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Servetel Dashboard Updates – September 2020

The solution as a service (SaaS) market is more or less saturated now, with a horde of newbies competing with existing brands. According to Hubspot research, 38% of companies depend on SaaS solutions for their daily operations.

The only way to keep up with the competition is by embracing the dynamics of the market and turning them into an opportunity. We, at Servetel, are keen to update and upgrade our systems consistently. The robust dashboard offered by Servetel provides real-time updates for your phone system. 

In addition to smart features facilitated by the dashboard, we are proud to announce the updates mentioned below which are now live.

Send SMSes with Trackable URLs for Campaigns

Now you can add a URL in your SMS templates and redirect your customers to the desired Web page—sign-up page, PPC page or a Google form for surveys. This feature also comes in handy for inviting your audience to a webinar with just a single tap.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about attracting consumers to your website as they will receive an SMS with the URL. The length of the link is subject to the character limit of an SMS, and therefore, using a short URL is a better idea.

all short url campaigns

These links can then be tracked to generate reports of audience actions. For example, the click-through rate can be easily measured with tiny tracking URLs and accessed from Servetel’s portal directly. The report will let you know:

  • The number of links generated
  • The number of clicks received
  • Who opened the URL
  • Which device were they using
  • Which location did they access the link from

Such data provides useful insights that help refining your marketing campaign. You can showcase your creativity in the Google forms by adding engaging feedback questions to drive better customer service. 

This can be achieved using the ‘survey campaign’ option along with the company logo on your form. The responses to these forms will also be accessible on the portal along with the URL campaign tracking report.

How does it Work?

  • Client sends a message from the Servetel SMS portal
  • The URL is embedded in the message
  • Reader clicks on the URL and is redirected to the linked webpage

And that’s it. Once the feature is activated, you can straightaway start using it.

Notable Advantages:

  • Measure effectiveness of the marketing campaign
  • Build strong buyer personas and serve better
  • Drive traffic on your website
  • Increase your availability on all mediums

trackable url report

Although there can be many more advantages of using a trackable URL in your communication, let’s understand the wide benefits it offers to organisations.

1. Marketing and Advertising

With this feature, you can run SMS marketing campaigns and advertise your products and services. These types of campaigns are smoother and easier to manage with the insights offered. 

2. Increase revenue

By sharing a trackable link for your website or PPC pages, you drive relevant traffic. This traffic gives you higher visibility and hence, more opportunities to sell.

3. Build a brand image

Communicate effectively through these URLs to showcase your thoughts and opinions. This way, customers feel more connected to your brand and brand recall improves. 

Smart URL tracking has the potential to turn casual website visitors into loyal customers. 

Sentiment Analysis using Transcription 

A written transcript is a brilliant feature to leverage with artificial intelligence. Every customer interaction can be transcribed for better understanding and fast recall.

Servetel now provides the feature to transcribe customer conversations in Hindi or English. You can then easily access the transcript from the call detail records or even manually share it. 

In addition to this, you can also access the keyword cloud which shows the most used keywords in a specific transcribed conversation. Therefore, you can search for a specific keyword and pull up the relevant transcripts or simply check its number of occurrences. 

Considering the huge popularity of transcripts, especially as captions or subtitles on video media, there sure are huge benefits to reap from them. Let’s have a look at some of them now:

  • Boost the value of Original Content: With transcribed text, your content has a higher chance of getting a decent rank on Google searches.
  • Improve the reach of your Content: Transcripts enable your content to reach a larger audience. For example, with written records in different languages, you can connect better with multi or bilingual groups.
  • Increase Accessibility: With the clarity of written transcription, your content will be much easier to consume. 
  • Save Time: In processes where audio and video are vital to the content strategy, editors will not have to waste time on proof-reading each separately. It can all be done simultaneously.

Let’s take an example. How many times have you had to rewind a video just because you missed a phrase? Probably a lot. Transcription solves this inefficiency brilliantly and eliminates the need to backtrack or replay the whole piece of content.

This feature is complemented by the sophisticated yet powerful dashboard. Here’s what makes it a totally desirable update:

Transcription Analysis

a) Managers can Focus on Core Tasks

Interviews, call recordings and customer interactions already span hours. It takes a significant amount of time to run a quality analysis, prepare the right KPIs, and actually measure performance.

Easy-to-review transcripts save managers the time and effort for core tasks and help avoid burnout situations during peak workload. 

b) Increased SEO 

Search engines usually are unable to read videos, but adding transcripts allow them to crawl through full text. Conversion of video into text helps to index the content. 

Additionally, transcripts can be optimised with high ranked keywords and further optimise your content on search engines.

c) Better Comprehension

Enclosed captions can greatly enhance the experience for your audience that speaks different languages. Furthermore, a study revealed that students learning English online found transcripts “very” or “extremely” helpful while they listen.

This helps to put your message across clearly and foster better communication. Comprehension improves when the content is transcribed in a language most understood by your audience.

Agent Based Calling

With this latest feature, instead of enabling or disabling agents from your online portal everyday or assigning them time groups, you can enable agent login-based calling.

agent based login

How does it Work?

Simply create a team member account for your agents to map their IDs. As soon as they log in, their status will be updated as active and they can start receiving calls as per their departments.

Additionally, agents can mark themselves as busy while taking short breaks. Their activity can be monitored in real-time on the online portal.

Soon, we will also be adding agent login/logout and active/busy toggles. To upgrade tracking capabilities, ‘agent activity reports’ will be generated for detailed analysis. This will help managers calculate compensation based on the number of hours put in.

This feature is especially useful for a remote setting where leaders are unaware of the status of their team members and need virtual tracking tools. 

Benefits to Businesses:

a) Better Organisation

Agent login-based calling leads to better call management since the calls are automatically assigned to reps without human intervention.

b) More Accuracy

Since agent IDs are mapped to their respective departments, there is a negligible chance for human error. This only adds to a smoother customer experience.

c) Saves Time

Managers can focus on the overall organisation of their tasks and rest assured since most of the work is done by the system itself.

d) Agent Convenience 

With an option to toggle between active or busy modes, agents can take a break by registering it on the system. This eliminates the need for them to inform supervisors of their breaks personally. 

Parting Words: 

At Servetel, value addition remains our ultimate goal. We are always eager to develop new features that will support customer service and save time for our users. 

Make the most of this feature by contacting Servetel and streamline your processes. Call us at 1800-120-4132 today to get a one-on-one expert consultation.