Why an Interactive Voice Response(IVR) is Essential to Your Business

Importance of IVR in Business (3)

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the best foot forward in your business to provide a self help tool to your customers. Every business needs a good customer support system and because this depends on how well you bring the customer satisfaction level to a meaningful point by giving value to the customer’s time and providing him with a meaningful solution.

But what is the significance of an IVR in business when the customer support can already be done by an agent force. The factor that differentiate here is, the invested time and ease while availing the services.

Let’s look at why you should not avoid an IVR when it comes to designing a good customer support system for your business.

Increasing Call Volume

The number of customers who do online transaction or choose an online platform to take decisions about a product or service has grown in numbers, alarmingly. In this way it is necessary to handle this pressure of giving customer support with a meaningful solution.

An IVR based call routing is an effective way to handle the calls, efficiently. It may happen that most of the customers don’t have to speak with an agent for a solution, they can easily help themselves with an IVR. An increasing call volume that can not be handled well is a worst case scenario and the best of the ideas are the ones that help you grow in business with the most logical and productive way to exceed the limitations of the worst kind of a scenario. IVR is one such idea.

Brand Consolidation

IVR plays a very huge role in making the brand image of the company more powerful. The succinct message of the IVR’s automated voice carries the very ideas of company’s way of dealing with the customers. And a brand is made with the way every single need of the customers is taken care of.

IVR is a good medium of customer support for start ups and small businesses to give the customers a wider perspective of business. With the help of an IVR, the caller can easily connect to different departments such as sales, support etc. Only a business that is growing takes care of its customers so carefully.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is necessary to keep the customers in the orbit of your business services that too purposefully. IVRs can easily help in making a promising customer engagement platform for your business services. A well designed menu with the pickable options for the customers, where they can use their wit and interests to go for a suitable choice, gives a sense of involvement with the services.

Effective Call Routing

A customer may want to speak with a particular person or may want to connect with a particular department. IVRs help very meaningfully in this regard as with just a few press of buttons and the caller can easily land in a favorable spot. Once the customer is well routed to his favourable spot, the sense of a good customer support becomes more imminent.

Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

IVRs are self help tools that help the customers find a solution on their own without speaking with a live agent. An IVR carries a token of customer success and prompts the customers to get involved in the company’s methodology of doing business even before availing the services.

Customer satisfaction depends on various parameters such as time invested and a solution given, an IVR is capable of affecting both the parameters in a very efficient way with positive results.

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Really appreciate the amount of hard work you have put in for bringing out such amazing viewpoints regarding IVR. Indeed IVR is changing the functionality of businesses, by bringing in new ways to give a better customer experience.


Nicely written! Liked the idea you shared how IVR is closely related to building up company’s brand image. Transformation of IVR is surely promising to be a technology that is to be required by every business.

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