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Collection of industry practices, latest trends & innovations, product updates, case studies, and everything that concerns with cloud telephony for Indian businesses.


5 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction Through Text IVR Surveys

Customer satisfaction and customer surveys According to Microsoft’s Global State of Customer Service Report, 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with


Understanding Call Centres and Factors That Contribute to Their Success

What is a call centre? A call centre is the part of a business that usually handles enormous volumes of calls from people who are either a brand’s loyal customers or potential buyers


The Cloud Telephony Tools that can Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s remorse is a salesperson’s worst nightmare. What exactly is it, though? In simple terms, buyer’s remorse is the feeling of regret that a customer experiences after making a purchase,


Call Forwarding: What is It and Why is It a Must for Your Business?

Let’s say, you are in a long meeting and don’t want to be disturbed. But you’re also expecting an important call from a client that you just can’t afford to

expert-advice Ian-Moyse

Treat Your Customer as a Person Who Has Challenges and Agendas to Fulfil

Do you recall a poor customer experience from a brand before buying their products or services? Certainly, everybody does. Customers make perceptions about a brand with every interaction. This is why


The Benefits of Cloud Technology for Golf Businesses

Cloud technology isn’t new, but there are still plenty of businesses who haven’t yet taken advantage of it. However, there’s no business that can’t benefit from cloud technology, so if you haven’t