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Voice Broadcasting: Definition and Benefits

about voice broadcasting

While running a marketing campaign, businesses need to reach out to a large number of customers in a short span. At present, voice broadcasting is one of the widely used mass communication techniques that is connecting companies with its target audience.

Wikipedia defines voice broadcasting as a

Mass communication technique which broadcasts pre-recorded voice messages to thousands of call recipients at once.

Like other mass communication technologies, voice broadcasting also has both commercial and community applications. At present, organisations use voice broadcasting services as a direct marketing tool to promote products/services, generate leads, conduct market research, and collect consumer response.

At the same time, the non-profits organisation use voice broadcasting solutions to convey a variety of information to their members, subscribers and donors. Voice broadcasting solution enables people to record and send voice messages in bulk without investing in hardware-based infrastructure. It further comes with robust features that help to monitor and boost the performance of voice campaigns.

10 Benefits that Voice Broadcasting Offers to Business

1. Voice Messages are more effective than Text Messages

While using mass communication technologies, many organisations opt for SMS or text messages due to their extremely high open rate. But decision-makers must remember that more and more people these days are using voice messages to communicate on mobile apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Market research also suggests that voice messaging is going to be the next big thing in the upcoming years.

2. Maximise Your Audience Reach

Voice broadcasting, unlike other mass communication techniques, enables an organisation to send voice messages to thousands of call recipients at once. Businesses can create and send voice broadcasts to thousands of people in minutes. Not only that, with the retry option, organisations can maximise their outreach by resending the broadcast to people who did not answer the call broadcast in the first attempt.

3. Create and Personalise Campaign Messages

Campaign managers can create voice messages and personalise them in several ways. They can pick the predefined message scripts from the portal or can type in their personalised message by adding a company’s or customer’s name.

Along with the script, managers can also pick from the existing voice samples or can upload a new voice recording. They can also use the in-built text-to-speech feature to generate dynamic voice samples by altering the script.

4. Keep Campaign Messages Consistent

Earlier, call centre agents used to manually call and talk to customers to communicate an important message or offer. But the challenge was to maintain the consistency of the information being communicated. Often, messages were altered during the communication which affected the consistency of the message.

On the contrary, voice broadcasting allows a business to send the same voice message to thousands of customers with zero chances of consistency failure. Hence, it helps marketers to maintain uniformity and consistency of the campaign message.

5. Collect Response and Conduct Surveys

Interactive voice broadcasting technology allows call recipients to share their feedback/suggestions after listening to the broadcasted voice message. Customers can interact with the IVR by merely pressing the numeric keys on their mobile devices. Businesses also leverage interactive voice broadcasting to collect consumer response, conduct market research, and organise opinion polls quickly without investing extra resources.

6. Do not Violate DNC Rules and Regulations

Many customers have do-not-call (DNC) or do-not-disturb (DND) service activated to avoid receiving commercial messages and calls. While running voice or telemarketing campaigns, businesses need to ensure that no call is made to phone numbers which are on DNC registry. If companies fail to do so, the repercussions can be massive, that can result in hefty fines. Voice broadcasting software takes care of this for you. While uploading your contact list, the software automatically eliminates the DNC contacts from the list.

7. Option to Schedule Voice Campaigns

While planning marketing campaigns, the managers need to ensure information is broadcasted to customers at the right time. Voice broadcasting software allows a business to send campaign messages at the right time by scheduling campaigns based on critical parameters like time, days and geographic location.

8. Run Multiple Voice Campaigns Simultaneously

Cloud-hosted voice broadcasting solutions can run multiple voice campaigns simultaneously. Managers can monitor the performance of every campaign on a web-based portal. Also, they can generate campaign reports based on real-time data and send the campaign reports to various stakeholders regularly.

9. Curtail Marketing Campaign Cost

Outbound campaigns require organisations to deploy additional agents. Also, it is tedious for agents to contact a large number of customers and convey the message manually. Voice broadcasting software helps organisations to run marketing campaigns by sending the same promotional or campaign messages to thousands of customers and leads at once. Hence, many businesses these days use voice broadcasting as a direct marketing tool to run marketing campaigns without investing in extra resources.

Voice broadcasting is one of the widely used mass communication technologies which have both commercial and communication applications. The benefits of voice broadcasting services for both for-profit and nonprofit can be determined from the consistent growth of the global HD voice market. However, the decision-makers must remember that the features provided by voice broadcasting solutions differ across providers. To leverage the benefits of voice broadcasting fully, they must select the right voice broadcasting service provider.

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