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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Several businesses began outsourcing processes to third party companies, many of which are Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES). One of the primary benefits of outsourcing is the latest technology that the IT industry brings to the table.

The ITES industry provided companies with skilled manpower, tax benefits, low-cost operations, cloud technology, and much more. This ultimately led to more companies outsourcing operations, going so far as to even outsource entire departments.

A newly found Indian ITES company partnered with Servetel in 2020. The company has a team of over 100 employees, offering human resources to their clients for customer service and operations.

What were the ITES client’s requirements

Our client faced several challenges with their conventional telephony system. The traditional phone system they used was expensive, complicated and demanded a lot of manpower to operate during peak hours.

Their teams were unable to track multiple customer queries as the process involved manually checking each one amongst multiple ongoing cases. The legacy system experienced frequent downtime and was unable to scale as per their business needs either.

This forced the company to look for a cost-effective and more reliable telephony solution that could address these challenges. A communication system that would allow them to promptly connect with customers.

How we fulfilled the client’s needs with
SErvetel's Cloud Phone System

We held multiple discussions with their team to understand their core problems. After which, our experts concluded that a cloud phone system would solve all their issues.

Alongside the cloud phone system, we gave them access to our customisable features. The solution provided them with capabilities such as call transferring, recording, sticky agent, and much more.

The solution helped them offer high quality customer services to their customers from a single platform. The cloud solution allowed the client to centralize their communication system, ending the need for separate phone lines for each employee.

Comprehensive Analytics 

With our Hosted PBX, the client could conduct in-depth analysis of all calls to monitor their agent’s performance. They were able to track call metrics such as first call resolution, query status, and customer information.  

Calling Monitoring 

The cloud phone system’s call monitoring feature helped them ease customer experience by tracking every call and allowing supervisors to guide agents towards better conversations.

Call transferring

Call transferring allowed one agent to transfer the call to a second agent in case they come across an overwhelming case. They can also transfer calls to their supervisors if the customer demands to speak with higher authority personnel.  

Call barging & whispering

Call barging allowed supervisors to jump onto ongoing conversations if the agent couldn't adequately address the customer’s concerns. Next, call whispering allowed supervisors to assist support agents during live calls without letting the customer hear anything.  

CRM Integrations 

Servetel offers numerous CRM integrations. It creates a smooth flow of data across platforms and devices. In this case, it allowed the client to perform in-depth and real-time data analysis to track their overall progress. 

Sticky Agent 

The sticky agent feature reduced the need for customers to repeatedly discuss their concerns with agents. Sticky agent lets customers connect with the same agent they spoke with the last time in case the call gets disconnected.  

Live Dashboard 

A dashboard should be wise and that’s what you get with Servetel. Our client could easily monitor live agents, check campaign status and ongoing activities across various departments from our dashboard itself.   

Call Management Suite  

The call management suite allowed our client to manage customer interactions smoothly from one location. It helped them identify improvement areas and provide better training for their agents.  

Call Routing 

Call routing is a feature that let the client ensure that each call went to the best-qualified department or agent. It enhanced the customer experience in the long run by diminishing time spent on manual routing.  

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR enabled customers to route to the right department by choosing an option from the in-call menu. The client also had the freedom to modify the menu options based on their changing campaigns.

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How did the ITES company benefit from Servetel’s HPBX 

After implementing the cloud phone system, the ITES company experienced several benefits, which were:  

Enhanced Flexibility

Prior to implementing a hosted phone system, the client faced limitations in scaling their communication infrastructure. Traditional on-premises phone systems were expensive to expand and cumbersome to manage. The adoption of a hosted phone system empowered the client to effortlessly scale their operations as per their evolving business needs. With the flexibility to manage phone lines within minutes, they could easily handle fluctuating call volumes, projects, and growing teams.

Seamless Remote Collaboration

As outsourcing became the norm, our client faced the challenge of ensuring seamless collaboration among employees working from remote locations. With a hosted phone system, they seamlessly integrated remote employees into their communication network. Features such as call conferencing enabled employees to connect with colleagues and clients from anywhere, ensuring seamless communication and efficient teamwork. 

Improved Customer Experience 

Exceptional customer experience is crucial for ITES companies, as clients often rely on timely and accurate support. The cloud phone system empowered the client's customer support team with advanced call management features. Automated call routing ensured that each caller was routed to the right agent. Real-time analytics and call recording capabilities allowed managers to monitor and improve call quality, ensuring consistent service excellence. 

Cost Efficiency

By adopting a hosted phone system, Company XYZ experienced significant cost savings compared to traditional on-premises systems. They removed any need for expensive hardware, maintenance, and upgrades, reducing upfront investments and ongoing operational costs. We took care of the system updates, and backups, freeing up the client's IT team to focus on core business activities. The pay-as-you-go pricing model provided cost scalability, allowing the client to align their expenses with business growth. 

Reliable Disaster Recovery

In the ITES industry, maintaining seamless communication is vital to avoid business disruptions and ensure client satisfaction. Our client recognised the importance of a robust disaster recovery plan. With a hosted PBX, they benefited from automatic backups, redundant infrastructure, and geographic failover capabilities. 

Overall, our cloud solutions helped our client streamline their communication system, reduce costs, track query status and improve their customer experience. If you’re interested in improving your business communication and customer experience, our team is always ready to assist you. Give us a call on 1800-120-3100 or write an email to [email protected] today.  

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