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18 Ways Toll Free Numbers Enhance Your Customer Support


Customers want answers.


Right now.

But, what if you don’t have provisions to answer their questions promptly?

They will move on to the next company they find on Google.

We live in a world where accessibility is no longer a concern. We don’t have to wait and don’t want to.

Consumers, too, can get whatever they want at the snap of a finger, any time of the day.

Put simply, you need to offer your products and services instantly

Doing so makes you stand out in the crowd and helps you build customer loyalty and retention.

The million-dollar question is: How do you remain available for your clientele 24×7 x 365?

Simple—add a toll free number to your communication suite.

Toll free numbers are an indispensable asset that helps you deliver round-the-clock service, improve your client retention and grow your business over time. These numbers allow callers to reach your business at no cost.

Additionally, they come with an array of advanced features that provide comprehensive insights for better decision-making. Call recording, call monitoring, and real-time analytics are just a few of these.

Here are the 18 other benefits of 1800 numbers that can give your business a competitive edge and take your customer support to the next level.

1. Strengthens your brand image

Imagine being able to call a free 24×7 helpline number for instant query resolution irrespective of your location. Convenient, right?

Well, you can offer the same level of convenience to your customers via a toll free number service. Your clients will feel valued and trust your business. Not only does this drive customer loyalty, but it will also help you perform better on the bottom line.

2. Easier to remember

One strong suit of toll free numbers is that they are unique and easy to remember.

They usually begin with prefixes such as 1800, 800, 888, making them stand out from other numbers and, thus, simpler to learn.

Furthermore, toll free numbers are broken into smaller chunks of numbers (1800-165-6482), making them more memorable. And the easier it is for your customers to reach you, the likelier they are to stay connected with you.

3. Simplifies calling experience

These numbers make all your departments easily accessible for your callers. They needn’t remember different telephone numbers; all they have to do is call your toll free number and they’ll be routed to the appropriate department in a jiffy.

Your agents can then help inbound callers with their pre-purchase inquiries to after-sales questions, and everything in between.

4. Cost-effective

Unlike local mobile or landline numbers, toll free numbers are easy to set up and affordable for businesses of all scales.

You do not require expensive equipment, and there are no hefty maintenance costs involved. Even SMBs can deploy it without second thoughts. Moreover, leading service providers, like Servetel, offer pay-as-you-go plans, so you pay only for the resources you need.

5. Better customer retention

Better services translate to better customer retention. Therefore, offering excellent service to existing customers and new callers is paramount.

According to a study, nearly three out of five consumers report good customer service is the key to establishing and maintaining loyalty towards a brand.

A toll-free number helps to deliver hassle-free support without geographical or time limitations, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

6. Portable

Relocating your business? Don’t worry; you won’t lose out on customers!

Like all other cloud solutions, toll free numbers don’t require bulky hardware and are portable. So, if you wish to relocate, you can do so easily without disrupting your customer link and save up on the cost and effort of setting up a new communication system.

In simple words, once you purchase an 1800 number, it’s yours. You can use the same number throughout the country, no matter how many providers you change.

 7. Personalised CX

Personalisation is essential to deliver engaging customer experiences. After all, in a world where everyone offers similar products and services, the experience you offer will set you apart.

When integrated with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, a toll-free number lets you tailor caller experience and deliver relevant information each time they call.

So, if you wish, you can record a warm and personalised greeting message to welcome your callers or record information to update them about your ongoing offers and promotions.

8. Manage bulk calls

The number of unattended calls? Zero.

The number of queries resolved? All.

A toll free number service enables you to handle a large volume of incoming calls without missing any.  Whenever there is a surge in incoming calls due to high demand, it automatically allocates them to idle agents, effectively distributing employee workload.

9. Creates recall value

Leaving an impact on a consumer’s mind is essential in the long run. With specially designed vanity numbers, you can successfully build a recall value for your business.

These numbers are lent your brand a unique identity and take the memorability of your contact details a notch higher. For instance, 1 (800)-FLO-WERS or 1800-350-9377 can be a vanity toll free number for a flower shop.

10. Credible

Toll free numbers add a professional touch to your customer service. They enhance brand value and paint a favourable image in the minds of consumers.

Providing round-the-clock service at no charge gives off the impression that your business is mindful of its customers’ experiences. You could be a start-up working from a garage with a toll-free number service, offering enterprise-level customer service.

11. Scalable

These numbers come with highly scalable plans, so you need not worry about peak seasons or even peak hours of the day when your business is growing. The service provider will scale your system as per your requirements.

In simpler terms, you can customise your plan according to changing business needs.

12. Empowered customer support team

The toll free number service is a feature-rich solution. It gives you access to various tools that help you manage, monitor, and increase employee productivity.

These features enable you to train your team for enhanced efficiency and the delivery of better customer services, ultimately boosting your reputation in the long run.

13. Customer insights

By integrating your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with a toll free number, you can gain access to valuable customer insights such as the number of calls received, location of the caller, call recordings, and much more.

These insights facilitate better business decisions and assist in the identification of new opportunities and areas of improvement.

14. Marketing endeavours 

Promoting your toll free numbers on various marketing platforms can maximise your reach. So, you can promote toll free number on the web, billboards, newspapers, and the likes. And then you can leverage analytics to identify which platforms work best for your business.

You can also use the click-to-call feature and directly link your toll free numbers with call extensions. This makes it convenient for people to reach out to you and acts as an effective tool for spreading brand awareness.

15. Automated services

One of the most popular advantages of toll free numbers is that they eliminate manual effort.

So, you can use the IVR to allow customers to surf through self-service options and choose the desired resolution. Furthermore, the tool can route callers to the relevant department, negating long wait times.

16. Feedback

Toll free numbers offer a range of services that help you better understand your customers’ needs. Feedback is one way to do so.

These numbers, integrated with an IVR, aid in feedback collection, grievance redressal and identification of bottlenecks.

Moreover, this method of collecting feedback ensures customer satisfaction at a deeper level, as every individual query gets personal attention from your team.

 17. Enhanced employee proficiency

A virtual receptionist in your call centre can direct customers to the most appropriate agents efficiently. This reduces the idle time between calls. Moreover, your team has access to caller information, which ensures smoother conversations.

You can also record calls to track the performance of your customer service team and help them become better each day.

18. Cloud advantage

Lastly, as toll free numbers are cloud-powered solutions, they provide optimum uptime and robust infrastructure required to deliver a better customer experience.

Using the extensive features of cloud telephony systems, you can increase customer satisfaction, understand their buying patterns and cater to their growing needs.

To wrap up

Opting for a communication solution as simple as a toll free number is the best thing you can do for your business.

You can strengthen your brand’s image, foster long-term customer relationships, enhance your team’s productivity, and redefine the experience you deliver without burning a hole in your pocket.

It is indeed a clear win-win for you and your customers.

All you need is a reliable service provider, and voila! You can handle multiple calls in a go!

Contact us today at 1800-120-4132 for more information.


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