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The Joint Evolution of Indian Start-Ups & Cloud Telephony Technology

The Joint Evolution of Indian Start-Ups & Cloud Telephony Technology

(Update: This blog was originally published on 11th July 2017 and was last updated on 15th June 2020 for comprehensiveness and accuracy.)

Indian startups have revolutionized our lifestyles and changed several aspects of our daily lives. With its young and entrepreneurial population, India has always been a country of innovation and technological marvel. However, the boom in the start-up culture can be narrowed down to 2008 with several successful start-ups (and now unicorns) reshaping our society while also offering unique solutions to some age-old problems. India today is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world but in this global market of the 21st century, businesses face far more competition that ever before! Indian startups need to offer a better and enhanced alternative compared to both their local and international counterparts while creating a strong brand name.

A cloud telephony system offers the much-required boost for Indian startups. The booming start-up culture of India has evolved in tandem with its growth. Leading service providers now offer affordable and customizable pricing for a complete suite of cloud telephony, which have the potential not just to enhance one’s sales but also provide quality customer service. Most successful founders today, understand its importance. They have realized that new businesses can evolve immensely using cloud telephony technology.

In this article, we shall discuss a few pointers, or rather, a few business-enhancing features of cloud based telephony solutions, which have helped the Indian start-up economy to reach greater heights.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony Technology

  •  24×7 Universal Access

Round the clock availability of cloud telephony solutions is a great advantage to businesses. It reduces the dependency and load on work staff, thus reducing the overall expenditure. Cloud telephony technology also helps in automating a sizable chunk of customer contact-point structure with self-help or self-serve tools offered via IVR. With the help of cloud technology businesses can also employ individuals working remotely, who can operate at anytime from anywhere on the planet with any device as long as it has internet connection. Cloud telephony systems have also enabled universal access of customer data along with availability of business files and ready to use applications without the need of bulky infrastructure. This way Indian start-ups with limited resources and staff members could still cater to a wide customer base and deliver exceptional customer service even during their non-working hours.

  • Unbound Personalization

Businesses can now offer customer service in regional languages using cloud telephony solutions. With India being home to thousands of languages and dialects such personalization goes a long way in establishing a strong customer relationship. In addition, it allows businesses to project a more credible and professional image. Cloud telephony products like IVR, SMS marketing and voice broadcast when used for marketing can be customized as per the customers’ demographic. This helps in generating better leads and expanding the reach of the company. Thus businesses can use cloud telephony technology to out perform competitors with ease.

  • Economical and Flexible

Cloud telephony solutions, unlike traditional telephony systems do not call for tremendous expenditure. Businesses can optimize expenses by reducing expenditure on infrastructure, landlines, servers, office space and more. In addition, start-ups can design and customize their voice flows, complementing their unique business operations. This enables businesses to engage with customers in an easier yet purposeful manner, leading to better customer experience and engagement.

  • Scalability

Cloud telecommunication systems lets businesses grow without hindrance. Ready-to-go scalability is one of the prime benefits of this technology. Scaling up (or down) the telephony infrastructure becomes extremely easy with cloud telephony technology. Only a few clicks and your service providers can customize your operations as per the demand of the customers. With traditional telephony systems, this scenario usually necessitates substantial additional expenditures and quite a lot of business downtime, which may lead to loss of potential business and leads.

  • Security

Cloud telephony services offer robust anti-breach measures.  In case of traditional on premise solutions, businesses themselves need to ensure the safety of consumer and business data and therefore need to employ a dedicated team of software engineers resulting in added expenditure. In case of cloud telephony solutions, the onus of data security is with the service providers, who not only have a dedicated team but also implement frequent updates for countering both offline and online security measures. In addition, the data is backed-up at remote servers to ensure seamless data recovery. Considering the importance and sensitivity of user data it is vital to protect the same from any breach.


Cloud telephony has the potential to lead several new and upcoming businesses to their goals. Above are only a few of the many business-enhancing features of this technology. To flourish in competitive markets emerging businesses need to interact with their customers in a more meaningful and personal manner and cloud telephony solutions help them to gain the trust of their customers and strive for their loyalty, which is a key factor for business success. The cloud telephony technology can also be used for branding a business.

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