3) Better connect with customers:

Voice messages provide a personal touch that makes it easier for the businesses to bond with the customers, unlike text messages. Voice calls thus have better conversion rates than text messages.

4) Requires little human assistance:

One of the most attractive benefits of voice broadcasting is that it requires almost no human assistance. Once the messages are uploaded with the contacts to be reached, it can on its own do the rest of the work.

5) Solution for every industry:

Call blasting is one of the few tools that can fit into the requirements of any and very industry. It can be used for several purposes like generating leads, conducting surveys, broadcasting important messages, and much more.

6) Caters to all business needs:

A business may require sending promotional  and/or transactional voice messages as per the need. By following the rules and restrictions set by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) businesses can make use of this service to fulfill both the requirements.

7) Real-time analysis:

Service providers like Servetel provide dashboards that help businesses access real-time insights of their campaigns. This enables businesses to take the necessary actions to ensure the success and proper functioning of their campaigns.

8) Error-free surveys:

Voice broadcasting solutions are extensively used to conduct surveys. Integrating call blasting technology with Interactive voice response systems helps businesses not only conduct multi-question surveys but to also capture the response without any error.

9) Campaign scheduling:

Reaching potential customers at the right time enhances the changes of converting the lead to a customer. Campaign scheduling feature of voice broadcasting campaigns helps businesses ensure they reach the customers at the right time.

10) Brand Image:

Creating a brand out of a business is undoubtedly a desire of every business owner. Voice broadcasting helps a business reach its customers more often and create a recall value which ultimately helps establish a brand image.

Wrapping Up

Voice broadcasting solution is a multi-purpose tool that fits into the requirements of almost every business. It can help businesses not only in lead generation but also in creating a brand image and forming a better connect with the customers. Call us at 1800-120-4132 and get your business a voice broadcasting solution today.