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How Different Industries Are Using Voice Broadcasting Service

voice broadcasting service

Voice Broadcasting (VB) is remarkably useful for a business or industry when it comes to spreading information to large masses. With time, the uses and applications of voice broadcasting service have expanded by manifold. Companies are no more restricted to only sending promotional/emergency updates. Instead, they are now maximising its utilisation by using it in creative ways.

For instance, health  industry is using voice broadcast to help their patients by sending appointment or prescription reminders. Whereas, political industry is using VB to attain name recognition among voters.

Furthermore, companies are integrating their voice broadcast with interactive response system to facilitate two-way communication between the customer and business. This addition in the voice broadcast functionality widens the scope of VB to a greater extent. Companies are using this two-way communication to conduct surveys and collect customer responses. Different industries have been employing VB service in unique ways to level up their customer service.

Let’s look at how few industries are using voice broadcasting service to expand their reach among customers

1. Political Industry

Political parties are using voice broadcasting service to promote their election agenda and promises among party volunteers and voters. Parties are reaching out to diversified voter base by organising multiple broadcasting campaigns and customising it as per target voters’ need.

Along with potential voters, parties are also reaching out to their volunteers  with this service. Regular updates of party activities, schedule of upcoming rallies and simple motivational messages are among some of the information which is being broadcasted to party volunteers with this service.

In addition to sending information, political parties are also utilising VB service to conduct pre-election polls and surveys. These surveys collects responses in the form of numeric inputs such as Press 1 if you support ‘x’ party and Press 2 if you support ‘y’ party.  The numeric responses make the survey quick and easy to respond which considerably increases the success rate of the survey campaigns.

Voice broadcasting has proved to be a holistic solution for political parties. Be it pitching your campaign message, sending rally reminders to volunteers, or motivating people to vote, with voice broadcasting political parties are sending  every type of information to their target audience.

2. Government

Over the years, government has been creating many policies, laws and schemes for the welfare of its citizens.  But a major barrier in the success of these welfare initiatives has been to inform the people about this initiative and what good it holds for them. Voice broadcast has been of great use when it comes to communicating this information to its right beneficiaries.

Government is using this service to broadcast information about new schemes. Due to easy reachability on basic phones, voice broadcast has made it easy for the government to broadcast information to people belonging from lower or middle-income class.

Moreover, voice broadcast has also eased up the process of sending emergency alerts to the people. To inform about any emergency, government can simply record and send a voice broadcast to its citizens at once. These alerts demand a quick and hassle-free way of sending information, and voice broadcast caters to both the aspects aptly.

3. Education

Technology has modernised the education industry in unexpected ways. Going by statistics, the smart education and learning market size is expected to grow from USD 193. 24 billion in 2016 to USD 586.04 billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.84%.

Educational institutions are adopting smarter methods to advance their methods of teaching, assessments and sending information. Adopting voice broadcasting is one such method of circulating important information among student as well as parents.

Be it exam announcement, event updates, fees reminder or PTA meetings, educational institutes are making sure to keep students and parents updated of all the important activities by sending a voice broadcast. Furthermore, schools are also using this service to run promotional admission campaigns.

4. Advertising & Promotions

Marketers are always in a hunt for new techniques to capture their target customers’ attention. Sometimes by quantity, and other times by quality, they are trying to lure customers into buying their product or service. But with voice broadcasting service, marketers can attract customers by keeping the mix of quality and quantity.

By sending a voice broadcast in place of SMS or email, marketers can capture customer’s attention in the first contact itself. Thus, unlike SMS or email marketing, marketers do not need to send “n” number of broadcasts to capture target audience’s attention. With 1-2 voice broadcasts, marketers can get across their message to the audience.

Marketers are using this service to spread promotional, special events or social awareness messages.

5. Healthcare

In healthcare industry, time is money. One cannot afford to waste a minute when people’s lives are at stake. The role of voice broadcasting in healthcare industry is thus very critical.

As a quick method to broadcast information, voice broadcasting is used as an Emergency Response Coordination and Communication Solution (ERCC). While the patients are on their way, the hospital staff is informed of the arriving patient along with the type of emergency.

Besides informing hospital staff, voice broadcasting also helps patients. Hospitals are using this service to remind patients of their medicine dosage. Further, to avoid any no-shows for the appointments, hospitals are also sending appointment reminders to patients. Moreover, to eliminate any last-minute chaos, hospitals are also collecting appointment confirmation by using an interactive form of voice broadcasting.

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