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Toll-free Number: More Than Just a Phone Number

toll free number services

Gone are the days, when large telephone directories were maintained and updated manually. In 2019, every aspect of communication has become far more effective, automated and engaging. Technology, such as cloud telephony, has revolutionised the methods of traditional communication in unprecedented ways.

Conventionally, business telephone systems worked on the foundation of on-premise Private Branch Exchange, also known as on-premise PBX. It refers to a private telephone network used by a company to communicate within and outside the organisation.

In on-premise PBX systems, the telephony setup was installed within the organisation. However, with the advent of cloud telephony, the PBX systems started getting hosted on the distant cluster of servers known as the cloud.

Cloud telephony, as the name suggests, pertains to telephony services such as phone numbers, call management services and more. The use of toll-free numbers is one such interesting application of cloud telephony which has been used by businesses for many years and is only set to ascend in the upcoming years.

In India, toll free number service is widely used because despite SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook advertisements, customers still prefer communicating over calls than any other medium.  In fact, according to a Microsoft survey, a good 74% of customers still use phones to call customer service.

Not only that, offers and deals are best communicated to a customer through calls. Human voice is always appealing and engaging than a non-personal and straightforward communication platform like SMS.

So, toll-free numbers are in it for the long run!

Building National Presence

A toll-free number is a special phone number for which the caller bears no cost. Instead, the number owner bears the cost of every incoming call.

While local numbers help businesses and other service sectors build a rapport with customers locally, toll-free numbers take this rapport to a national platform. It enables businesses across a broad spectrum to break restricted boundaries and garner national presence.

Toll-free number increases brand image and recall due to its easy to remember phone number patterns. These patterns are highly likely to stay at the back of a customer’s mind.  This is why, customers are more likely to recall a toll-free number easily than any local phone number.

Also, a business can use the same toll-free number for any of its operating locations while expanding or relocating. This ease widens the brand presence nationally as customers from anywhere across the country can approach the business free of cost.

Several studies have also concluded that customers find 1800 numbers more credible in comparison to local phone numbers. They seek a direct correlation with credible quality services.

Attracting Quality Leads

As mentioned above, we know that toll-free numbers are easy to remember and use. Moreover, a business can use the same number for all its business location, that means a business doesn’t have to purchase and maintain separate numbers for different operating locations.

This communication ease helps a business attract a large number of quality leads. A company only needs to publicise the numbers on the right marketing platform such as banners, website, social media, etc., to attract the audience.

How to Get a Toll Free Number?

Toll-free number services in India can be availed from cloud telephony companies like Servetel. A business can straightforward call the telephony provider and state their communication requirements.

Cloud telephony providers like Servetel offer a wide and premium range of toll-free numbers to the companies for a variety of needs. These include,

  1. Simple toll-free numbers such as 1800-103-6989
  2. Repetitive and easy to remember patterns such as 1800-11-3333
  3. Vanity Numbers such as 1-800-Flowers

Before starting with the services, you should assess the quality of the service offered by service providers. You can start with a free trial or demo account. It gives you a brief about the quality of the services. Also, through free demos, you can test the add-on services such as call recording, routing and analytics, offered by a toll-free provider.

Toll-Free Solution – A Holistic Solution for Communication Needs

Task of operating a toll-free number has become complex. Just buying a toll-free number is not sufficient any more. A lot of technical aspects, such as tracking, recording, and analysis, comes into play in the operation of toll-free number.

Call Management Solutions

Offering toll-free number is not enough. Due to which toll-free service providers are now offering a holistic toll-free solution to ensure customers are handled seamlessly. This solution makes answering to a large customer base easier. Additionally, agents can also access customer information, automate call recording and track ongoing calls in real-time.

This service is fruitful for businesses as they help to train agents and monitor their performance. It also eases the communication process through round the clock availability of agents so that matters are resolved without a lag.


Solutions such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be integrated into the toll-free services to automated customer handling. Not only does IVR handle large volume seamlessly, but it also segments incoming calls and routes them to appropriate agents.

Click to Call

Another solution is the click to call option. The time taken for a potential customer to convert is critical. But this can be handled easily through a click widget which comes with an option to call without dialling the number. This option can be integrated with Customer Relationship Managing (CRM) tools to directly initiate the call from while using the tool.

You can also use the click to call options to offer instant callbacks. To do this, deploy a click to call widget on your website. This widget prompts the customer to provide their contact number to receive a callback.

Once the callback request gets submitted, click to call widget automatically initiates a call to the company agent. As soon as the agent answers the call, a second is sent to the customer, and both calls get patched.

Rising Demand of Toll-free Services

Having discussed in-depth about the many aspects of toll-free number solutions and their use cases, one cannot do away with their presence, especially in a fast-paced developing country like India.

Research has shown that improving the customer journey can increase revenues by approximately 10 to 15%.  Toll-free service is a nationally dominated phenomenon, right from political parties, healthcare and banking firms; every industry is using toll-free services to reach out people.

This solution safeguards the privacy of customers while ensuring that the companies have all the relevant information. This is thus a win-win situation for both customers and companies.

Without a shadow of a doubt, a simple toll-free service can work in favour of enterprises to plug in the many social, political, economic and geographic loopholes prevailing in the country. With cut-throat competition in the market, cloud telephony services provided by Servetel still stands out to provide a host of professionally automated services.

Summing it Up

The long and short of the story is simple. It all boils down to a fundamental marketing concept that the customer is the king. To be in your customers’ good books, it is imperative to make user communication hassle-free and convenient. Greater the sophistication of services, higher is the customer satisfaction. And with toll-free solution, companies are assured to deliver a rich and holistic customer experience that not only caters to customers but also eases the communication hassle for the business.

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