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5 Benefits of Toll Free Numbers for SMEs and SMBs

Benefits of Toll Free Numbers for SMEs and SMBs

(Update: This blog was originally published on 16th March 2017 and was last updated on 9th April 2020 for comprehensiveness and accuracy.)

Have you ever wondered what all are the factors that can ascend sales of your business? 


Quality of the product/service offered, pricing, targeting, and timing are some obvious considerations. But one important factor that can be a key differentiator between you and your competitor is the way your business communicates with its customers. 


Business communication is crucial as it is the foundation on which the business-customer relationship is formed. Businesses pay special attention to this relationship as it accentuates their customer-centric approach. Business communication involves how a business connects with its customers and how it represents itself in front of them. The primary step in creating a healthy environment for this relationship to blossom is to make your business easily available to the customers for communication.


The gap between your customers and your business should be bridged in such a way that communicating becomes effortless. And for the same need, it is necessary to provide your customers with a channel that is easy to use, free and productive. This is exactly where toll-free numbers step in for your rescue.


Toll free numbers are free to call on numbers. The charges of the calls are incurred by the business that is being called instead of the caller unlike in the case of traditional numbers. However, the benefits provided by a toll-free service to a business easily outweighs this cost.

In order to understand these benefits let us explore how SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) which make a substantial part of the Indian economy are profiting from this service.


Benefits of Toll Free Numbers for SMEs and SMBs


Understanding Customers and Their Needs


The propositions that a business brings in for the customers should be well communicated to them, and in the same manner, the customers should also be able to convey their needs and suggestions to the service provider without much hassle. These steps are crucial in forming a salubrious relationship with the customers.


Also, as per a survey done by Ovumfor a majority of customers, the first point of contact with a business is through a phone call. Customers prefer to make a phone call while looking for a business service or support. However, they may interact with different channels before finalizing the purchase but making a phone call is still among the first actions that they take.


Both SMEs and SMBs see this as a golden opportunity and try converting a customer there and then. They do this by providing customers with a free to call number and thus ensuring a call for themselves. As the communication gap between the business and the lead reduces, the chances of an enquirer becoming your customer increase exponentially. 


Strengthen Your Brand Image


A company’s willingness to interact with its customers suggests its concern towards putting forth the company’s values to the customers. Additionally, customers draw a direct connection between the number of communication channels provided by a business and the business’s interest in handling customer needs.


Toll-free number provided by SMEs and SMBs help them in showcasing these values and establishing themselves as a brand which is concerned about the needs of both its new and old customers.

Moreover, by paying attention to these user interactions, businesses can look for ways in which they can enrich their customers with better service and support. Doing this gives customers a reason to exalt the business. 

 Widen Your Customer Base

Dell is a worth mentioning example here. When Dell started customising its computers in the eighties, it was a totally new approach. They came up with an interesting idea in which customers could easily call up Dell’s customer support number and get their computers customized as per their needs. (Amazing. Isn’t it?) The idea worked exactly as was hoped. It put Dell in the very front of the race among computer manufacturers and rest is history.


The customer support number that is being talked about in this example was indeed a simple toll free number that customers could call up anytime without incurring any fee. The number being free to call on brought in a substantial level of satisfaction to the customers. Apart from being a free service, toll free numbers also expedite the decision making process of whether to call a business or not in the favour of the business because of its ease and feasibility. 


By using the toll-free number in such a productive and strategic manner, Dell displayed its customer-centric approach and smart business understanding.


Enhance Customer Experience


Communication plays an important role in creating a good customer experience around a business as explained before. Customers often communicate with the business be it before the final decision of purchase or for post-sale services. Guaranteeing this to be a smooth and delightful experience for the customers is the key to enhanced customer experience and retention. 


By integrating toll-free numbers with IVR systems SMBs and SMEs make communication with its customers even smoother and effective. IVR systems are used to greet the customers calling on the toll-free number and to also present them with self-help options limiting the need for human staff.

Creating a Recall Value


Creating a recall value means registering your business in the mind of the customer. Making it easier for the customers to remember and recall your brand whenever in need of your services or products. 


Together with specially designed toll free numbers which are known as vanity numbers, many SMEs and SMBs have successfully created recall value for themselves. To say the least, vanity numbers aggrandize toll free numbers and also help in bringing in more profits.


Let us understand this with the help of an example. Suppose a business is into selling flowers. By opting for a vanity toll free number which looks like 1800-GET-FLOWERS imagine how much easier could the business make it for the customers to recall and dial its number.


While you are onto that thought and considering a vanity number for your business, here is a guide on how to make the most out of vanity numbers to boost your brand recall and grow your business.


Final Words


Now that you have understood various ways in which toll free numbers are helping SMEs and SMBs it should be clear that they are a win-win tool for both the business and the customer. 


The usefulness of these awe-aspiring numbers is fortunately not limited to just SMEs and SMBs. They are in fact, well suited for almost every kind of business that one can think of. If you too wish to leap ahead of the competition with a premium toll free number then contact us at 1800-120-4132


Kick start your journey to the top with toll-free numbers today!