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How Michelin uses Servetel to strengthen its distribution network

India is expected to become the world’s third-largest market of automobiles by 2026. This is surprising given that it is often called one of the “pillars” of the economy. Just to put things in perspective, the tyre industry alone contributes 3% of India’s total manufacturing GDP and 0.5% of the total GDP.

The Problem

When Michelin approached Servetel for a vendor communication solution, we were happy to oblige. However, it was important to first understand the communication obstacles that the manufacturer faced.

Michelin was already using our direct inbound calling solution—handled by our experts—to generate leads. After gauging customer insights on the call management scenario, here’s what we noticed:

Although Michelin had a single-point-of-contact (SPOC) for their vendors, the latter was unable to track the performance of the company’s dealers/distributors

Poor call data management was a rampant problem

The Solution

For an industry as lucrative and extensive as automobiles, it’s important to have a strong dealer and distribution network.

Many dealers prefer to market multiple tyre brands under one roof. Because of this, it becomes imperative for individual brands to supervise their dealers and maintain transparency.

In the beginning, Servetel deployed 225 virtual numbers; this was later increased to 400+ numbers, one for each Michelin dealer.

Coupled with an SMS alert service for all missed calls, and detailed call pop-ups, Servetel ensured better call tracking and management. We also enhanced coordination between the dealers and the brand.

The Result

Better tracking and performance evaluation

Call recordings and analytical reports helped check performance and compliance; boosting quality and profits for the brand.

Data sharing using Webhooks

Not only this, using the Webhook integration capabilities of Servetel, the data was shared directly with Michelin’s server. This meant that the manufacturer didn’t have to log in separately on our portal and could conveniently use their existing platforms for data transfers.

Bespoke service delivery

Furthermore, in order to better track the dealers, we customised our offering with keyword mapping. With this feature in place, supervisors could optimally scan through conversations and map keywords like ‘Michelin’.

Customer feedback

After delivering the right solution for their call management needs, Michelin referred us to their branches in Dubai and Thailand as well.




Tyre Manufacturing

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“The quality of Servetel’s voice broadcasting service was really impressive. We are now looking forward to having a long-term partnership with them.”

Austin Martin

Assistant Manager, Michelin

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