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A Quick Guide for Work from Home during Corona Virus Outbreak

A Quick Guide for Work from home using cloud solutions During Corona Virus Outbreak

The Corona Virus threatens to set off financial contagion in a world economy with very different vulnerabilities every way, the world economy is currently in debt; more deeply than the global financial crisis of 2008! Businesses are struggling to function and even sustain. They are faced with a fear of sudden cessation in their cash flows as well as daily operations.

Companies in large numbers are trying to move offices and workstations to homes during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the productivity of employees working remotely might be affected. In some scenarios, working from home gives great pleasure and flexibility and whereas, the opposite might hold true for some.

Until the pandemic hit the whole wide world, remote working seemed to be a thing of the future. Although, Cloud Telephony has a big role to play in bringing the workplace to the employee’s doorstep. Businesses can manage all of their telephonic communication and motivate their employees to attend to calls, working remotely. Though, businesses using traditional PBX systems might find it a serious impediment in switching to contemporary cloud solutions.

Nonetheless, the process for traditional PBX users could be as smooth and seamless as for any other company. They can easily replace it with the Virtual Call center in less than an hour. This cloud call center solution can navigate all the calls coming on landline numbers to the cloud telephony system. This will facilitate remote management of the calls for any of the departments; be it sales or customer support, simultaneously enjoying the flexibility and comfort of their homes.

In addition to motivating the employees to manage calls on the go, there’s a lot more to Virtual Call Center solution. In times like these, where a pandemic has swept off the market and everybody is forced to take an unprecedented break, Cloud Telephony Solutions can come in handy.

Makes Clear Distinction between Personal & Professional Space

Virtual Call Center Solutions gives you the freedom to display your business number to the clients. Essentially speaking, clients will always dial the traditional business number, but the call gets routed through the cloud, super seamlessly without any disruption to the client. Likewise, advanced features of cloud call center solutions like time conditions and on-hold music, you can always set the working hours of the business calls so that they do not interrupt your personal time & space.

Minimum Installation & Setup Effort

The virtual call center solution, as the name suggests, is virtual and there are no hardware or installation devices that are needed for the setup of this solution. The whole system can be set up within a few minutes over the cloud server.

Amplifies the Scope for Scalability & Flexibility

Cloud Call center solution gives you enough autonomy to attend calls using any device; be it a laptop or a tablet or a mobile phone or even a desktop which was not the case with the traditional telephony. Scalability can be modified by adding or removing agents/executives or maybe adding or removing multiple numbers as your business might upscale or downscale the operations.

For example; if you are in the healthcare industry in this time of an International emergency because of a pandemic; your hospital/pharmacy/diagnostic center would be a deluge of inquiry calls from patients or potential clients. The exponentially increased calls can be easily handled using multiple channels on a virtual call center solution which allows you to handle multiple calls at the same time; provided business has executives on their end.

Assured Quality Conversations

Major revenue of any business is dependent on the quality of communication and relationship building that happens over sales calls; hence it is vital for all the businesses to maintain the quality of their calls and to monitor the same on a real-time basis. The accountability that it brings on the table, ensures employees to put their best ‘word’ forward with the clients.

Easy on the Pocket

The Virtual call center solution is not a burden on the pocket since there is no need for any capital expenditure for the same. Usually, the plans work on a subscription basis and are way more affordable than the traditional telephony systems.

Ensure more Control & Track all Communications

Usually, all cloud call center solutions come prepackaged with a user-friendly dashboard or panel which lets the customer track the calls on a real-time basis. Moreover, it facilitates the user with detailed call recordings, call analytics and comprehensive reports that can be used as statistics in important decision-making scenarios.

Never Miss out on Important Calls

Every call that hits your business number is equally important as each of it could be a potential customer. Cloud Telephony gives you ample features like voicemail, time groups & time conditions, multiple channels and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which make sure that a call travels through multiple navigations before actually being disconnected or lost. This ensures that every call would be recorded and tracked in the dashboard provided to the customer so that essentially, no call is actually lost. 

Broadly putting it, virtual call center solutions or cloud telephony solution is the most efficient and inevitable tool for businesses who wish to work successfully from homes without playing with the productivity and privacy of the employees. In addition to that, the cloud telephony system legitimately adds value to the overall operational capacity of the business by being autonomous and flexible when it comes to scaling the businesses up or down. Except for the above-mentioned features and advantages, cloud telephony benefits in a lot of other ways like transferring calls internally using intercoms; 

● Standardized recorded messages for your business

● Aid in multi-tasking

● No geographical limitations

The more this threat of the pandemic lingers, the more are the chances of an economic slowdown that transcends into a financial crisis. In these trying times of emergency and unforeseen circumstances, a cloud call center in place would support the essence of working from home strongly. Businesses who have the system in place were able to manage their business communications without any interruption during the lockdown. 

It’s an incredibly turbulent time for all. We would like to offer our help in ensuring your business continuity by moving it to the cloud. Reach out to our experts at 1800-120-4132 today.

Take care of yourself and others, and remember to wash your hands!

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