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Updated: Oct 05, 2022

India's education sector has a rich and intricate history that dates to ancient times. India has made substantial progress in the education sector, enhancing access, promoting literacy, and improving education quality over the years.

The EdTech industry in India has also been experiencing significant growth in recent years. Driven by factors such as increasing internet penetration, rising disposable incomes, and a growing demand for online education. According to a report by Red Seer Consulting, the market is expected to grow from $2.8 billion up to $10 billion by 2025.

The Indian EdTech industry will keep growing a lot in the next few years. The advancements in technology, growing demand of upskilling, and affordable internet connections will be the keys to this growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to the growth of EdTech in India. It has led to a surge in demand for online education solutions due to the closure of physical schools and colleges. This has led to the emergence of several new players in the market, as well as the expansion of existing players.

In recent years, Servetel has assisted numerous schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in optimizing and simplifying their communication processes. With the onset of the pandemic and distance education, Servetel's role in facilitating seamless communication has become even more crucial. This case study will delve into the details of this process.

What our client needed

One of the largest EdTech companies in India approached us for assistance with their outbound communication. They wanted to set up a system to effectively reach out to the parents, provide student counselling services, and promote campaigns.

The client recognised the importance of having a streamlined communication process to engage with their target audience efficiently. They were facing difficulties in managing their outbound calling. Their existing system was not scalable enough to accommodate their growing needs.

We collaborated with the client to understand their requirements and set up a customized outbound contact center tailored to their needs. Our experts suggested getting a cloud-based solution that would automate their outbound calling and provide a range of features. Features such as Auto-dialers, Click-to-call, IVR, SMS, and voice broadcasting.

How we fulfilled the client’s needs with
SErvetel's Contact center solution

Our experts designed a custom outbound contact 
center solution which we then integrated with their existing student management system.

This enabled them to send personalized messages to parents and students based on their specific needs. This helped the client to efficiently engage with their audience and provide a more personalized communication experience.

Auto Dialer

The auto dialer helped improving call efficiency by reducing the time spent on manual dialing. It also boosted call pickup rates by dialing multiple numbers simultaneously.  

Click to call 

Click-to-call enabled the students to make phone calls from the institute's website and mobile app with a single click. It ultimately enhanced customer satisfaction levels. 

Dynamic Dashboard 

The live dashboard for edtech provided real-time insights to the client. Using these insights, the client was able to personalize the calling experience for every student or parent that called them. 


Students could record their questions over voicemail and the support team would connect them with the corresponding teacher in due time. 

Call transfer

The client’s agents could transfer calls to another agent or specialist to resolve cases faster. It helped them maintain high customer satisfaction levels. 

Call Notes 

Call notes allowed live agents to jot down important call related information for future references. It helped them make relevant conversations with the caller on the next call.

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Benefits that the Education Institute experienced 

We helped the client establish an efficient and effective outbound calling process. It allowed them to reach out to their target audience in a more personalized and engaging way. This helped them to enhance student acquisition, overall efficiency and retention strategies, leading to improved sales and business growth. Some of the key benefits they saw were; 

Faster communication  

Our cloud-based solution successfully improved communication between the client and parents, students, and other stakeholders. The client was able to effectively keep parents and students informed by implementing automations for attendance, results, and emergency notifications.  

Improved Productivity

Our outbound contact center solution streamlined the institute's outbound calling operations, reducing manual efforts and increasing overall productivity. The institute's representatives could focus on more meaningful interactions, leading to better outcomes and job satisfaction. 

Better student counselling

Our outbound contact center solution provided the client’s guidance counsellors the ability to proactively reach out to students. Doing so prevented issues from escalating and ensured timely support. Outbound calls promoted more personalized and one-on-one communication, strengthening the counsellor-student relationship and enhancing counselling sessions.  

Easy data access 

Our live dashboard allowed the institute to track data and analyse student data with ease. The client could do all that simply by analysing student interactions. It also enabled them to assess counselling effectiveness and informed decision-making for continuous improvement.  

Cost savings

Our communication systems proved to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems. Our client successfully diminished the requirement for expensive hardware and maintenance costs, typically associated with traditional calling systems. 

Increased Student Enrolment 

The automated and personalized outreach through our cloud-based solution significantly improved student enrolment rates. The institute could efficiently connect with prospective students, answer queries, and guide them through the enrolment process. Moreover, the client was able to achieve a higher conversion rate by utilising all the cloud-based features they received. 

Better parent-teacher communication

By providing a dedicated phone number for parent-teacher communication, our client was able to enhance their relationships with parents. This resulted in increased parent involvement in their child's education, ultimately leading to positive impacts on student outcomes. 

Streamlined Communication Workflows

The multi-channel capabilities of the solution enabled seamless communication between different departments within the institute. Timely information sharing improved decision-making and collaboration, enhancing overall institutional efficiency. 

Easy scalability 

Our communication system, hosted on the cloud, offered effortless scalability to meet the specific requirements of each client. This flexibility empowered them to adapt their communication systems seamlessly as their needs evolved.  

Increased Revenue 

Our outbound calling solution empowered the client's sales reps to proactively reach out to potential customers. They could effectively promote and advertise their services to more targeted audiences. The outbound calls provided personalized and targeted communication, enabling their sales teams to build strong relationships with prospects and maximize conversions. 

In conclusion, our outbound contact center solution provided numerous advantages for the edtech sector. These included streamlined communication through automated systems, increased efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced student engagement. We also improved their parent-teacher communication through dedicated DID numbers.

Lastly, we gave them flexibility to modify the outbound calling solution from time to time to meet their evolving needs. If you're interested in enhancing your business communication solution, our dedicated experts are available to assist you.

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