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How IVR Can Empower Business Marketing

How IVR Can Empower Business Marketing

Marketing is a vital business operation that drives growth and revenues for an organisation. Being innovative with your marketing strategies is the key to success because you definitely need to stand apart in the hyper-competitive market.

At the same time, having a fabulous mix of marketing techniques can take you ahead as buyers appreciate businesses that go the extra mile.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that organizations are willing to invest great effort in this operation these days.

They are getting smart with their marketing strategies, with the adoption of tactics like call marketing for better reach and direct connectivity with the existing and potential customers.

Primarily, the way you connect with the customers can make all the difference to the success of your strategy. If your outreach process is largely based on calling, you cannot ignore the importance of IVR (interactive voice response) solutions.

Essentially a calling feature used to connect with the customers, engage them and generate awareness about your products and services, and offer them seamless support, IVR system has a much greater potential in the marketing landscape.

Collaborating with an IVR service provider for a solution to empower your business call marketing, therefore, maybe the best decision for your business.

Let us see how!

How IVR can be Leveraged to Personalise Business Marketing?

Even before understanding the ways in which IVR system can make your business marketing more effective, there is a need to comprehend the concept of personalization.

How impactful do you think random emails and SMS are for winning the customers?

Do you think browser notifications and sponsored ads can do the trick?

High time that you recognize the value of personalization in marketing! Unless you connect with the customers in a more personalized manner, you cannot convince them to choose you over the competing brands.

The best way to connect personally with the customers is by calling them. But when it comes to marketing through calls, you cannot expect to dial random numbers and connect with people for pitching your products manually.

Considering the wide markets in each industry, this would be practically impossible. The Implementation of IVR solutions opens the opportunity of the new-age, personalized on-call business marketing, making it an incredible choice for businesses.

Here are a few ways you can leverage this amazing solution to give your marketing plan a winning advantage.

Entice Them with Free

Who doesn’t love anything that comes free, even if it is just a toll-free number!

This concept has been around for years but prospective customers still love the convenience and economy it offers. Besides having a greater number of people connecting with you, a toll-free number is beneficial from the marketing perspective as it adds credibility to your brand image.

Just advertising a toll-free IVR number in your brand advertising makes it all the more compelling for the target audience. Rather than considering it as an unnecessary expenditure, you should see it as a smart business investment.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Another smart way in which you can use IVR number to enhance your business marketing is by providing the potential customers a missed-call option with this feature.

All they need to do is just give a missed call on this number and they can have your representatives connecting back to them. This is an opportunity to grow your lead database manifold so that you have a greater number of prospects lined up for your sales team.

Furthermore, this 10-digit number can do wonders for increasing customer engagement as well. Plus, it keeps you in the race as everyone else is probably doing it as a part of their advertising plan.

Be More Proactive with Outbound

Toll-free numbers and missed calls rely totally on inbound calling, which is something that you cannot control.

After all, you cannot expect each of your target customers to call you up. There may be the ones who are interested enough to sign up on your website but still may not call you.

The best thing to do is to go ahead and connect with them directly. In this context, outbound calling is a more proactive approach that makes it a wise addition for your marketing strategy.

Here again, you can use IVR system to record a voice message and convey it to the prospects through outbound calls.

Get Customer Feedback

Another intelligent application of IVR service is in the form of on-call surveys.

Customer feedback is valuable for any business these days but gathering genuine feedback is a challenge. Emails and SMS-based feedbacks may not be the smartest approach because respondents are seldom willing to share their views.

Maybe, they are pressed for time and not able to provide textual feedback.

On the other hand, something as simple as having to press a button on their phone for answering your questions sounds much easier. Advertising your IVR number with catchy offers for filling the survey is a great idea to gather feedback on your products.

You can even feed some questions in the IVR menu and try using them in outbound calls to make the process more proactive.

Invest in Market Research

Besides gathering product feedback from your customers, you can leverage IVR surveys to conduct extensive market research.

These automated surveys can help you in knowing the customer demographics and decoding their purchasing habits, preferences, and needs.

Market research is vital for any business because it lets you understand the current customers as well as discover the potential ones and unlock the new avenues for growth as well.

Accordingly, you can come up with rich insights for long-term planning. IVR surveying for market research is far more cost-effective and time-effective as compared tousing a team of surveyors for the purpose.

Let them Remember You

If your business sells products or services which require renewals or reordering, you can leverage IVR number for automating the reorder process.

This can be done with an outbound IVR reminder service that asks customers about the product or service that they need to reorder, the quantity of the order and the day they require it.

Are you Geared Up?

Over the years, businesses have changed their approach towards marketing and the use of technology has become more commonplace than ever.

IVR service, in particular, is gaining widespread acceptance as a key tool in business marketing.

Businesses that fail to adopt it and use it beyond the conventional customer support functions will probably lose the race. So the best approach would be to get ready and gear up for taking your business marketing on the growth route with IVR.

If you have not already embraced this technology, you should better connect with a reputed IVR service provider such as Servetel sooner rather than later. This decision will definitely open up new business marketing opportunities for your organisation in the future. Call us at 1800-120-4132 now.