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How A Missed Call Solution Can Spell A New Beginning For Your Business

Missed call solution for business

Running a business successfully includes establishing a seamless connection with your customers. When it comes to finding innovative ways to connect with the audience, missed call solutions definitely emerge as a winner. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that missed calls are a business opportunity that you must absolutely capitalize on. Still, sometimes, it can be hard o imagine how something as simple as missed calls can be leveraged to unlock the growth potential.

Obviously, you would want to know whether investing in missed call service would bring any benefits for your business. Here are some facts to understand how investing in missed call service helps attract quality leads and increase your business profits manyfold.

Missed Call Solution: Understanding the Concept

The concept of missed call service sounds simple even to a layperson(after all, it’s just a call that is disconnected without being answered), but if you scratch the surface there is much more to it. First, you need to understand the process. When a customer calls on the missed call number of the business, the system rejects the call automatically after a few rings and sends across the information to a Live panel. So, your database ends up collecting the call record without the customer needing to bear the expense of the call. And you can use the database to reconnect with the genuinely qualified customers by sending them an SMS later.

Essentially, a business needs to have a missed call solution in place to handle the entire process of gathering the missed call data in a database. The system saves customers’ time and money and reduces the workload of the agents as well. At the same time, it empowers your business with valuable prospect data. You can get comprehensive reports of the callers, including specific stats such as their phone number, region, time of call and more. With all that a missed call solution can do for your business, it definitely deserves to be considered as a smart investment for any enterprise.

Discover the Unmatched Advantages of A Missed Call Solution

Now that you understand the concept clearly, understanding the benefits of this investment becomes easier. Here are some key advantages that your organisation can avail by having a missed call solution in place.

  • Greater Reach:

    There is no doubt in the fact that missed call solution is a great way to extend your reach because the potential customers are more likely to connect through this free-of-cost channel. Furthermore, this medium is time-saving as well because all they need to do is wait for a ring or two after they call you.

  • Lead Generation:

    With missed calls, it is possible to capture the entire leads coming from everywhere. You can capture the details of the callers in specific databases for specific campaigns and target them as potential leads. It is to be noted that the conversion rates of the users connecting through these campaigns are significantly impressive.

  • New User Activation:

    Missed call campaigns show excellent results for activating new users because they have the potential of generating interest and driving engagement. Moreover, you can utilize them to onboard new customers with a simple one-step user registration.

  • On-Demand Availability:

    Customers can connect with your business anytime and from anywhere, thanks to the user-friendliness of missed call service. This gives them all the more reasons to choose you over the competition.

  • Campaign Tracking:

    With a missed call solution, you can get a complete report on the campaign’s performance on a Live Dashboard. The report lets you monitor the calls on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, track the region of your callers, and track more useful information.

  • Personalized Approach:

    The solution lets you personalize your branding pitch by reaching and connecting with the customers in their local languages. You can create automated reply and SMSesin local languages for personalizing the connections.

  • Measurable Campaigns:

    Another advantage of missed call service is that it enables the business to measure and compare the Return on Investment ROI of marketing campaigns across diverse channels based on the missed calls received from each campaign.

  • Branding:

    Advertising your missed call number empowers your brand by giving it a professional image. Not only does this enable you to score a competitive edge but also wins the trust of your potential customers.

The Myriad Use Cases of Missed Call Solutions

Now that the advantages of this investment are evident, you would want to know how to use it in practical situations. This service can be used in multiple ways, according to the specific requirements of business organisations. Here are some use cases of missed call solutions that you can consider implementing.

  • Quick, convenient and automated user registrations are possible with this system in place.
  • Customers can give a missed call on toll-free number and ask for a call back from a business representative.
  • It can serve as a platform for the customers who are interested in voting, sharing ratings and sending feedback to the business.
  • You can use the solution to set up an alert subscription for customers who want alert messages for new updates.
  • It can be utilized to run contests and incentivize the customers who stay loyal and connected with the business.
  • Another important use of missed call service is in the form of customer verification as it can help you ensure that the prospect connecting with you is a genuine one.
  • E-commerce businesses can use this service to provide order status to the customers so that they can track their orders at any point in time, just with a missed call.

Is Missed Call Solution the Right Investment for Your Business?

Undoubtedly, missed call solution can serve a host of benefits to any business. But your prime concern would be whether it is would be an apt investment for your organisation. If you are a small business owner, you would definitely want to extend your reach while optimizing your employees’ time. This is exactly what the missed call service can help you with. For bigger brands that want to step up their branding initiative, this is an excellent way to consolidate your brand. Big players can advertise their missed call number on hoardings, newspapers and ads to be visible and make it easier for prospects to connect. This clearly indicates that missed call solutions can serve immense value to businesses, regardless of their size and nature.

Missed Call Solution: How to Get Started?

Considering these facts and advantages, you will surely be keen to get started with a solution for your business. A reliable missed call service provider like Servetel can take you on this innovative journey. Choose us as your partner for making sure that you don’t miss on the opportunity that missed calls bring! Call us at 1800-120-4132 today.