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1800 Number Guide: Benefits, Usage and Working

1800 Number Guide: Benefits, Usage and Working

Customer Service is the new Marketing strategy. Customers today are loaded with information across various mediums. For any service they wish to experience, there are so many vendors ready to headhunt the same set of consumers offering the same type of services. In such a scenario, the customer is less of a customer but more of a critic- clued up, savvy, with high standards and zero tolerance for timewasters. It’s high stakes! Consumers are constantly evaluating a set of brands based on various parameters such as price, appearance, features and so on.

So, what is it that would distinguish you from your competitors in the market? Businesses do better than their competitors because of seamless customer service along with achieving customer delight. With this statistic in mind, it is very important to consistently make efforts towards improving customer satisfaction levels for your product or service. If done right, this competitive advantage can act as a game-changer for your company.

Among a variety of effective tools like CRM and Social Media, the importance of an 1800 number cannot be overlooked. It majorly facilitates the feedback process, which is vital for any business, be it big or small. It is always more economical and feasible to retain the existing customer base rather than acquiring new ones. However, it is not a cakewalk! How do you ensure that your existing customer base will make a repeat purchase? By providing exceptional after-sales service and by always being there for your clients, whether new or existing. An 1800 number is a tool to make your customer experience as smooth as possible by ensuring you do not miss any important calls.


An 1800 number is typically followed by 6 digits in India. These numbers are country-specific and can be dialed by customers across country without costing them a dime! All the charges are borne by the company opting for 1800 number. Anything but a free call would motivate customers to enquire about a product or service or to submit feedback for that matter. The number so selected could be an effective recall tool for the consumers. 1800 number appears to be a lot different from the regular landline or mobile numbers and catches the immediate attention of the potential callers. Furthermore, the 1800 series is definitely easier to memorise as compared to a regular combination of digits in the form of a landline number. Since 1800 numbers are unique in its appearance, it really helps to build brand recall for any organization.

Usage and Benefits

As soon as a caller dials 1800 number, he is greeted with a professional welcome message. Further, using the Interactive Voice Response/IVR feature, the customer is navigated through different options, for example, Sales, Support, Returns, Delivery, Order Tracking, etc and the call is then redirected to the relevant agent in the relevant department to avoid any ambiguity.

The detailed call flow of the caller is also visible to you, which means you can always check which department of yours is receiving the maximum number of calls/queries and use the information effectively in the decision-making process or for Quality Analysis. You can manage department vise reports or agent vise reports based on your requirements using the analytical dashboard. These reports are generated automatically and are mailed to you at a frequency decided by you- weekly/daily/quarterly/annually.

An 1800 number opens the call in a very professional manner by greeting their callers along with the name of the company, for example: Thank you for calling ABC Private Limited, Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support and so on. This ensures that customers’ first interaction with your brand is standardized and civil even if you’re just a beginner in the race. Hence 1800 numbers make customer support more effective and helps you get more customers.

As an efficient marketing tool, the 1800 numbers can be used to segregate all incoming calls and distribute them systematically. Efficient call distribution plays a key role in resolving customer objections and increasing customer satisfaction with lesser time and resources.

An 1800 number is majorly adopted to connect the callers to the relevant agent possessing the expertise to handle that specific domain/department. This saves time and effort for both the parties and ensures that the issue is resolved quickly along with appropriate solution being delivered to the client.

Being an inexpensive and invaluable addition for your company, an 1800 number can drastically increase the number of calls you receive from your customers. With the surfeit of features it brings on the table, an 1800 number can improve your employee’s performance manifolds, increase the reach of your company and upgrade the recall value of your brand if marketed judiciously. Feedback goes hand in hand with customer service. Therefore, an 1800 number used for Feedback/Complaints/Grievances, will ensure effective exchange of information between the consumers and an organization which in turn can level up the decision-making process for the management.

Using extensive features that tag along with the cloud telephony system, you can monitor and supervise all the incoming calls landing on the 1800 number on a real-time basis.

In case of conflicts, being a manager/supervisor you can always go back to the call recordings and listen to the conversation in order to better resolve those and simultaneously do a quick quality analysis for the agent handling that particular call based on standards set by the organization.

How to Procure 1800 Number?

As an entrepreneur, all you need to do is contact specialist service providers/provider like Servetel that delivers the 1800 numbers with a customized plan for your specific requirements. Post that, you select a number that appeals to you and get the same activated for your brand with a variety of features such as Voicemail and Call Detail Recordings.


A lot has been written and talked about these 1800 numbers but now you might wonder, how can you procure the same for your business as well? Well, all you need is a registered company. Voila! That was simple, wasn’t it? Once you’ve got your company registered, you need to submit the same document to the service providers and you’re good to go. Set up your 1800 number and be ready to handle multiple calls in one go. Contact us today at 1800-120-4132 to get started.

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