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Updated: Feb 12, 2023

The social service sector in India encompasses a vast range of organizations and initiatives. These groups work to solve social problems and make communities better. This includes non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, charities, and government-run programs.

The sector focuses on a variety of issues such as education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, women's empowerment, child welfare, and environmental sustenance. Many organizations in this sector work towards achieving social equality and justice. Their efforts are vital in improving the lives of millions of people in India.

Understanding the NGO’s requirements

Our client, a social service organization working nationwide, was in search of a communication solution. They hoped that this would resolve their communication challenges and enhance their outreach. They needed a user-friendly system that could simplify their communication process. They also needed a system that would aid in handling incoming calls from potential investors and donors.

The organization was in search of a cost-effective cloud telephony solution that would allow their remote teams to communicate seamlessly. They needed the telephony solution to enable efficient operation management and support for their outreach efforts. The last requirement was that the system needed to be conducive to receiving high inbound call volumes.

Enhancing the NGO’s communication with
SErvetel's Contact center solution

Servetel’s contact center solution seamlessly integrated into the NGO's communication system. It provided them with a centralized platform for managing communication channels.

The calling solution efficiently handled high call volumes through intelligent call routing and IVR. It also ensured prompt and personalized responses to donors, volunteers, and community members.

It simplified collaboration among remote teams, enabling them to share information, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time. It enhanced the client's efficiency, stakeholder engagement, and supported them in achieving their milestones more efficiently.

Automatic Call Distributor 

The ACD helped our client route calls to the right department to streamline the calls from benefactors and people seeking assistance. 

Interactive Voice Response 

We gave the client the IVR solution. It presented callers with an in-call menu navigating through the available service options and connecting with the appropriate department.

Voice/SMS Broadcast 

Our Voice/SMS broadcast service allowed the client to simultaneously communicate with multiple contacts and distribute important information. 

Predictive Dialling 

This was especially helpful for fundraising. Our client could upload the numbers of all genuine donors, leads and benefactors beforehand, ensuring that all calls made were meaningful. 

Call monitoring 

Call monitoring enabled supervisors to perform comprehensive, real-time call tracking and other communication channels. they could oversee their agents and evaluate their performance easily.

Call recording 

This feature allowed managers to review and analyse fundraising calls to help identify areas for improvement and coach agents. They could also train new recruits accordingly.  

Group Calling 

The group calling feature removed the need to plan and set up conference calls. It gave the client a convenient way to conduct group calls without taking too long to setup. 

CRM Integration 

With the help of our integrations, the client was able to fetch the data of the donors while running fundraising campaigns. 

Real-Time Analytics 

Our solution's real time analytics provided the client insights into call volume, call duration, conversion rates, and other metrics. These metrics helped the client with fundraising and marketing campaigns. 

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Cloud telephony benefits that the client experienced 

Our client benefitted immensely from the solution we provided. Some of the top benefits they saw were;  


For the client, it was crucial to maintain frequent communication with donors, potential partners, and other charities. Cloud telephony solutions proved to be essential in keeping their costs under control, especially during the work-from-home era. Cloud-based calling significantly reduced expenses, allowing the client to make as many calls as necessary without worrying about costs. Also, it made sure agents attended all calls from potential donors. The users received real time notifications for every missed call, enabling the client to keep track of every lead.


Our cloud-based solution allowed the client to allocate resources more effectively to achieve better ROI and targeted feature improvements. They could adjust the system's capabilities based on ongoing campaigns and initiatives. They could easily manage extensions, implement an IVR system, incorporate artificial intelligence-based support, voice or keyword analysis, and other features.
The ability to quickly scale their business operations helped the client secure funding and expand or downsize their operations as needed. With cloud telephony, they could make these changes within a few hours. 

Improved Internal Communication

Good communication with clients and partners won’t mean much with chinks in internal channels of collaboration. The latter are critical for social service sector organizations. The cloud offers solutions precisely for these perennial pain points. Using our easy-to-use dashboard, our client could communicate easily and effectively within the organization. This removed the need to train their staff or understand new technology.

Remote Working Capabilities  

Our client often had staff deputed to meet potential and existing investors. Our solutions allowed them to access data and manage calls even while they were on the move. The client could store data in a centralised database and access it anytime and anywhere. All their staff needed was a desktop or a smartphone.

More Organized Fundraising

Using our communication solution, our client could manage call costs and store donor information that other authorized team members could access. This helped iron out any gaps in fund raising when accounts shift between employees. Especially since in-depth information on client preferences, support and previous correspondence is available and accessible easily.

Utilizing cloud communication solutions allows for a digital-first approach that can still incorporate a necessary personal touch. This combination is essential for tailoring communications to specific local audiences and real contexts.

If you're seeking to enhance your communication and client servicing systems with various features, Servetel can assist you. Contact one of our experts at 1800-120-4132 to create your personalized plan.

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