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Toll-Free Numbers: Definition and Benefits

toll-free number guide

Customer care services are essential for a company to flourish in the competitive industry. It reflects the quality of the company and its competency. If a company can’t reach its customers, then it cannot improve the services for customer satisfaction. However, despite employing the services, the companies tend to get a negative response from the customers. Why?

Well, have you ever had to talk to a customer service executive? The long waiting periods result in massive bills for our phones. As a result, we decide  to never subscribe to a service or purchase the product from the business or website again. Something similar might be happening to you and your customers!

A toll-free number improves brand recognition and your interaction with customers. Lets us understand what is a toll free number. A toll free number by definition is one where the caller does not have to pay any charges for the conversation. The service providers provide this leisure as the corporates decide to pay for the call charges on toll free number.

Getting a toll free number for your business has a lot of advantages. Some of these are the following:

1. Happy customers

  1. Time consuming activities like query resolving, renewing plans, etc. are part of every business. However, in today’s world of instant gratification, your customer is very likely to start viewing your brand negatively if the procedure is taking time. Primarily only if they are the ones paying the bill.However, A toll-free number assures your customers that they are not getting charged for the services. It indirectly makes them more patient and understanding. Thus, the prestige of your company increases for the customer. They start to value your services.

2. Better brand recognition

Customers sometimes  hunt for for different numbers to contact the company’s services if they are not able to contact the company through any means. It reflects poorly  the image of the company and showcase incompetence.

Your brand can achieve an exceptional recognition if there is a single toll-free number for their one-stop solution. Substantially, it should focus on providing services regarding any concerns. Furthermore, it is easier for them to save and share the number to their family and friends. Thus, it boosts the value of your brand in the form of mouth-to-mouth publicity.

If your customer knows exactly how to connect with the company with a single dial, they are more inclined to subscribe to additional services. If they want to make a query, that same number can satiate their needs.

3. Positive reviews

Reviews play a vital role in establishing the prestige of the company. If other users have provided negative reviews, customers are less inclined to buy the product or service.

However, if there are positive reviews, the customer will instantly buy the product/ service. People believe in the words. While your brand should always attempt to provide fantastic customer satisfaction, it would be unrealistic to assume that no customer will ever encounter an issue since every customer has a separate temperament.

What becomes important is not just your brand’s capability to avoid problems, but also its capacity to solve them when they inevitably occur.

Imagine a customer has an issue with a product or service that they have purchased from you, but they have no way to reach you to get their problem resolved. It entails that the only outlet for their frustration is the online websites where they rant — not only the whole issue but your brand’s incapability to resolve.

A toll-free number solves this issue as your customers know exactly where to reach you. They get individual attention from the executives to rectify the situation. It ensures customer satisfaction at a deeper level. Thus, preserving the image of your company from preventing negative reviews in any form.

4. Higher employee proficiency

Once you start using a toll free number for your customers, your employees turn into diligent workers. It is in response to the fact that the company is using the money to provide the services. Thus, there will be less chance of any error in the services. Supervision will also ensure efficient and competent services from the employees. It prevents unnecessary lag in productivity.

In exchange, the customers are also polite to your employees. It builds up a harmonious eco-system for customers and executives. A toll-free number also entitles you to record the calls to review and enhance the quality of the services. If any employee misbehaves deliberately, it will  pinpoint the said associate.

The calls can act as a learning tool for employees that help them become better each day, and they can learn to tackle the difficulties on their own. It can also help them perform better, and remember that ultimately, the behavior of employees is what the customer understands as the behavior of the company.

 5. Brand recall value

As you may already know, a big reason why logos are seen as being extremely important in the world of marketing and branding is that they help customers make long term associations with your brand. Well, believe it or not, a toll-free number also actually serves the same purpose.

With premium, easy to remember number, the customer doesn’t even need to save it and can verbally pass it on to any friends or relatives that ask for a recommendation, and thus widen your customer base. It also helps if you integrate the said number as a part of your online and offline marketing campaigns, possibly by associating music or jingle with the number, or easy to remember codes.

It works in a similar method to the brand recall techniques like creating a unique logo, a fixed color palette, or a signature tagline, and catchphrase. It ensures that you stand out from the competition with a distinctive image. Thus, whenever your customer comes across one such representation of the brand, they automatically recall the name of the brand.

 6. No missed calls

One of the many advantages of getting a toll-free number for your brand is a plethora of features and benefits it offers. One such feature is ease of call-forwarding. It enables companies to provide 24/7 customer care.

There are set office hours in a department, and when they are over, the calls transfer to the other department. Thus, ensuring that someone is always available to attend the request of your customers. The best part about this feature is that you do not personally have to inform everyone of a personal number as an alternative in ad campaigns and on the ‘how to contact us’ column on your social media presence or your website, and that keep your number and details safe and secure from hackers or others who have ill-intentions. Therefore, this feature has a multipurpose- the first to ensure that you do not miss out on necessary calls, and the second to ensure that you can filter out unnecessary ones.

7. More customers

As a brand, you need regular customer feedback to be able to perform the best. It includes regular reviews, problems, and general feedback. There are additional answers to the survey questions which can help the company. While such calls are a necessity for the brand, customers are very likely to see them as a waste of their time. Additionally if their money is also  wasted , not only are they likely to be impatient and not give responses, they will also probably not see the brand in a very positive light.

A toll-free number solves that problem as it is free for the customer as business is paying the amount for the same and makes sure that your loyal customers understand that it is the fact that they are respected and valued. It is because the company is using its money to reach them and get their invaluable feedback.

Customers might also have unprompted feedback to give. When we start feeling loyal to a brand or business, it is natural to think of ways it could be better, and a toll-free number ensures that you do not miss out on those insights since the customers can reach you in a hassle-free way and feel that their brand loyalty is valued. Thus, they can also contact regarding any complaint or feedback which will improve the quality of the products or services you offer.


The usage of Toll free numbers has revolutionised customer service and proven to be a valuable marketing tool for every business. It can be used for branding, increasing employee proficiency, getting more customers and much more.

With leading cloud telephony service provider like Servetel you get not only premium numbers but also hassle-free operation and best in class support. Get a toll free number today to leverage these benefits for your business. Connect with us at 1800-120-4132 to get started.

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