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A Roadmap for Success: Improving Call Center Agent Skills [Infographic]

A Roadmap for Success: Improving Call Center Agent Skills

Without any doubt, Customer Experience (CX) is the mainstay of success of any business in the current competitive landscape. And when it comes to delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction at support and service levels, an advanced cloud-based call management solution becomes a primary requirement. However, everything in the end boils down to the skills and expertise of your call center agents. If they are able to satisfy your callers, they will definitely keep coming back and be loyal to your business as well. Apart from knowledge, training, experience, there are some specialized skills that your agents need to have for delivering the best possible CX.

Know about these skills with the help of the infograhic below.

Call center agents skills infograhic

Communication skills

Callers expect agents to answer questions, resolve concerns and troubleshoot their issues, which is only possible if the latter are great at communicating. Even the best call management solutions may not deliver satisfaction to the callers unless your representatives have strong communication skills that make them capable of interacting well and addressing the concerns of the customers effectively.

Ability to learn

Apart from strong communication skills, your agents should have excellent learning skills as well. Since cloud solutions rely on technology, users should be able to embrace and learn them quickly and effortlessly. The agents who lack good learning skills will not be able to understand call center operations, which can have a negative impact on their overall performance.

Attention to detail

Another skill that call center agents must absolutely have is attention to detail. A large number of callers will be connecting with similar queries but a representative should not just assume that they are all the same. Rather, attention to detail can make all the difference when it comes to delivering superior customer experience. Consider using the call recording feature to train the support staff for paying attention to details in caller queries.

Good organizational abilities

Good organization is another vital skill that your support representatives must have, considering the number of tasks they may have to juggle simultaneously. From call queue management to conversing with the customers, updating the CRM and accessing a knowledge base, there are multiple tasks involved in a day’s work. And they will be able to manage them all together only with strong organizational abilities.

Flexible approach

Apart from handling dozens of calls every day, call center agents also have to interact with people with challenging personalities. Flexibility is a trait they must have to switch effortlessly from a chatty caller at one moment to an angry one an instant later. While hiring people, look for ones who have the potential to go with the flow. At the same time, this is something you may inculcate in their regular training.


There are several call center metrics that help measure customer satisfaction of call centers. Agents need to bear them in mind while they aspire to achieve high customer satisfaction at all levels. These metrics are complex and include aspects such as first call resolution, average handle time, average time to abandonment, and more. Being goal-oriented is mandatory for them to be able to understand these objectives and go the extra mile to reach them as well.

Ability to handle queries with speed

A good customer experience is all about being able to answer customer queries with speed. After all, instant gratification is what the callers look for and they will probably abandon you for good if your support representatives are unable to match their expectations within the shortest span of time. While good speed is one skill they should excel at, they cannot afford to go slack with quality.

Creative thinking

Your support agents should have creativity as well because script doesn’t always work. So if a caller drops in with an unexpected query or issue, your representatives should be smart enough to handle them satisfactorily. Moreover, the ones who are able to think critically while solving problems are invaluable for businesses that want to go the extra mile with the customer satisfaction levels.

Whether you hire first-timers or train your existing call center agents, nurturing this skill set can go a long way in enhancing the levels of customer satisfaction that your business delivers. A skilled customer support team is a smart investment for any business that wants to make a strong customer base the foundation of its success.

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