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Brand Your Business with Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number

With any business, branding is a major factor for success. Because brand name sells itself.  The thing common with all brands, irrespective of industry, is observed from the quality of customer service they deliver. And the first point of customer service is delivered from the point a customer contacts your business.

One thing every big brand has in common is providing their customers with the facility to contact them without having to worry about the hefty call charges which come along with them. Big brands want to reach out to customers in the smoothest way possible. And thus, having their own business toll free number is one important aspect they never want to miss out.

What is Toll Free Number

A number which is chargeable to the destination rather than the origin of the call is a toll free number, i.e., instead of the caller, the expense of the call is paid by the owner of the toll free number. In India, these numbers begin with 1800.

Let’s understand how these toll-free numbers are good for business who are looking to brand and promote these numbers.

National Presence

Toll free number allows a business to establish a national presence. These numbers allow a business to have one number across the country. The area code of incoming calls helps route the call to the right branch. Having the same number provides authenticity and reliability in the eyes of customers.


A big advantage of the toll free number is that it is portable. Once a business buys a toll free number, it becomes the owner of that toll free number. Just like cell-phone numbers, a toll free number can be ported to a different carrier. Once purchased a toll free number becomes a part of the business assets.

Flexible Routing to Remote Locations

At times, businesses require call routing to remote locations. This is easily done with toll-free numbers. A business can route calls made at their toll-free number to any remote landline or mobile number. Most vendors provide routing service free of cost.

Your Number Is Your Marketing Tool

Yes, it’s true. A toll-free number can be more than just a number for your business. With vanity numbers in play, one can use toll-free as a marketing tool of their business. This can be done in multiple ways. Netflix used a toll-free number to share clues for the upcoming season of stranger things. Mercedes used 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES.

Similarly, a pizza company may use 1-800-FOR-PIZZA. This can be dialled as 1-800-367-73992. Also, vanity numbers can be like mobile numbers, for instance, 99999PIZZA; this can be dialled as 9999973992.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Toll-free numbers provide improved customer satisfaction. When customers don’t have to pay for queries regarding the business, they feel valued. This adds loyalty in customer relations, increasing customer retention rates.

Integration with CRM and IVR

Toll-free, when integrated with CRM, can identify the calling customer, determine what services they have opted for, their history with the business. Also, toll-free with CRM allows a business to provide multiple services without employing human resources. A business can provide client reminders on due dates of payments, requirement-based service updates, and an addition of new services.

Another advantage of integrating CRM with toll-free is subscriber-based marketing. A business can market exactly what their subscribers have subscribed for. This ensures that clients don’t get junked by unwanted alerts.

Reduced Expenditure

The biggest advantage for businesses looking to become brands lies in how they can save from using toll-free numbers. After all, feasibility is the heart and soul of any service. Toll-free numbers greatly reduce the requirement of agents in the business. Incorporated with Interactive Voice Response, toll-free numbers are quite capable of handling all inbound calls. Since IVR can solve most queries by itself, a business gets to employ its manpower only when an operator indulgence becomes a must. Because of this, a business gets to save on its human resources expenditure.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

The time required to set up a toll-free number is usually in hours. Once set up, a toll-free number is quite easy to maintain. With an uptime of more than 99.9%, a toll-free number hardly ever face issues. Especially cloud-based toll-free numbers. Since these are managed at data centres, every care is taken to ensure continuous operation.

Take Away

All of this can be handled just by implementing toll-free numbers. Geo-locations can be identified by the first few digits of the incoming caller number. Toll-free number integrated with CRM can help identify the type of crowd. Thus, the toll-free number can determine the peak time to employ the best personnel. Simply put toll-free number are a must for every business aiming to become an established brand.

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