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Top 10 Benefits of Using Cloud Telephony Solution in 2020 [Infographic]

Top 10 Benefits of Using Cloud Telephony Solution in 2020

Nothing is more important than communication for businesses in today’s competitive landscape. In fact, it is more important for a client today than ever before to be able to communicate with their company of choice with ease. Therefore, it makes sense for you, as an organisation, to go the extra mile with every communication channel, especially telephony systems. A switch from traditional on-premise telephony systems to cloud telephony solution is a smart business move. A cloud-based phone system offers numerous advantages for businesses, which is the reason why most of them are fast embracing cloud telephony solution. Let us list the top benefits of using it in 2020.

Top 10 Benefits of Using Cloud Telephony Solution in 2020 [Infographic]

Benefit #1: Integrated Communications System in Place

A cloud telephony system empowers your organisation with integrated communications that streamline the daily workflow. This service optimises individual teams’ pipelines of work, while you can also achieve a smooth flow for the whole business. The cloud telephony solution helps outperform competitors and boosts productivity with seamless access to a range of CRM tools, instant messaging, email, voice, and video conferencing

Benefit #2: Extensive Mobility and Flexibility

With flexible work timings and policies becoming a norm, mobility and flexibility have become essential for organisations. The COVID 19 crisis, especially, has forced businesses to shift to a work-from-home model. Cloud telephony solution allows employees to make their work mobile. People can take calls and answer support queries even when they’re not present in the office. All they need is any smart device along with a stable Internet connection, and they are good to go.

Benefit #3: Better Control Over Communications

Traditional landline phones do not allow you to keep track of all business communication and conversations. With cloud telephony, you can leverage the call recording feature that lets you record every incoming and outgoing call. Obviously, the feature helps your team improve overall business communication. Moreover, the recorded calls may be used for training purposes and future reference for issue redressal.

Benefit #4: Scalability and Customisability

A volatile business landscape implies every organisation must be willing and able to evolve with agility. What you really need is a solution that offers the benefits of scalability and customisability; as it turns out, cloud telephony solution covers you on both the fronts. These solutions let you add more users to communicate seamlessly with a larger customer base. And if you require a customised feature to enhance your CRM integration, you can leverage it as well.

Benefit #5: Cost Savings

A cloud telephony system also enables significant cost savings for your business. For instance, you end up eliminating the cost of infrastructure required for setting up and maintaining the traditional desk phone systems. These solutions do not clutter the office space either and serve as a rescue strategy when your employees have to make the switch to a remote working model.

Benefit #6: Resilience and Reliability

Natural disasters like cyclones, floods, and earthquakes can cause extensive damage to traditional telephony systems, but cloud systems are least affected. In fact, cloud storage keeps the information safe and makes it accessible from anywhere. No matter what happens, you can be assured about the continuity of your business.

Benefit #7: Access to Rich Business Features

A cloud telephony system is business-friendly and loaded with features. Apart from real-time analytics, the solution offers call schedulers, post-call surveys, IVR, missed call services, voicemail drops, bulk SMS automation, and more. These features empower your baseline automation that simplifies business by turning manual work into automated workflows.

Benefit #8: Efficiency in Sales and Support Processes

The auto dialer feature of cloud telephony solutions facilitate sales and support agents to make calls and send messages and voicemails automatically. With manual work reduced to the minimum, the efficiency and productivity of your employees increase in a substantial and, yet, sustainable manner.

Benefit #9: Dependable Security

Cloud-based solutions are easy to upgrade. You can transition to the latest software seamlessly, which gives you the advantage of dependable security. There are constant checks against unusual activity. If anything suspicious takes place, the system will lock down automatically. The cloud provider addresses the issues on priority basis and gets your solution back to running securely.

Benefit #10: Minimal Carbon Footprint

New businesses are, more often than not, eco-conscious. Cloud telephony is a green technology because it is not dependent on energy-consuming infrastructure. If you want to make the world a clean and green place, don’t think twice before opting for the cloud.

Considering the benefits of cloud telephony solutions, it is an excellent idea for every business—regardless of size and scale—to switch from traditional telephony to the cloud. If you are looking to make the switch in 2020, go for a cloud telephony service provider that offers a complete package of features along with the assurance of reliability, quality, efficiency, and affordability. To know more contact us at 1800-120-4132

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