Bulk SMS Services For Restaurants & Takeaways


Bulk SMS is a marketing service which is widely popular among businesses, especially restaurants and takeaways. It involves sending a large number of text messages to multiple contacts simultaneously. The best part about the Bulk SMS service is that it can be diverse in the nature of content that it pushes forward, from transactional to promotional, and everything in between.
Servetel offers its clients a robust and reliable Bulk SMS service, which can be tweaked to complement the marketing operations and campaigns of any restaurant or takeaway. Our service allows our clients if the food service industry to build and expand their customer base and also allows them to stay competitive, by rewarding their repeat customers with exclusive deals and discounts through text messages. Apart from that, our Bulk SMS service also allows our clients to provide their customers with their food delivery status and transactional information.
You can run multiple SMS marketing campaigns simultaneously and manage them efficiently through our intuitive Admin portal. It also allows our clients to project a more professional and personalized brand image by including their brand name within the send IDs.
Check out the infographic below to get a more comprehensive idea of how Servetel’s Bulk SMS service can help your restaurant or takeaway’s marketing campaigns and customer engagement tactics.


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