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Understanding Parallel Ringing: Definition, Benefits And Working

As the name suggests, parallel ringing or simultaneous ringing enables business call centres to automatically redirect incoming calls to all contact centre agents. In simpler terms, it sends calls to every available agent and has the fastest one answer.

Essentially, parallel ringing allows brands to respond to their customers and prospective callers at a much faster rate than usual.

This improves customer experience to a vast extent and is especially advantageous for businesses that do not have huge customer service teams to manage their communications.

In fact, the parallel ringing feature offers increased operational efficiency to businesses of all sizes and scales. It also boosts employee productivity and reduces stress by equally delegating calls among the team members.


Top 5 benefits of parallel ringing 

1. Never miss calls

Every business, regardless of its size or domain, never wants to miss a customer’s call. However, with increased traffic and workload, your agents may lose out on some potential or existing customers.

The good news?

Parallel ringing can help you take care of the issue. And, you can retain existing customers and convert leads into clients.

More importantly, businesses that rely on lead conversions via phone conversations can control all potential incoming leads and take customer service delivery to the next level.

2. Don’t put customers on hold 

Did you know, according to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report, at least 61% of customers don’t do business after one poor service experience?

Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever for organisations to ensure that they have appropriate technology solutions for their customers.

Parallel ringing enables you to build lasting connections by proactively ringing all agents at the same time. You can also schedule call routing according to agents skills and work hours of different agents and leave no customer queries unresolved.

3. Enhance customer experience 

An important aspect of customer communication and customer support is to ensure call centre agents are always available. After all, customer queries can crop up at any time of the day—or even night, for that matter.

Moreover, a large chunk of customers seek issue resolution over call. Parallel ringing can help customers get in touch with agents seamlessly, no matter the hour.

4. Respond within seconds 

Not receiving a response at all when a customer tries to contact a business during rush hours is a frightening but possible reality. It is bound to make them think you don’t value their time and they will simply move on to another brand.

Therefore, it is essential to offer seamless and quick assistance to all your customers. It will help you retain the existing clientele and stand out against the competition.

Parallel ringing can help you respond within seconds, making your customers feel important. It automatically delegates calls to the numbers arranged ahead of time, allowing you to serve your customers without having to think twice.

5. Simplify communication 

In addition to reduced waiting times, parallel ringing simplifies communication for your agents and customers. It enables you to divide calls among different departments and reduce agent workload.

Equal distribution of tasks will promote a feeling of equality among your team members, ultimately enhancing job satisfaction.

Furthermore, it ensures all customer calls are catered to in the most immediate and orderly fashion without interruption or service issues.

Wrap up 

Businesses, irrespective of their size, scale and domain, can use parallel ringing to strengthen customer support teams and build a healthier work environment for their workforce.

In fact, brands that rely heavily on call communication for lead conversions can significantly benefit from this feature.

Sectors where parallel ringing can be a game-changer include emergency service agencies like fire stations, ambulance services, hospitals, etc.

They can use parallel ringing to guarantee quick response times and faster access to resolution.

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