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Amplify Your Conversion Rates with Click to Call Solutions

Amplify Your Conversion Rates with Click-to-Call Solutions

As smartphones take over our daily lives, we also notice an upward trend in customers calling up businesses before making any purchases. Marketers realise this and, therefore, plan their advertisements accordingly.

However, if your visitors are unable to click on the ads and connect instantly, all advertising and marketing efforts go in vain.

This is where call-to-action buttons play an important role. In an era where a task as simple as cleaning your house depends on the social media presence of cleaning services, these buttons are crucial.

Without those clicks, your business won’t be able to get subscribers, orders or an audience for your live events. Essentially, these clicks are the gateway to magnifying your revenue.

It doesn’t stop here though. To further smoothen the caller experience, businesses are now trying to simplify even the most basic of functions—making a call.

It is a good practice to make consumers self-sufficient by providing all-inclusive resources and support in your website itself. But that doesn’t diminish the need for a powerful calling solution like a click-to-call tool.

So, What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-call is a functionality of cloud solutions. It enables callers to connect with businesses without actually having to dial them up. This solution can be implemented in the form of CTA buttons as well as call widgets.

The device used to make the call often pulls up information from a database and dials the number. Yes, these are the same buttons that appear in your search results more often than not.

For example, if you search for a bookstore near you, you get a list of various stores with buttons that signify: dial, ‘directions’, and more. These dial buttons are all using click to call solutions for fast dialling.

Rings a bell, right? I am sure you already have used click to call services via search engines. However, click-to-call would differ based on the device you are using. For example, if you’re using your smartphone, click-to-call allows you to connect with the agent directly. But if you’re browsing on a laptop, the same solution will let you save your contact details and an agent will then reach out to you.

So, Why is Everyone Talking About it Now?

Click to Call Service

Firstly, because it is a convenient and easy tool for customers who are trying to reach your business––it works with almost all devices commonly used by them.

Let’s look at some figures to understand more about click to call solutions.

1. Customers are Still Calling

According to a study by Google, 61% of customers prefer to call a business even if online resources and knowledge bases are available.

2. Mobile Searches Lure Buyers to Call

Another study by Google found that customers who use search engines on their mobile phones end up calling the business. Approximately, 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly using click-to-call buttons.

3. People Get Frustrated When They Can’t Reach You

When people require information pertaining to your brand, they’ll look for the fastest medium to reach you. In fact, 47% of consumers say that they are likely to explore other businesses if they don’t see a phone number during their mobile search.

4. Customers Often Make A Call With the Intent to Purchase

Consumers often have purchasing intentions while searching for your business online. Data suggests, 31% of customers who call during mobile searches are looking to purchase from your business.

5. Phone Calls Are An Important Part of Purchase Decisions

It’s been found that 61% of customers find it extremely important to be able to get in touch with a business during their decision-making phase.

Click-to-call is a powerful technique that minimises customer effort, reducing friction between companies and potential leads. It helps you simplify the customer engagement process.

Instead of memorising a long and complex phone number, clients can simply tap a button to initiate a call. The call then gets transferred to the most relevant agent which results in quick query resolution.

Cloud telephony service providers like Servetel also provide advanced features with the service, including call tracking and recording, auto-notification SMSes, and much more. You can also enhance data tracking by allotting different numbers to each campaign and generating reports separately.

With appropriate metrics in consideration, agents can tweak and refine their sales-pitch, and deliver better service.

The benefits don’t end here. Given below are some advantages that business leaders can make the most of by opting for click to call solutions.

a) Better Conversion Rates

Users who call your business via click-to-call buttons and mobile searches are, most likely, giving you the buying signal.

These clients are ready-to-buy leads and are simply checking if your offerings fit their business needs precisely. Capture them immediately to increase conversion rates and customer delight.

b) More Calls

Did you know that 90% of mobile searches lead to phone calls? You can capture more leads by implementing strong call-to-action strategies—click-to-call being one of them.

You need to adapt to changing times and be present where your customers. In the smartphone era, that’s where you’ll find them––on their phones. So, be sure to establish your readiness to connect on the popular mediums at all times.

c) Adapt to the Industry Needs

Designing an effective click-to-call strategy would also include knowing your audience in and out, and understanding their buying patterns.

88% of consumers searching for a local business end up connecting with one within 24 hours. Faced with such a short time window, you need to be fully equipped with all the tools and techniques that improve client servicing.

d) Enhance User Experience

Majority customers expect a consistent service experience each time they contact your business—whether it is across devices or various mediums.

Having solutions like click-to-call in place ensures your clients receive the same level of service every time they contact you, effortlessly and quickly. Minimising their effort and smoothening the customer experience journey leads to better brand image and, hence, happier customers.

Applications of Click to Call

Click-to-call functionality aids the gap between a missed opportunity and a happy customer. So, how can you set your business up to make the most out of this solution?

Fortunately, implementing a click to call solution isn’t difficult. Here’s what you can do:

Click-to-Call Links

Simply convert written phone numbers into links which can be clicked by the visitors. Of course, it’s essential to test these links before they go live—placed, usually, on the sidebar or header of the webpage for clear visibility.

You can allow c2c functionality for these links even with minimal coding knowledge. If you have a developer at your end, they will be able to get the job done in just a few minutes.

Click-to-Call Buttons

You can use a smartphone or a calling icon to link the click-to-call solution to your phone number. This is a more visually appealing alternative to the usual digits that customers encounter everywhere.

Not only are buttons much more eye-catching than digits, they’re also easier to click on a smaller screen––making them perfect for users who prefer to use smartphones over tablets or laptops.

Click-to-Call for Adverts

If your business depends on Google AdWords, you can add a click-to-call button to your ads to make them more effective. These ads will then aid quick calling to the most relevant agent.

Regular ad viewers prefer these types of buttons as they offer an easy way to reach out to businesses. Visitors need not take note of the required number as they can tap and dial easily.

They also add up to the design of your ad as a clear call action. Not to forget—they’re great for design, offer clarity and enhance your branding.

Click to Call Solution

Final Words

Even in the era of seamless website experience, your calling experience matters hugely. In fact, some may argue—now more than ever.

Yet, most businesses still neglect even the simplest of things like giving multiple channels to customers to reach out to them. Click to call solutions aid seamless flow of communication.

Take the leap now and upgrade to click to call solutions powered by cloud telephony to make the most of your customer interactions.

You can reach our experts at 1800-120-4132 and we’ll get you started with dedicated support.