The Joint Evolution of Indian Start-Ups & Cloud Telephony

The-Joint-Evolution-of-Indian-Start-Ups- Cloud-Telephony

Ever since Google got involved in the Cloud and Cloud hosting services, at affordable prices for startups back in 2008, a trend emerged which saw more and more startups going for cost-effective cloud services and even offering inexpensive cloud-hosted services such as cloud telephony services and solutions to SMBs and SMEs. On the other hand, the booming start-up environment of India has also evolved in tandem with the growth of Cloud telephony solutions and services.

Before the tech giant, Google jumped into the fray, there were many reputed cloud telephony service providers, but none were offering feasible, practical, and cost-effective cloud telephony services for start-ups and SMBs. But after Google’s entry into cloud based services industry, the adoption rates for cloud based telephony solutions increased drastically. This has enabled the thriving start-up industry of India to also evolve on a drastic level with the help of cloud hosted telephony services and solutions.
In this article, we shall discuss a few pointers, or rather, a few business enhancing features of Cloud based telephony solutions which has helped the Indian start-up economy to reach greater heights.

Multi language support

India is a land of multiple languages and dialects. Cloud based voice telephony systems offer businesses the ability to deliver swift customer service to different locations all over India, in several native languages. This enabled Indian start-ups to deliver exceptional customer service, by acknowledging and resolving customer issues in their native language or with the language they are most comfortable with. In a way, cloud hosted VoIP services and solutions and IVR solutions made it easier for Indian start-ups to interact with their customers from all over India and project a more credible and professional image with the multi-language support of Cloud telephony services and solutions.

24×7 Availability

Industry experts consider the 24×7 availability of Cloud telephony solutions and services as the best business enhancing feature. This eliminates the need to employ customer care representatives all-round the clock and provides subscribing businesses many other alternatives to self-serve or self-resolve their issues using strategic IVRs and other Cloud telephony features. This way Indian start-ups with limited resources and staff members could still cater to a wide customer base and deliver exceptional customer service even during their non-working hours. Features like voicemail, which lets calling customers to leave a voice recording, is delivered to the business representative when they come back to the office and initiate a call back to the callers, along with e-mail notifications for support also enables such start-ups and established businesses , to cater to their calling customers as soon as possible.


Start-ups typically initiate their journey with very few resources and personnel. But as they gain more traction, they need to scale up and bring onboard additional personnel and resources to meet their market demand. With traditional telephony systems, this scenario usually necessitates substantial additional expenditures and quite a lot of business downtime. But with Cloud telephony solutions, scaling up or down is a matter of minutes, typically involving a few mouse clicks or a quick phone call to the cloud telephony service provider. Apart from that, voice-based cloud solutions offer subscribing businesses with real-time data analytics and several other utilities which makes it easier for them to monitor and roll out informed decisions to improve productivity and business revenue.


With the help of modern cloud telephony services, Indian start-ups have been able to create for themselves, customized voice flows, which perfectly complements their unique individual business operations. This enables them to engage with their customer in an easier yet much more purposeful manner, leading to better customer engagement and experience.


Cloud hosted telephony services, being completely digitized poses a great threat to data security and is also considered to be its Achilles’s heel. However, cloud telephony service providers go to great lengths to make sure that they provide their clients with the latest and greatest in digital data security.

So, these are only but a few of the many business enhancing features of Cloud telephony solutions, which have helped Indian start-ups to gain a stronger foothold on the Indian market and grow along with the popularity of cloud telephony solutions itself. By enabling such emerging businesses to interact with their customers in a more meaningful and personal manner, Cloud telephony solutions help them to gain the trust of their customers, which is a key factor for business success.

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Hi Akash!
Really nice perspective you got there regarding the joint evolution of cloud telephony & Indian Start-Ups.


I totally agree with all your points Akash. I would also wish to add a point that with the evolution of cloud telephony solutions the firms can also get real-time information about their customers which would be really helpful for budding businesses.

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