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How to Make Customer Support More Effective Leveraging Toll Free Number Service

How to Make Customer Support More Effective Leveraging Toll Free Number Service

When it comes to staying ahead of the competitors in today’s business landscape, you need to do much more than delivering quality products at optimal prices. One of the aspects that can make your company stand apart is superlative customer support. It can unlock huge potential for any business, which is the reason why connecting and engaging with customers more effectively has become a top priority for organisations. The way you interact with them via telephonic support is vital in this context because telemarketing is still one of the top service and support strategies for companies. A toll free number is something that can empower your telephonic support initiative beyond imagination. Before knowing more about how this service can fuel your customer support operations, let us explain what these numbers are all about.

Toll free numbers- More than just free numbers!!

In the very first glance, you will be able to make out what toll free numbers actually are. As the name implies, these are the phone numbers which allow your customers to call and connect with your business free of cost. On the other hand, the business has to bear the charge of the calls because someone has to do it in any case. Obviously, you would want to know the benefits of investing in toll free number solutions because you are paying for someone else’s calls. The truth is that these solutions are much more than only free numbers- they are an opportunity to take your customer support to the next level and give your business a competitive edge. They absolutely deliver the ROI you expect, which makes them a worthy investment for startups and established companies alike.

How toll free number service can empower customer support?

Now that you know what toll free numbers are, you would want to get down to their benefits. While they can serve your business in more than one way, we would talk specifically about using it to enhance the levels of support for the customers. Here are some ways you can leverage these numbers specifically for this purpose.

Easy to remember

The biggest advantage of a toll-free number service from the customer’s perspective is that it is easy to remember. These numbers usually begin with prefixes such as 800, 877, 888, 855 etc. Obviously, this gives them a memorable value and your customers can reflexively dial them whenever they want to connect. What’s more, you can go a step ahead by taking a vanity number that relates to your business. Certainly, your callers will be able to get in touch without making an effort to hunt for your number, which means that you will have a stronger connection with them.

Affordable communication channel

As this communication channel is free for your customers, they will have good reasons to call and connect at any point in time without worrying about the cost. Surely, this makes your business approachable for them. At the same time, toll-free number service is affordable for businesses as well. Even startups and small companies can leverage it without second thoughts. A majority of the providers offer affordable pay-as-you-go plans, so you end up paying only for the resources you actually use. Further, these plans are scalable, which means that you can tweak your options according to the changing business requirements.

Option of automated services

Essentially, toll free number service streamlines the customer phone calls so that you can offer seamless support to the customers in problem and resolve their issues quickly. The core objective is to do it as quickly as you can, which is important for saving the caller’s time, enhancing their satisfaction levels and reducing your support cost as well. A great thing about these numbers is that you can integrate them with automated services, which are capable of enabling them to troubleshoot with self-service or directing them to the relevant agents or departments. Obviously, you can expect to take support a notch higher with this feature.

Better services translate into greater retention

With automation and free calling options for the customers it offers, a toll-free number surely drives better services for your customers. In fact, they will not even think twice about connecting with your support team for any purpose. Better services translate into better customer retention, which is extremely valuable in the competitive business landscape. Everyone knows how big a challenge it is these days and improving your support is a great way to stay ahead on this front. Give them good reasons to come back and they will not have any reason to leave you for a competing brand!

Empowered customer support team

Customer support goes beyond just connecting with your customers and answering their concerns effectively. It is also about building a support team that serves as a long term asset for your business. With toll free number service, you get access to a multitude of advanced features that enable tracking, managing and increasing your team’s efficiency. When you are able to understand the nitty-gritty of individual and team performance, you can actually design training initiatives to strengthen the weak links and consolidate the strong ones in your team. An empowered team is capable of delivering better customer services that boost your reputation in the long run.

Beyond customer support!!

Although we are focusing on the benefits of toll free number service from the customer support perspective, there is much more they can do for your business. It passes the message of genuine intentions to help your customers, which surely builds trust and credibility of your company. You get the advantage of portability because you can use the same number for connecting with callers across multiple locations, without having to take new numbers for each of the areas of your business operations. Also, you have the option to create unlimited extensions for routing calls to various departments or even making these calls campaign specific.

The Takeaway

Now that you know the clear advantages of investing in this empowering tool, it surely makes sense to have it in place. This is a smart investment, regardless of your business size, challenges, needs and customer base. It has immense potential, right from taking your customer support a notch higher to fostering long-term relationships with your customers. While it surely makes a smart decision, you should choose a toll free number service provider wisely. Look for one that offers best-in-market pricing along with the entire range of features like IVR integration, call tracking and management, agent performance reports and more. Ensure that they offer uptime assurance and reliable customer support so that your system is always up and running. This is a huge opportunity that no business should miss out on!

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