Why Businesses Should Go for Virtual Numbers

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In today’s era, every budding entrepreneur or businessperson is focused on their business’ digital presence. After their product gets into shape, the next important milestone is to get the website in place. But one major mistake business owners do in this rush of jumping into the market is not planning their communication cycle. And as a result, they end up adding their personal phone number over the website.

The short-sighted approach followed by a business owner affects the business. It becomes difficult for a single person to handle the large volume of arriving calls. This leads to many calls getting missed, and business ends up losing a large number of customers in the initial phase itself.

Companies need to plan their communication well in advance. To avoid any such chaos and losses, a business can opt for a toll-free or virtual number depending upon your business requirement and financial constraints.

However, the major and deciding difference between the two is – cost. In toll-free number, the expense of every incoming call is paid by the business itself. Whereas, in virtual number, the expense gets shared by business as well as the caller.

Moreover, virtual number caller ID reflects a local identity of the business as these landline numbers have different codes for every state. On the other hand, toll-free caller ID reflects a national identity as the number remains same nationally, irrespective of the caller’s state.

Though both types of numbers have pros and cons, “cost” being the differentiating factor has made virtual number the preferred choice of startups and enterprise owners.  Apart from relieving the business from a financial burden, virtual numbers also give business communication a professional touch with added features such as auto-receptionist, IVR and others. Below let’s understand in detail about virtual numbers and its features which makes it a profitable option for businesses.

What are Virtual Numbers?

Virtual numbers, also called Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers, are telephone numbers which are not linked with telephone lines. As the name “virtual” suggests, virtual numbers do not have a physical existence, i.e., they are not connected with any telephone line or server. These numbers simply forward all the arriving calls to a separate telephone number mapped against it. Therefore, these numbers always need a forwarding landline/mobile number to route their incoming calls.

Why Businesses Need Virtual Number?

Businesses can use a virtual number as their business phone number.  Using the call forwarding, all the incoming calls can be redirected to different numbers without letting the customer know. This helps to protect the identity of the number to which the call gets forwarded. Moreover, it eases up the communication process for the business as now they can maintain a separate number for all kind of business communication without having to compromise their privacy.

Apart from receiving and making calls, virtual number offers many other valuable features to business. Below are five such offerings of virtual numbers which makes it one of the best business communication solutions, especially for small business and industries.

1.  Maintain Separate Personal & Professional Phone Number

Purchasing a virtual number lets you use two separate phone numbers on a single device. This is particularly needed when a person is running a small business and wants to maintain separate numbers for professional and personal use. While placing or receiving a call with a virtual phone number, the person on the other end of the call only sees your business caller ID, i.e., the caller ID mapped with your virtual number. Although, at the backend, every call your virtual number receives, or dials is routed to your personal number.

2.  Local Presence

Having a virtual business phone number with the area code of the customer’s state helps you foster trust into the customers. A customer is more likely to respond to calls with a local caller ID in comparison to calls from outside the city/state.

Moreover, if you plan to expand your business in different states, you can buy many virtual numbers with different state codes. You can directly forward the calls to your personal number to answer the incoming calls on these virtual numbers. This strategy easily helps a brand to spread their presence in different states without setting up an office in every location.

3.  Added Features

If you are buying a virtual number from a service provider like Servetel, then, along with a number you get many additional features. Servetel gives you the flexibility to record all the conversations automatically. Moreover, we also provide you with a call monitoring dashboard where you can get access to all incoming and outgoing calls.

Further, to provide your business communication with a professional touch, you can also opt for an auto-receptionist feature. This feature answers all your incoming calls automatically with a pre-recorded welcome message. In addition to the auto-receptionist feature, businesses can also integrate their virtual number with an IVR to handle all the calls more intelligently.

4.  Cost-efficiency

With so many added-features, buying virtual numbers yields much more returns in comparison to the invested cost. A business does not need to pay an extra amount for these features. They can leverage all the features without having to worry about the cost.

Also, it saves business the cost of buying a separate telephone system & hardware for every city it plans to expand. Many service providers also offer a flexible billing system where a business can opt for a yearly/monthly plan or can opt for ‘pay-as-you-use’ model.

5.  Remote Working

Remote working flexibility provided by virtual number is a boon for businesses that are small in size and do not want to opt for a dedicated customer service department. With the call forwarding feature of virtual number, business owners get the flexibility to remain connected with their customers over phone without demanding them to be present at the desk all the time. This provides great convenience to the business owners, as they manage multiple aspects of their business at the same time, without having to sacrifice the efficiency of their business process.

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