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Virtual Numbers: The Perfect Virtual Assistants for your Business

virtual numbers the best assistant

We’ve come a long way from being a society of phone operators, or even landlines—the so-called ‘dark ages’ when people were glued to their landlines and could not attend calls on the go. Virtual numbers, powered by the cloud, have been a game-changer for the business communication arena.

Perhaps the term seems ambiguous to you. Where and how can a number exist virtually? However, as complex as the term might seem, the working of a virtual number is rather simple and beneficial for all types of businesses.

A Brief Explanation

Virtual numbers are geographical numbers hosted on cloud servers with no physical presence. More commonly known as Direct Inward Dialling (DID) numbers, they redirect calls to a dedicated service number without being tied to a physical set-up.

In traditional telephony, the call recipient needs to be around their station to attend calls. If they’re away, there is no way to reach them in time. 

However, virtual numbers do not require access to a cell tower or a specific device. Instead of relying on such infrastructures, these numbers make use of an Internet connection and cloud technology to intelligently route calls and voicemails. So, it is easier to reach people even if they’re on the move.

Not just that, with the help of IVR solutions, these numbers can easily be converted into virtual assistants to take care of all your communication needs. 

So, How Does This Work?

A caller’s experience with a virtual number is identical to a usual phone call—albeit with background processes that go unnoticed. When a call lands on a virtual number, it automatically gets routed to a specific extension or multiple devices, depending on the configuration. 

These numbers, then, can greet callers, inform them about the availability of agents, and even guide them during off-hours with FAQs. One can also schedule calls, add reminders and attend to multiple customers at the same time. Isn’t that everything a virtual assistant does?

Therefore, virtual numbers can act as virtual assistants and facilitate efficient remote working. The icing on the cake? These devices need not be in the same area, and one can even modify them. 

So, you can receive calls on your office device in the morning, and the same call can be redirected to your personal number during off-hours. 

The difference between working with traditional and virtual phone numbers also lies in the uniqueness offered by cloud technology. Instead of using local storage options, the cloud allows businesses to access, retrieve and control data from online servers—enabling better control over confidential information.

Businesses are also able to enjoy increased access to caller information with the help of online databases. 

Who Needs to use Virtual Numbers?

Any business that relies on telephonic conversations will require a virtual number—namely, every business. And this solution is definitely a must-have if you require a social presence.

Accompanied by click-to-call technology, virtual numbers work best for paid ads. They let you closely track your paid campaign with features like scheduled reports, real-time monitoring, detailed call logs and recordings, and more.

virtual numbers


What are its Capabilities?

Whether you’re worried about expanding your operations to new locations or shifting to a remote work culture, virtual numbers have you covered. Here’s how.

  • For Businesses

Empower your business with virtual numbers, magnify your reach and improve credibility—all without burning a hole in your pocket. These numbers replace bulky and expensive hardware with minimal infrastructure. So, you don’t even need physical servers at your office; just use your cloud-compatible device. 

Additionally, these numbers do not have a fixed geographical location, so you can establish a local presence for your business by using any area code.

According to Software Advice, customers are four times more likely to attend calls from a local virtual number than a number with unfamiliar digits. Thus, a virtual number can help you connect to a larger audience without much effort. 

In addition to establishing a local presence for your business, the solution also helps customers get in touch with the right person quickly and saves time. How, you ask? The smart call routing feature directs calls to the best-suited agent or department according to time, type of query, agent preference, etc. 

This way, virtual assistants never let you miss important calls and, hence, you do not lose business. With power-packed features such as an auto-attendant and holiday routing, you can even keep callers informed about your whereabouts and get back to them conveniently.

Overall, your customers can connect with appropriate agents instantly and effortlessly—saving you costs, offering higher accessibility and eliminating geographical restrictions. 

  • For Marketing

Virtual numbers are capable of tracking marketing campaigns and ROIs for various channels. You can assign different numbers to various campaign and analyse the reports separately to design effective marketing strategies—from social media campaigns to online advertising.

When marketers use A/B testing to change their strategies in accordance with ongoing trends, they can use virtual numbers to track and monitor the performance. These numbers provide valuable insights about customer behaviour and preferences.

  • For Communication

Businesses that rely on call centres to manage their customer interactions can greatly benefit from this solution. These virtual assistants act as the first point of contact for, both, new and existing customers. And they provide callers with a human-like experience that makes support conversations an enhanced experience. 

The technology streamlines call flows and organises high call traffic, automatically routing callers to the next best available agent during peak hours. This ensures timely issue resolution and higher customer satisfaction.

It also protects customer and agent identities by masking their contact numbers for the interaction. Moreover, businesses are able to exercise better control over their business processes and, thus, enjoy improved performance.

Although virtual numbers are offered primarily to businesses in India, they can be highly beneficial for individuals as well. Imagine having to give out your personal number on sites like Quikr and Olx, and dealing with all those spam calls. Scary, isn’t it? 

Cloud telephony solutions combat this issue with ease.

Parting Words:

In the quest to stay ahead in a saturated market, business leaders often spend hefty sums of money and valuable time to find newer and easier ways to perform complex tasks. With the growing popularity and demand for the cloud, virtual numbers are also gaining popularity.

These solutions save time and money by eliminating the need for bulky hardware or additional agents, and allow you to always stay connected with your audience. Consequently, the credibility of your business is improved.

Virtual numbers also offer greater flexibility and easy scalability while increasing your revenue and streamlining your business processes. 

To get an Indian virtual number for your business, you can connect with one of our experts on 1800-120-4132 and tailor a plan specific to your needs.