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Top Five Perks of using A Toll Free Number Solution

perks of using a toll free number solution

For more information, call 1800-800-xxxx. 

You might have heard this ubiquitous statement at the very end of several advertisements. Large organisations often market the number to empower their consumers to connect to their business. 

The 1800 phone number is officially called a toll free number and follow a consistent format—they all begin with the number 1800 in India. Callers connecting through a toll free number do not incur any charge for the dial, where the call charges are paid by the service provider. These numbers are, however, reserved for incoming and forwarding calls and do not provide an outgoing service. 

As the domestic market becomes increasingly competitive, brands need to think of innovative methods to keep one foot ahead of the competition. Globalisation has opened up borders, exposing corporations to a brutal international market. This only raises their need for novelty. For years, businesses have pushed their products to ensure visibility. However, the current era is all about the customer. Customer experience dictates  popularity and growth of a company. As a result, more and more businesses have shifted their focus on marketing and servicing. Understanding and attending to consumer needs is a trend on the rise. 

How can a toll free number solution help your company?

1800 toll free numbers are simple yet effective features that allow consumers to communicate better with your brand. Whether you require superior customer servicing, marketing or data gathering, 1800 phone numbers allow you to achieve your goals. Following are the vital benefits of subscribing to a toll free number service:

Enhance customer connection

As mentioned earlier, market demand for any corporation is influenced by customer satisfaction. While a good product might appeal to the consumer’s interests, it is the service that will be stored in their memory. A satisfactory experience will not only guarantee repeat orders but also kickstart a recommendation chain that will increase your consumer base.

1800 toll free numbers are easy to remember and serve as a consistent contact across mediums. Callers can connect to your brand and solve queries effortlessly. Extensions on toll free numbers introduce callers to relevant agents who can ensure first point resolution. You conserve money and effort while your consumer saves time and is left with a positive impression. Instantaneous communication gives off the impression that your brand is mindful of its customers’ experience. The opposite may tarnish the brand image in the market. 

Toll free numbers are easy to remember, owing to their uniform composition. Additionally, you can opt for vanity numbers that will replace the last few digits with a word or a phrase. For example, you could subscribe to a number that says “1-800-FOR-PIZZA.”. This option gets you a memorable alternative that your callers can remember with ease. 

Improve brand credibility

There is a flawed cycle that once dominated businesses—credibility drove sales; sales were required to establish credibility. When a brand is in its early stages, assuring reliability can be challenging. This is made simpler by way of employing toll free numbers. 

Customers often associate dependable brands with their technological front. Better looking websites, presence of mobile applications, and other innovative and advanced practices paint a favourable image of an organisation. Under the same assumption, toll free numbers cast the impression of a complex and credible company. Professionalism can be subtly implied through this method. 

Large and well-known companies are recognised to use toll free number solution. Hence, even if you are just a minor startup, you can convince your users of performance that is on par with better-known competitors. Using  one of these features of toll free number solution, you are advertently getting a leg up from other brands in the same industry and pushing your image to match that of any celebrated company. Organisations seeking investors are given the golden opportunity of presenting the best front. 

Flexibility and remote working solutions

Traditional office setups are now a thing of the past—the concept of work from home is taking over. Work from home allows organisations to save money otherwise spent on office space and infrastructure. It also enables remote working environments that eliminate the hurdle of distance and allow brands to hire the best in the field. 

Remote working does not always pertain to companies that operate on a work from home setting. Several organisations consist of travelling employees. No matter where a worker is located, toll free numbers allow them to receive calls. 

Toll free numbers let calls be forwarded to any device that may be available and suited to answer a call. This allows mobility in the work culture. Agents can be approached at different times. Convenient access for the employees will not be compromised in an endeavour to appease customers. 

Companies that are relocating office spaces can greatly benefit from toll free numbers. Brands can opt for these numbers that will stay in their dossier forever. You can avoid revealing your working conditions while attending to clients. 

Understand market trends

Surveys and research are continually adopted to gain information on market trends and demands. Simultaneously, marketing campaigns are studied for the same effect. Spread across diverse mediums, it can be tricky to pinpoint and intricately analyse the success of each medium. 

Toll free numbers can be enhanced by the addition of extensions. Unique extensions for multimedia—website, television commercials, newspaper advertisements, social media displays—can be studied to unveil which marketing campaign is garnering the most attention. 

With this information, you can rework your budget to ensure that appropriate chunks of the outflow are allocated to each advertisement. Critical data is at your disposal to be interpreted and used for your benefit. With call recording and tracking, qualitative information parted by the caller can be separately scrutinised for clarity on their opinions and answers. 

This will save the business valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent on contracting external arrangements of data aggregation and analysis.

Easy association

The age of memorisation is behind us. Phone numbers are now redundant knowledge better managed by our mobile phones. In this era of short-spanned attention, a toll free number solution is an ideal construction to secure brand recall. The first four digits are the same as every other subscriber, leaving 7 digits of personalisation. Companies often compose jingles and chants featured in their advertisements to help the viewers memorise the digits. 

Another option is that of adopting a vanity number. Unlike the regular composition, a vanity number shadows the 1800 with a string of letters composing a word or phrase. Personalise this word to solidify the identity of your organisation in the minds of the consumers. 

A strong brand association with the number will lead to a higher number of calls from your clients. Strengthen the bond between the customers and your company and confirm increased opportunities for sales. Your brand image grows popular while you create swelling inbound traffic.


‘Customer is king’ is a phrase often expressed in the business setup. As the market manipulates creative approaches to connect to their clients, get your hands on a toll free number solution. It will let you increase consumer satisfaction, allow flexibility in work schedules and help you understand buying patterns. A simple and quick change in the communication system can be your catalyst to a big profit margin. Ring us at 1800-120-4132 and get started.