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Collection of industry practices, latest trends & innovations, product updates, case studies, and everything that concerns with cloud telephony for Indian businesses.

Expand-Online-Business-In -Global-Market

How To Expand Your Online Business In The Global Market

The advent of the world wide web in the 90s opened a new way of doing business. With the launch of several online businesses, customers began preferring the relative ease


The Ultimate Contact Channel Debate: Call vs Live Chat

With the e-commerce industry flourishing at the speed of light, the competition for delivering the best customer experiences rises. The advent of different communication channels means that choosing the best


Why Combining UCaaS and CCaaS is the Perfect Solution for Your Customer Needs

Understanding UCaaS and CCaaS Modern customers expect smooth and seamless customer service. When buyers communicate with their favourite brands, they want their needs to be heard and their issues solved


Understanding the Future of Contact Centres with Emerging CX Trends

The last few years have seen digital technologies and artificial intelligence drastically change the contact centre software industry. In a post-pandemic world, customers are now using more channels to communicate


What is Omnichannel Personalisation and How Businesses Can Use It To Their Advantage

Curated personalisation in the virtual world is clearly the next frontier of communications. While several tools come to aid in this effort, omnichannel platforms are now imperative for smooth and

Inbound-Outbound IVR The Best Combination to Get More Customers

Inbound-Outbound IVR: The Best Combination to Get More Customers!

Customer Engagement for Flawless CX With over 214 million businesses worldwide, customers have the power to buy from anywhere, anytime. The only way you can stand out from the crowd