Bulk SMS Services For Restaurants & Takeaways


Do you know 84% of consumers are likely to look at more than one restaurant before choosing where to dine? Now the big question that concerns every restaurateur’s mind is, “How to make an impression on customer’s mind that shift’s their focus to your restaurant?”

The answer lies in your marketing strategy. Among the various marketing options, SMS marketing has emerged out to be one of the important ways of capturing customer’s attention.

SMS marketing has allowed restaurants/takeaways outlets to remain connected with their large customer base of existing and potential customers. Let’s understand in detail how SMS marketing is helping foodservice industry in boosting their sales.

1. Build Your Customer Base

With Bulk SMS service, you can send a large number of text messages to your contacts in one go. It’s one of the easiest & effective ways to reach out to customers and keep them updated. Channelise your marketing campaigns by creating different messaging groups for various kinds of audience. This also ensures maximum outreach and high ROI.

2. Promote Your Offers

Bulk SMS allows you to run large-scale SMS Marketing campaign. Further, send out attractive discount, offers, and reward points to your customers and customise your messages as per your target audience expectations. Schedule the delivery of these messages in the most suitable time slot according to checking customer’s availability. It increases the chances of customers reading and responding to your messages.

3. Personalised Messages

The best part of the bulk SMS service is its content customisation, i.e. you can create the content or add a personalise tone to your messages by adding customer’s name, birthday wishes or special offers. Integrate language API’s and translate your messages into local language before broadcasting it to your customers.

You can also project a more professional and personalised brand image by including your brand name within the sent IDs over SMS.

4. Status Updates

Make your process transparent by sending constant SMS status updates without hampering your customer experience. It strong arms your reputation as a customer-oriented brand and improves your competitive quotient.
Texts allow you to reach your customers seamlessly at any point of time and eliminates any internet dependency.

5. Monitor Your Processes

Once your services are out there in the market, the next thing which bothers most of the business owners is the acceptance of their services. With an admin portal, you can now easily monitor your real-time progress and keep a check on the variety of metrics which might be affecting your business results.

Check out the infographic below to get a more comprehensive idea of, Servetel’s Bulk SMS service and help your restaurant/takeaway outlets to craft more engaging marketing & customer engaging campaigns.


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