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How Virtual Numbers can Empower Your Business with Tracking Functionality

How Virtual Numbers can Empower Your Business with Tracking Functionality

Tracking and analytics make an integral part of any marketing campaign. After all, how would you know whether it is working or not unless you know where you are getting the calls from and if they are genuine leads! Hence, it becomes crucial to track them so that you can solve the marketing analytics puzzle and better understand the audience. Further, it gives you insights into which offline and digital marketing tactics are driving customers to pick up their phones and connect with your business. Though call tracking sounds complicated, it is much easier than you may believe.

With a little bit of work, the right tools and adequate knowledge, you will be on your way to empowering your business with loads of data about your customers and campaigns. Everything begins with integrating a solution into your phone system. And using a virtual phone number for business is the best way to do it. Before knowing how and why a virtual number is best for call tracking, let us explain the benefits it can unlock for your business.

Why should a business bother about tracking?

Needless to say, phone calls are the highest quality lead source for businesses. People want to converse with a human being when they are close to making a buying decision, which is the reason they would connect with you. This makes phone calls a huge sales opportunity for a business. Obviously, there is a need to unlock the opportunity that lies within, which is best done with tracking. Here are the immense benefits it delivers.

Identify the high-performing marketing methods

Essentially, call tracking helps you identify how the customers reach you in the first place; whether they are calling from online ads, billboard ads or radio ads. Obviously, this lets you understand the marketing methods generating the most sales.

Focus on the methods that deliver returns

Call tracking enables you to correctly attribute the leads and calls to their sources. With clarity related to the high-performing campaigns, you can actually realign your plan by focusing on the ones that are delivering maximum returns.

Get tangible ROI figures

When you spend a lot of money for advertising efforts, you would want to be certain that they are yielding an optimal return on your investment (ROI). With tracking, you can get tangible ROI figures and prove to the company that the efforts are worthwhile.

Save money in the long run

Though integrating the system with a virtual phone number may require initial investment, you will end up saving your money in the long run. As you identify the value adding tactics and focus only on them, you can reduce wasteful spending.

Recover the lost leads

The system also enabled you to recapture business efficiently. If a lead is lost, you can use the tracking information to align the follow-up interactions to match the specific concern or expectations of the potential customer.

Integration with other tools

It is possible to integrate the system with other business tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more. So you can get a seamless and holistic view of the marketing performance.

Better business decisions

Being empowered with information always helps when it comes to making better decisions and plans. As call tracking enables you to determine the most effective marketing channels, you can focus your budget in the right places.

Why is a virtual phone number an apt choice for tracking?

Knowing the immense benefits of tracking customer calls, it definitely becomes a worthy investment for any business. When it comes to creating a complete system, a virtual phone number serves as an apt choice and worthwhile investment  These represent digital communications, which are regarded as the new standard for consumer and business technology.

Virtual numbers rely completely on the speed of the internet, have several advanced customer-friendly features (including tracking and analytics) and are far less expensive than landlines. They serve as powerful tools that can empower local and international marketing, open the lines of communication and add a new dimension to customer service. With so much they have to offer, they surely are the best choice for leveraging the tracking functionality.

How to use a virtual phone number for call tracking?

It is clear that a virtual phone number is the best way to get started with tracking. Here is how you can start using it for this purpose.

Get a virtual number

First things first, you will need a dedicated virtual mobile number and assign them to specific projects or campaigns that you need to track. This is a good way to get started with finding the traffic generated and productivity by individual projects. For instance, you may be using direct mail, email marketing, and pay per click ads as the elements of your marketing plan. Using one number for each individual initiative is a great idea.


After establishing individual numbers for specific activities, calculating the ROI becomes an easier process. Simply get started and record the number of calls to each of the phone numbers. Since each marketing piece has an individual number, it serves like a counter for each sales touchpoint. This compartmentalizes the efforts and tracks the specific reach in various areas, so marketers can determine the initiatives that are working and the ones that aren’t.

Track calls and sales

With the record of calls made to each number, it becomes possible to track long term trends. This lets marketers analyze the methods individually and identify the ones that take longer to be effective. They can determine how to split costs linked with different projects. Further, it is possible not to track calls but also sales via them. So you can also measure the conversion of calls into sales over a period of time and determine the productivity of the sales team as well.

Collect data

Marketers using integrated marketing communications techniques can particularly benefit a lot by using a virtual phone number.  Since integrated communications leverage multiple avenues to propagate the same message, it enables them to identify the most effective ones in bringing the potential customers to call. A unique software solution is integrated with the virtual number to track calls. Further, there are analytics tools to demonstrate exactly how many of them came to specific numbers over a specific time period. Each of these numbers is configured to forward into the main contact center. Alternatively, you may assign specific teams to handle calls for different products.


Setting up a tracking system with a virtual phone number can initially take some work but the efforts are fully worthwhile. Obviously, you cannot expect tracking marketing metrics to be a simple and effortless job. But call tracking with campaign-wise virtual numbers surely makes it simple, accurate and result-driven.

The best thing about a virtual phone number is that it is flexible, simple, can be easily re-routed and enables marketers to segment the benefits and costs of individual efforts. If you want to empower your business with this amazing functionality, Servetel is a provider you can rely on. Connect with us at 1800-120-4132 and take your marketing initiatives to the next level.

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