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Amp up your business process with Freshsales

Integrate your favourite CRM with Servetel’s calling capabilities to win customers with ease. Take Freshsales by Servetel, for instance. It can facilitate calls with a single click, automate cumbersome tasks and even smoothen your call management system. With an impressive tech stack as backup, there’s an overall boost in productivity and efficiency.

Features that we love:

  • Call recordings for agent training and tracking
  • Call pop-ups for all incoming calls
  • Dial with a single click to avoid misdials 
  • Follow-up notes so that all agents stay in the loop

Servetel + Freshsales CRM’s key benefits

CTI pop-ups

Call pop-ups ensure that agents are never caught off guard with any call that they receive. These cards have all the information and context agents need for successful customer interactions. 

Click to call 

Gone are the days when agents had to sit and dial each number to speak to the customers. Now, these things happen in just one click. Agents need only click to call—no more misdials or precious time wasted on dialling manually.

Automated processes

Do away with repetitive, monotonous tasks and automate all processes. There’s no better way to manage leads; you can add, delete or edit information on prospects, optimise workflows and track progress all through a single platform.  

How to integrate Freshsales with Servetel?

Follow these steps to integrate your Servetel account with Freshsales:
  • Log in to your Servetel account with your credentials
  • Under Services you’ll find Integrations
  • Click on Instruction and select the user
  • Once selected, enter Freshsales suite domain and API details
  • Your integration is now complete. Log in to Freshsales’ Portal
  • You’ll find the Servetel icon attached to your suite’s interface

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