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Life Without Cloud Telephony

Life Without Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony represents a big milestone in the tech world and has made a great impact on the everyday lives of people.

The power of the cloud is huge—especially cloud telephony, which has gained a paramount position in business communications.

Simply put, cloud telephony harnesses the capabilities of cloud servers to deliver flawless, cost-effective, intelligent and easy-to-manage communication experiences for all types of businesses.

From industries such as banking and finance to cab and food aggregators, cloud telephony is everywhere. Booked a cab or ordered your favourite food? Well, talking to the driver directly from the app or tracking your delivery from the comfort of your home both utilise cloud technology.

Cloud telephony can be applied effectively to every business with the help of hassle-free, bespoke solutions and powerful integrations.

Cloud technology has penetrated so deeply into our lives that even a day without it seems unimaginable. This may simply be because of how accessible the cloud is, as opposed to traditional applications and hardware.

Let’s take a look at how a regular day would seem without the cloud and its solutions:

A) Strained M public travel

As mentioned earlier, cab aggregators heavily depend on cloud telephony to seamlessly connect drivers and riders. It would be tough to imagine commuting without a smooth connection between the two parties.

An absence of such solutions would hamper a levelled customer service experience. Therefore, cloud telephony is a smart investment towards building a better brand reputation.

In contrast, traditional telephony systems are constrained due to limited reach. Cloud telephony uses the Internet to serve its callers and doesn’t rely on bulky wires and phone boxes.

B) Hampered business communications

What if someone asked you to survive a day at work without voicemails or calls? Sounds insane, right? With the majority of work-related communication happening over calls for decades now, it sounds absolutely bizarre to not have a telephony system in place.

The same is the case with office-receptionists. In their absence, anyone reaching out to your company would be completely lost. Imagine a scenario where there is no way to reach you except for directly walking into your office. What a ruckus it would create!

Moreover, in the absence of a receptionist, the customer would not know who to contact and a lot of time and effort would be wasted if they are not redirected to the right place.

Cloud telephony system offers the possibility of automatically redirecting callers who reach out to your business with any concerns or queries. It also acts as a virtual receptionist and can guide callers to the right department using an effective IVR call strategy.

C) Huge communication cost

Cloud telephony offers a variety of efficient solutions and that too at genuine costs. It owes its minimal setup cost to simplistic infrastructural requirements. It runs solely on a stable Internet connection, unlike traditional telephony that requires bulky hardware and wiring to function.

In the absence of cloud telephony, the world would lack intelligent automated solutions and spend a huge sum of money only on outsourcing or maintaining cumbersome communication services.

D) Turbulence while expanding

A smooth expansion of any company calls for efficient software and applications that can support the expanded operations of each department. In the absence of cloud telephony solutions, scaling would mean opting out of your current telephony system and subscribing to a new one to meet your increased communication needs.

Cloud telephony offers flexible scalability with easy upgrades and downgrades to support a smooth expansion plan. These solutions support the growing needs of a business and do not require huge investments.

E) No remote accessibility

The importance of remote work and related tools are well known after the COVID-19 pandemic. Only those with the capacity and flexibility to operate from home could survive through the tough times. Solutions like these, powered by cloud telephony, are the backbone of remote work and work from home culture.

In the absence of these tools, COVID-19 would’ve been the end of many small businesses. Cloud telephony offers features such as video conferencing and instant messaging that facilitate remote work and allows employees to stay connected with each other, irrespective of their location

F) Unreliable and unsecured systems

Traditional telephony systems rely on bulky hardware to support a business’ communication needs. In case of any disaster or mishap, these systems need to be re-installed; resulting in huge losses in terms of money and effort.

However, with cloud telephony, businesses now rest assured that their data is regularly backed up and is saved on multiple servers. Not only this, in case of disasters these solutions go on a disaster recovery mode and actively prevent the loss of your data. Moreover, these solutions maintain added privacy and confidentiality in case of sensitive or personal information.

G) Operation in silos

Operational sync in various departments is paramount in order to ensure business success. Working in silos leads to a wastage of resources, conflict of interest and delays in achieving business objectives.

Cloud telephony solutions provide the flexibility to integrate solutions with other applications like CRMs. Applications and software working in coordination reduce the chances of operational silos or miscommunication and enhance collaboration.

In a nutshell, a world without cloud telephony would be difficult to survive in, to say the least. Let’s look at some more benefits provided by cloud telephony.

  1. Cloud telephony has made services like healthcare, e-commerce and communication more accessible and affordable for all.
  2. These solutions are flexible and scalable and hence, all business types can subscribe and enjoy the benefits.
  3. Quick installation and zero set up charges make these services more attractive.
  4. Real-time updates and comprehensive analytics helps managers make informed decisions.

Cloud Telephony Benefits

To sum up:

We have already understood how difficult it would be for a business to survive a day without cloud-driven applications. The aforementioned examples and scenarios depict how these solutions support our daily tasks at work as well as on a personal level—affecting our lifestyle greatly. Overall, the cloud simplifies and streamlines many processes and promotes collaboration.

Adopting the right technologies at the right time ensures your business is overcoming all externalities and is prepared for any unanticipated circumstances. Simply put, life without cloud telephony would be back-breakin! Fortunately, Servetel is here to fill your life with cloud telephony. Get in touch with us today at 1800-120-4132.

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